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26 Y/o - 2 Kids - Scheduled for Full TT, BA with 565 cc HP Sientra Textured Round Cohesive Gel Implant, and Lipo of my Flanks

I am the 26 year old mother of two- one boy, one girl - whom I breastfed for a combined 20 months. I am 5'8" and currently 135 lbs. Prior to my pregnancies I averaged 120-125 lb weight but have since ranged from 130-150 lbs. After my pregnancies I was left with separated abdominal muscles and an... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Mom of 3, Tt Revision/muscle Repair and Lipo, Breast Lift/implant Exchange, Lipo to Inner Thighs

What a May of 2015 I had a breast aug, at that time I expressed my desire to have fuller/perkier breasts but did not necessarily wish to have much larger breasts. I was a 34C already so I only wanted to end up being maybe a small D. My ps said I would need a larger implant due to my... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 4 Kids; 16, 2.5 and 10 Month Old Twins....Naterelle 410's 375 Cc FF - New York, NY

I had my first child when I was 21. My stomach took a huge hit, and for 9 years I never felt comfortable in bikinis, tube shirts or tight dresses, so I had my first abdominoplasty in 2009. In 2010, I met my husband and have since had three kids in the last three years In my 20's I wore a 34 B... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy of 2 and Getting a Mommy Makeover - South Africa

After having kids my body has changed so much. I carried very big and now I am left with a lot of stretch marks and loose skin on my stomach. I am currently a saggy 34b after breastfeeding both my kids. I am getting the lift done with 500cc's HP textured implants. I have booked my surgery for... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover, 32 with 2 Kids - California

32 year old mom of 2 (c-sections) I've lost a lot of weight and had very saggy tummy due to it. I opted for a Mommy Makeover which included the following: Breast lift and aug (600cc textured silicone implants) Tummy tuck (hip to hip) I'm posting around 2 weeks post op, I had a medical... READ MORE

44 y/o - Mommy Makeover - time to do something for me! :) Denver, CO

Hello Real Selfers! I have been reviewing this site for the past 6 weeks - before and after my surgery. It has been one month since my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Ladies, I was motivated but nervous! I have had one set of twins (sadly, both deceased) and 2 more babies, the most... READ MORE

44 Yrs. Old, 156 Lbs. MM Plan - TT W/MR, BA, Lipo - Marina Del Rey, CA

I had four consultations, one doctor was wonderful but really expensive; one was simply not for me, he only does saline implants and wanted me to get bigger than I wanted; so it came down to two, both were great but one uses a no-drain method for tummy tucks and that sold me on Dr. Macias. I... READ MORE

34 Yrs old, 2 Kids, 5'4", 126lbs - TT w/ MR, BL, AUG

I had my final consultation today and scheduled my appt for June 30th! I'm super excited. My ps was patient with me and answered all of my questions. I have 2 kids and breastfeed my youngest for 14 months. I workout hard but have excessive loose skin on my stomach that has to be removed... READ MORE

33 Mom of 2, Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Tarrytown, NY

After having 2 kids, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss I was left with excess squish and saggy boobs. It was time to get the look that I desired. On 8/20/15 I had a mommy makeover (TT, Breastlift, BA, Inner thigh lipo). Although I did have a complication, it was still worth it! I ended... READ MORE

43 Years Old, Breast Lift and Implant Exchange with Tummy Tuck. Idaho Falls, ID

Eight years ago I underwent breast augmentation with smooth, round, saline 500cc implants overfilled to 550cc placed under the muscle. Loved them for all this time, but now that I'm a little older, I've decided it's time for a breast lift, and I might as well replace my implants at the same... READ MORE

Mummy Makeover for Weight Loss - Thailand

I lost in excess of 50kg and needed to remove my sagging skin. I had an apron breast lift with 350cc round textured implants , full tummy tuck and thigh lift with Dr. Rungkit through Medi Makeovers in Thailand. The service was fantastic and the results are amazing. It was the best decision I've... READ MORE

37 YO Mom of 2 - Mommy Makeover. Baltimore, MD

I am a 37 year old mom of 2 boys who has been thinking, hoping, wishing for this for 4 years. I've read and watched everyone recovery and made the decision in January that this year was my year! I met with Dr. Cohen and scheduled surgery for March 26th. I'm nervous, scared, excited all in one.... READ MORE

Done Having Kids, Repairing BB Hernia, Diastasis and get fuller Breasts Again! - Scottsdale, AZ

All right. I never thought I was one who would be going the plastic surgery route but after a couple of kids And some new body changes I'm thinking this is needed! Initially I was trying to figure out how to repair my separation of abs (diastasis recti) and have come to realize that the only way... READ MORE

42 Year Old, 4 Kids, 2nd BA Revision and TT Revision!!! Cincinnati, OH

I have had breast implants for over 20 years, had a revision 4 years ago due to mild capsular contracture, desire to increase size, and slight movement of implants given I breast fed all 4 kids with implants and work out alot! I also had a mini tummy tuck 3 months following the first revision... READ MORE

mommy makeover at 45 - US

Set my date, getting nervous, ready to finally get rid of this saggy skin and lift the breasts. I discussed with my PS and decided that MR is not needed. I am doing TT, lipo flanks, BL & BA (silicone, round textured). I have been reading other posts, so I rented a recliner and bought a couple... READ MORE

6 weeks PO and love my results so far!

I am a mother of 4 beatiful children. Two girls ages 14 and 6, and two boys ages 13 and 8. I loved being pregnant, having and nursing my children.... but after #4 my body was done! I have been researching TT for years and finally decided to go for it. I had always been relatively thin. My... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants 40 Years Old 3 Children 5'5 145lbs. Rockville Centre, NY

I'm only 4 days post op and my goodness this pain is too much! Each day gets better but I've always handled pain well. But the tummy tuck is the worst pain I have ever felt! I hope it subsides and I can stand up straight soon. I can't wait to see my final results. I know it will be great Dr.... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old Breast Aug, Full Abdominoplasty, Lipo Tummy and Hip - Honolulu, HI

I did alot of research and i came across Dr. Benjamin Chu. I read his reviews and knew he was the right doctor for me. Alot of people said he makes beautiful natural looking breast and by the looks of his breast augmentation pictures, he really does make beautiful ones.. Dr. Chu and staff is... READ MORE

26yrs Old, 2 Kids. 5'7 130lbs 350cc Textured Silicon Under Muscle with Lift and Mini Tummy Tuck - Charlotte, NC

I really wish I had found this site before surgery. Not sure how I didn't with all the research I was doing but glad I am here now. Just wishing I had before pics. Maybe the dr gives them to me after I take the afters?? I am constantly having questions and/or silly concerns so I thought it... READ MORE

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