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Dr. Howell is nothing short of amazing. I scheduled consults with three surgeons for my full tummy tuck with breast lift and implants. I met Dr. Howell first and cancelled the other two consults. I immediately felt at ease and confident that he could help me get the results I desired. Pre-op... READ MORE

Multiple Procedures - One Surgery. Mastopexy with Fat Graft, Brachioplasty, Medial Thigh Lift, Abdominoplasty - New Zealand, NZ

Pre appointment. This is the first appointment I have with my surgeon Winston McEwan to see if he thinks I am a good candidate for surgery. I want to have multiple surgeries at once so that the recovery time is shorter and the expense is less. I ask about brachioplasty (arm lift), medial... READ MORE

32 Years , 5'10, 150 Lbs - Miami, FL

This week I underwent a tummy tuck and breast augmentation at Spectrum aesthetics with Dr. Ortega. I have been wanting to get these procedures done for quite some time now and alhough i am still super swollen, am pleased with my results so far. I chose Dr. Ortega based on years of experience,... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Children, Mommy Makeover (330cc Silicone Moderate Profile) - South Africa, ZA

My body took quite a knock after my second child. My tummy was permanently convex with very, very wrinkled skin. My left breast had also sagged lower than my right due to a lactation issue in my right breast. Met with a PS who said I had diastasis recti (separation of ab muscles). The muscles... READ MORE

33, 3 Kids, 2 Csect, 100+ Lb Weight Loss

34 AA to 34C/D and over 7lbs of extra skin removed by Dr. Zemplenski at belred cosmetic surgery center. I had given myself to my kids and popped three out in 18 month increments. Left with diastas so bad I couldn't even do a sit up on my own. Recovery time was not as bad as expected but I am a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation By Mr Richards - High Wycombe, GB

I can not be happier from start to finish!! At the free consultation I was made to feel so comfortable by Mr Richards and his team as I was very nervous all my questions where answered. I then had a appointment for my sizing for my my new additions (implants) Ange help me with this and decided... READ MORE

34 Years Old/5'3" 155lbs. Now a Better Looking Version of Myself! - Orlando, FL

I am not one to write reviews, but I decided that i needed to 'pay it forward', because of all of the stories that I read about other women's experiences. I have lived on this site on and off for the past year and daily for the past 6 months and now it's time to share my story to help someone... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Kids, Much Needed Mommy Makeover. Panama City, FL

I really didn't like that I was young with very saggy breast. I also had a pouch of tummy that made it hard to wear jeans and be comfortable. It also made it hard to exercise. I decided to get the mommy makeover to fix these problem areas, so I could feel better about myself and feel healthier. ... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mommy Going from Drab to Fab! Breast Explant, Lift, Tummy Tuck - Bedford, NH

When I was 35 I had breast implants from another doctor and they were SPECTACULAR!!! However, after the birth of my 3rd child, my once perky baby D's went to a triple D or higher and spread out. Gravity took over as well as not being able to shed that final baby weight. I decided something... READ MORE

Positive Experience!

Tomorrow I complete my 3rd week of recovery from BR, TT, and FL. First, I have to say my hubby is amazing and I absolutely could not have made it through this surgery without him. He has been wonderful and supportive, including: managing medication, laundry, meals, cleaning, and most... READ MORE

Getting ready for a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Lift with implants in Mount Laurel

I'm so nervous. I've wanted a tummy tuck since my last child was born. I never ever thought I would do it. After exercising and dieting for over 12 years the time has come for me to feel and look good for me. I very very nervous. I'm worried about the recovery time. I am having a tummy tuck with... READ MORE

54 Years Old, Full Circle Tummy Tuck, Upper Abs Sewed Together, Lipo, Breast Lift with 250cc Silcone Gel. East Lansing, MI

Does anyone have experience with the upper muscle repair? How long does it take to feel yourself again? The rest of the surgery was better than I thought. It is the abs that is a killer. My doctor has tape all over me, I am not to remove them, I have a little oder coming from uner my breast, is... READ MORE

34 Yo One Child and 100lb Weight Loss - Omaha, NE

After numerous weight loses and gains and a pregnancy, I developed a large abdominal apron-it was gross. My breasts have been horrible since the day I got them when I was fifteen. It was time for a mommy make over. I decided to travel back home to Omaha, NE to have surgery with Dr. Edney-he is... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Done! - La Mesa, CA

I am 41 with 3 children (ages 22, 18, and 11), and I am now 7 months post-op. I had breast augmentation, lipo, and extended tummy tuck with muscle repair with Dr. Tom J. Pousti (The GREATEST doctor EVER!!!) I have been thinking about having surgery for quite some time (20 years). I had stretch... READ MORE

I Love my Beach Body! - Jacksonville, FL

After having 3 children at a fairly young age, my body was wrecked. I decided to have a mommy makeover after my consultation. Dr. Palin was very thorough with the information about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. He was also realistic with what was possible for my body type, which... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction - Wilmington, DE

I am scheduled for my surgeries on April 9th. Had my pre-op appointment this afternoon and feel better about the plan. My biggest concern was the 5 hours under anesthesia. But my doctor assured me that it would be fine. I was also concerned about my age. I am 59 years old, and have had 4 back... READ MORE

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