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46 Y/o Tummy Tuck W/muscle Repair, Breast Lift with Implants.

Childbirth and fluctuating weight over the years have taken a toll. I could never get rid of the apron/overhang that I've had since I I had my son. No amount if exercise would eliminate the overhang. I am not at my ideal weight but I'm seeing more and more plus size women having these... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 65 Pound Weight Loss (No Kids) - Long Island, NY

I am 6 weeks post op and I feel like my life has completely changed. I am SO happy with my results and I know they will only improve! (I'm still a bit tender to the touch and swollen on and off). After losing weight I was left with loose skin. I honestly cannot believe that this is my body!!!Any... READ MORE

26 Yr Old Mom of 3 Kids - Ogden, UT

Before having my surgery I spent hours online researching the procedure I had in mind, watched many YouTube videos from plastic surgeons and consulted with different plastic surgeons. One thing that was instantly different about Dr. Brzowski and his staff was they were so cheerful and nice! They... READ MORE

33 Yo Mom, 3 Kids Tummy Tuck & BBL with Flank Back Lipo - Dominican Republic

Great dr. Great price. Shape was exactly what I was looking for. I stayed at daisy's recovery home. It was very good. Good price good crew and good food, clean and caring. Massage by gianni. Very good. Only issue I'm having now is fluid in abdomen but every still looks good. I went back to work... READ MORE

Still Doesn't Feel Real. -Billings, MT

I've been meaning to do this. Time has gotten away from me. My stats 37 years old 5'5" 140-145# I've wanted my stomach and breasts "fixed" since the birth of my first child, 11 years ago. My obsession increased with my additional 2 children. I carried my three pregnancies all in the front,... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Mom Ready For This MOMMY MAKEOVER..TT/Breast Lift. I'm SUPER NERVOUSSSS!!!!! Mooresville, NC

This will be procedure 2 for me. 3 weeks 2 days ago I just had my complete back bra roll, upper/lower back (flanks) done and I must say I'm Soar as Hell!!! I am tender and still swollen on some days. I've been taking Tylenol but that is not working. I've been taking it easy, but under my arms... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck - Bloomfield, MI

Initially I was concerned about doing both procedures at the same time but figured one heal time was better than two. As I've read so many times before, I wish I had done it much sooner because the down time was much less than I had anticipated. I drove myself to my 10 day check up and got a... READ MORE

Middle Aged MM - Arlington, TX

Hi All Oh how I wish I would have stumbled on this site a month ago! All of you are so awesome with incredible stories.  I feel like I personally know you!  Writing this, I am 8 days PO.  See?  I am a little late because I only stumbled on this site after I got home, and... READ MORE

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