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Surgery Nightmare! Mother of 2 Children Decided to Have Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Vancouver, WA

I used Dr. Michael Workman in Vancouver, WA for a breast augmentation and at the time he also moved my nipples up, and a full tummy tuck. After the swelling went down in my breasts, and the stitches were removed, I noticed that the scares around my aureola looked like the outskirts of an over... READ MORE

11 Days post op and just like new...almost

You may have figured out by my "nickname" PSEX that I was married to a plastic surgeon for 20 years and I ran his office for 12. The rest of the time I supported him through a 7-year surgical residency. The reason I mention this is because that experience has given me a unique perspective on all... READ MORE

57 and Six Months After Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction - Ohio

Three pregnancies, lots of stretch marks, appendetomy ugly scar, menapause weight gain, Needed to make a change to feel better as well as eliviate heavy saggy breasts. Wow, it is amazing that very short term sacrafices; time and discomfort can give you a new lease on life. Feel more comfortable... READ MORE

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