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36, 3 Kids Much Needed Momma Makeover - Bellevue, WA

I have wanted a tummy tuck for the last few years, but surgery sounds so scary. I had saline implants done at 20years of age. Had kids since then and they desperately needed to be replaced. I have had a few consultations done through out the years but kept chickening out because I was scared of... READ MORE

44 y/o - Mommy Makeover - time to do something for me! :) Denver, CO

Hello Real Selfers! I have been reviewing this site for the past 6 weeks - before and after my surgery. It has been one month since my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Ladies, I was motivated but nervous! I have had one set of twins (sadly, both deceased) and 2 more babies, the most... READ MORE

Much Needed Overhaul-lifts & Abdomen Scar Revision. Beaverton, OR

Emergency gallbladder surgery in 2008 made me leery of any kind of surgery, but with some recent weight loss, my whole torso area needed an overhaul. So far, I see my past disappearing and the better me coming out. By the 2nd week, I was back to my regular walks, slower, but moving well. ... READ MORE

37 Mom of 2 Kids (11&13). Ready to Get my Body Back! Houston, TX

Pre :My prep experience has been wonderful! I had decided to get a quote on both a tummy tuck w lipo and breast lift. Dr said I did not need a lift but implants could help get the look I desired. After price and due to price I first decided to get tummy only and the 1 week prior I decided I... READ MORE

Dr. Miami is the ONLY Doctor I Trust! Miami, FL

Words cannot describe how HAPPY I am with my results! Having a breast lift with implants & tummy tuck done at the same time was totally bearable. At 1 week post op, the drain came out and I was able to stand up straight. Today, I am 1 month post op and feel like a million bucks! My scars are... READ MORE

I Did It!!!! - Toronto, ON

I'm a 39 yrs old mother of 2 wonderful kids. Like thousands of women, I wanted my body back after the toil of pregnancy, my husband was absolutely against my having surgery, it took him some months but he eventually came around for I would never do anything without him being on board, and he was... READ MORE

27 Yo, 3 C-sections, Mommy Makeover. Evansville, IN

Hello! I have been silently following many threads on this site, but decided to go ahead and put my story out there. I am 27 years old, have 3 boys ages 2,4,6. I had c sections with all 3. They were all over 9 lbs at birth, leaving me with very loose skin and a ton of stretch marks. For... READ MORE

Best Decision of My Life! - Chesterfield, MO

After giving birth to my third child, my body was not anything what it had been before. I had been an athlete my entire life, even during college, and was active during all of my pregnancies (I even had an appt with my personal trainer the morning I delivered my middle one). After doing... READ MORE

43 Year Old After 140 Pound Weight Loss - Greensboro, NC

I am 43 yr. old having maintained 140 pound weight loss with help from gastric bypass. Im having BA and TT with lipo. Im a bit nervous. I wonder how long it will take for me to stand up staight. im not excited about having the tubes. I am grossed out about that. Im sure it will all be worth it.... READ MORE

37 Y/o Busy Working Nurse & Mom Mommy makeover in Dallas, TX

So far so good! Breast lift did not hurt at all & took pain meds for tummy tuck on schedule for the first 2 days post op. Honestly, could've taken less pain meds because I was more uncomfortable rather than in pain. Drains are still in (coming out tomorrow!) POD #5. Still "hunched" over and... READ MORE

Absolutely Love the Results!! - Katy, TX

Wanted to make-over myself before going back to school. I'm in my forties and have had 2 kids via c-section. I first had a mom makeover in July 2013 that included a tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction. I was exceptionally pleased with the results, but wanted to have some additional lipo from... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2 Kids. Tummy Tuck and Breast Implant. Texas, TX

Hi, I just had my tummy tuck and my breast implant 6 days ago. I was scared to death. Finally, I did it and still survive. It hurt a lot and I can't straight my back. I hope next Monday, they will take off the drains. I am happy because I can see my flat belly again, can't wait until the day I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Frisco, TX

I have three kids, two of whom are twins, and they did a number on my body. Dr. Najera performed a breast lift and tummy tuck (including lipo of the torso). He tightened and lifted me just like I wanted. I am now perkier and flatter than I ever remember being. The surgery itself went well... READ MORE

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