tattoo + Mommy Makeover

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I know Im gonna look flawless after this tummy tuck. Breast implants W/lift I am uber excited and I can't wait I have millions of wish pics I already have a tattoo picked out to cover my TT scar and everything I am gonna stay in Miami for 2 weeks I already have my hotel stay and plan tickets my... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female... 2 C-sections... Ready to Get It Fixed!!!

I am so excited and nervous.. I go on Tuesday for my surgery... I am having a breath lift with implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, and chin liposuction... I am ready to have my body back! After 2 pregnancies, 2 c-sections, lots of stretch marks, and really saggy breasts.... Its time!!! I also... READ MORE

Almost 34 Y.o. Getting a Mommy Makeover

I will be 34 in less than 2 weeks and I am about to undergo a breast reduction and a tummy tuck with lipo along with a little bit of lipo to a previous area on my low back. I am extremely nervous this time. My previous surgeries were not this invasive. 5 months ago I was a 36DDD but I seem to no... READ MORE

40 Yr. Old, Mother of 2. Southlake, TX

I have always been pretty thin, but could never get rid of my mommy pooch since having kids. Also, I had small breasts and so my self-esteem was very low. I am soooo proud of my new body and I am forever thankful to Dr. Obaid. I spent years researching doctors and was very happy when I found... READ MORE

mommy make over!

Ive done everything with Bucio from breast implants, lipo, tummy tuck, and even the baja butt lift. I even had a few other clinical treatments with him, such as tattoo laser removal, skin tightening, laser therapy for skin blotchyness and acne scars, and i have nothing bad to say about him. He... READ MORE

39 - time for me! Drainless TT, Lipo of flanks & Inner thighs, BA w/ round textured silicone implants

My pre op appt is in 3 weeks and about 5 to Sx date. I am 100% confident in my surgeon and his staff. They are all truly amazing, no feeling rushed or pressured to do anything. And while I thought I had realistic expectations, my consultation with Dr. Wolfe made me realize I was being ultra... READ MORE

30 Years Old with 2 Kids. San Antonio, TX

I had a tummy tuck and breast implants done. After having 2 kids my stomach was stretched out/sagging and my breast were "deflated" and sagging after breastfeeding both my kids for a year for each of them. I can now say I am so happy with my the way my body looks now thanks to Dr. Lawton. He... READ MORE

45 Year with 1 Child - New York, NY

I had my tummy tuck almost a year ago .. Though it hurt like crazy .. My whole experience from beginning to end was absolutely amazing . From my first consulation to my actual surgery Dr Neinstein was amazing to me .. He made me feel so comfortable and re assure me that I was going to look... READ MORE

WORTH IT - Mini Abdominoplasty W/ Tattoo Excision & Breast Augmentation (POST OP - DAY 3) - Phoenix, AZ

Becoming a mother is a rewarding achievement for a is, essentially, the moment of truth that makes all those periods excusable. Excuse the pun. Unfortunately, during pregnancy...around, oh say Week 38, a woman looks at herself & is in complete disbelief that she has allowed herself to... READ MORE

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