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32 Yr Old Mom of 5 and Wife Ready to Get Her Body Back. Dr. Mallol Here I Come! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm a 32 year old mom of 5 and a wife after the years of bad eating habits multiple pregnancies and health issues that causes weight gain I finally am taking the time to get me back right. I had my first two girls in my early twenties and I weighed 138lbs I gained 20lbs after having my second... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 3 C-sections, Having BL with Implants and Full TT with Muscle Repair

I had my consultation in January. Scheduled my surgery in February. I am a little over a week away from surgery and am starting to get very nervous. I'm 5'5 and currently about 173. I was hoping to be about 10 pounds lighter but I have been struggling with having my thyroid out a year ago. ... READ MORE

18 Years Is Long Enough - Dominican Republic, DO

So I am a long time RS stalker, but I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I am 37, married to my HS sweetie, and I have 3 boys--all teenagers and the oldest just turned 18. I had the first at 19 and I actually believed people when they said "you're eating for two" and "if you rub cocoa butter in... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother of 4 Ready to Be on the Flat Side - Dominican Republic, DO

I have to stalking this site for some time now admiring the women that have boldly had this and other procedures done. I'm 5'2, 178 lbs,BMI 31.9, pre diabetic, 2 time cancer survivor (thyroid), hypertension, gutt has expanded and butt flat. I have had a total of 7 surgeries (4 c... READ MORE

35 Year Old Single Mother of 1. - Atlanta, GA

Finally had my mommy makeover on Monday! I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction of my flanks, auxiliary area (armpits), and bra strap area, liposuction of the inner thigh, and a breast lift (NO implants). Never thought this would happen as I've been wanting this for over 5... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of 3, 63lb Weightloss, BL W/implants, TT W/flank Lipo, Getting my Body Back!! - Raleigh, NC

After lurking for over a year, and working seriously hard on improving my health and physical well being, I have finally lost a significant amount of weight, and found an amazing doctor here on Realself to do my procedures! I seriously CANNOT wait! Shortly after my last pregnancy in 2008, I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover- TT, BL with Silicone Implants - Cherry Hill, NJ

For almost 8 years, I had slowly put on weight, was always tired and never felt right. I was diagnosed with depression but no medication made me feel better. Finally, about 4 years ago they realized my thyroid was shot and as a result my hormones were out of wack. Now, I feel great but haven't... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mom to 15 Yr Old Son and Wife to Awesome Husband - TT, BA, BL - Winnipeg, MB

Ok, this is the morning of SX.... Driving now. I've been stalking the site for months and intended to post my profile earlier but I guess I just have a tough time talking about me. I can't really put it off any longer, right? Ok, so I've been unhappy w/ my tummy since I became a young mom at 19... READ MORE

Mom of 2 - Tulsa, OK

I am so excited! I have 6 says left until my mommy makeover with Dr. Gregory Ratliff in Tulsa, OK. I'm a 36 year old mom of two boys ages 10 and 15. My first pregnancy I has preeclampsia and had a lot of swelling that stretched my skin badly. During my second pregnancy, I gave birth to a 9 pound... READ MORE

Awesome Mommy Makeover - Scottsdale, AZ

Never regained my figure after two kids. I struggled with 65/75 lbs of yo-yo weight gain with each of my two pregnancies due to thyroid issues.  I also nursed each of my kids for 12/14 months.  Prior to having kids, I was very athletic and fit. Once I lost all the 'baby... READ MORE

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