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Dr Gary Lawton, A Miracle Worker And An Absolute Godsend

It has taken me so long to write this review because there is just sooo much I want to say and tell about this man, that I don't even know where to start.....or finish! So I'll just say, this man, Dr.Gary Lawton, has taken this sad, broken, self-hating woman who felt like a grotesque, disgusting... READ MORE

3 Kids, Happily Marrried, Feeling Stuck in This Body

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children & married to my college sweetheart. I am 5'8 & 250lbs! Yes 250lbs... sadly this isn't even the heaviest I've been. With all 3 pregnancies I reached 300lbs! 301lbs with my 1st, 304lbs with 2nd & 302lbs with my last pregnancy. My first 2... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mom of 3 Ready to Correct Diastasis Recti - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been told I had a bulge in my abdomen known as a diastasis recti. I've finally found the courage to seek out a surgeon to perform a mommy maker over to correct it:). I've chosen to go with Dra. Tania Medina after reviewing surgeons in my area and others in the DR. Her responsive nature... READ MORE

47 Yr Old. Lost 172 Lbs.

I'm only on day five of recovery I had a breast lift with no implants and a full tummy tuck. The pain has been minimal and results so far so good I'm getting my drains out on Wednesday. (Day 7). First few days I took dilaudid regularly. Pretty much felt no pain. Today is just Tylenol and aleve... READ MORE

33 Years Old with 2 kids - TT, Breast explant with lift

I'm currently breastfeeding my 10 month old, but will be going back for further consultations once our breastfeeding journey is over. She destroyed my stomach & I'm looking forward to fitting into pants again without all the fuss & muss (muffin top, zippering up loose skin, etc.) I had a... READ MORE

Petite 35yo, 4 Kids, 100 Lbs Weight Loss - Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Arm Lift (No Lipo, No Implants)

I am a 35 year old mother of 4 and I lost 100 lbs with diet and exercise. I am 5’3” and weigh 112 lbs. On July 9, 2015 I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift, and arm lift with Dr. Basu.  (I did not have liposuction or breast implants.) My procedures were combined into one 8 hou... READ MORE

43 Yrs; 3 Kids: 19; 16; 12

I wish I had done this sooner! Dr. Kludt, his staff, and the surgery center are exceptional! I'm proud to recommend them. No need to go down south for cosmetic surgery when you have this type of experience and gifted surgeon right here in Stockton! LA folks may want to come this way!! This was... READ MORE

Surgery in Middle Europe Ruined my Life - Reoperation Needed! (ASAP) - Prague, CZ

(I might add some pictures later..) Sorry for my English. Is there any doctor out there who might help me with this out? Please, let me know, if you know any. I undergo a breast lift with mini tummy tuck 2 months ago. I have no kids. I am 25 yrs old. I had to have the surgery due to weight... READ MORE

Bringing Sexy Back at 60!

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.When I first came to work at RealSelf in December 2012 I didn't know many people that had gone through plastic surgery. I had a couple of friends that had done a breast... READ MORE

26, Getting Mommy Makeover in 2 Wks

So...I am 2 wks out now from getting my TT/Lipo and BA/Lift. I had my consult with the surgon and she was very kind which was great. She made it clear that my body was completely normal for everything it had gone thru...2 pregnancies & lots od weight gain/loss. We drew up a game plan and... READ MORE

30 and 2 Kids

I had an annoying hernia after having 2 kids and not to mention loose skin. I was very self-conscious about my body I knew I had to do something about it. I workout a lot & hard but that did not fix the problem so after looking at different options my husband & I decided surgery was the... READ MORE

I Want to Go for a Mommy Makeover

I am 46 yrs old, I have 3 children, a husband, 3 cats and 3 dogs, lol. I had gastric sleeve surgery done a few years ago, then a breast augmentation about 2 years after that. My surgeon was nice enough, the procedure not too painful, but cost me too much. I'm also 2 years after that and my... READ MORE

45 Year Old After 100 Lb Weight Loss - Time to Get Body I Never Dreamed I Would Ever Have

I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy done back in November 2015 and have lost just over 100 pounds. I've been fairly stable (within 10 lb range) for the last 6+ months so I have the confidence to finally schedule this surgery. I'm fortunate that the loose skin is not nearly as bad as others have... READ MORE

55 yr old Never to old to do something good for youself

Dr. Suver is an amazing surgeon! He knows his stuff!! I am 55 yrs old and had my first implants 11yrs ago. With one saline failure Dr Suver replaced both with silicone and did a tummy tuck. Love it!!! READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I had a mommy makeover with Dr Conway. Excellent Dr and it was worth the cost of surgery. Dr Conway is an excellent surgeon very friendly and easily contacted if an issue came up. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon. Follow up appointments are fast and all questions are answered. He so... READ MORE

42 Year-old Woman, 2 Kids (No C-sections), Good Shape - Finally Ready to Put Everything Back Where It Belongs! - Chicago, IL

I had talked about wanting to "put the girls back" for a long time. After my 42nd birthday, I realized time was ticking on and if I was going to do this, I should do it soon. I'm in good shape, at (or very near!) my ideal weight and just wanted everything tight again! I decided to finally do... READ MORE

My Perfect Mommy Makeover - Kailua-Kona, HI

My story?.......I am a mother of 3 little miracles. One set of twins + 1. My post pregnancy body was showing a big bulge (muscle separation) instead of my stomach, with some excessive skin (looking like 4 months pregnant), nonexistent belly button and empty tea bags instead of breasts.... READ MORE

Great Doc, Great Results - Houston, TX

Dr. B is approachable, direct, honest, and easy to communicate with and I have always been happy and satisfied with my experience and results. Several of my girlfriends had cosmetic procedures with Dr. B and it amazed me how fast they all recovered. They gave him the strongest recommendations.... READ MORE

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