sports bra + Mommy Makeover

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I had the BEST experience, and Dr. Polsen is AMAZING!

I'm 37 years old, and I have had 3 C-sections (2 were for miscarriages) and a hysterectomy, so my stomach and my breasts were something that I was embarrassed of and wanted to have fixed. I had not been able to buy or wear a regular bra in 8 years due to the excess skin and extreme sagging; so I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift/Reduction, 30 years old, no kids

I'm so excited! I have scheduled my tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction for 03/30. I have heard this is the hardest time. It's the waiting! I keep looking in the mirror thinking, "soon this will all be gone." I have chosen to get this extra skin off and put these babies back up where they... READ MORE

30 Years Old Mommy of Four - Upland, CA

Tomorrow is the day!!! I'm starting to feel a little nervous and exited at the same time, i have my medicines, my sports bra, wipes i hope i had everything that i need if anyone can give me any advised of what i need for my post-op i will appreciate it, wish me luck!!! I don't know if i'm gonna... READ MORE

30, 5'7, 185#, No Kids but my body looks like it :( Ready to love all of me! Beverly Hills, CA

Genetics aside, my lower tummy area has always been a problem for me. I have no kids, but had a double hernia repair as an infant, leaving me with a pelvic bone scar, and slight dog ear on the "pouch" of stomach fat in my lower tummy. I'm active, play sports, make 70% good food decisions, and... READ MORE

mommy makeover at 45 - US

Set my date, getting nervous, ready to finally get rid of this saggy skin and lift the breasts. I discussed with my PS and decided that MR is not needed. I am doing TT, lipo flanks, BL & BA (silicone, round textured). I have been reading other posts, so I rented a recliner and bought a couple... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Mom of 2 Yr Old Twins: Mommy Makeover Time!

I gained 65 pounds with my beautiful, identical twin girls. They were six pounds a piece (bug for identical!) and I'm proud to say I carried them for 36 weeks and delivered two healthy babies via c-section. I have saggy, lose skin and fat starting slightly above my belly button. Less than two... READ MORE

Can't Wait to Get my Old Body Back with Enhanchments - Columbus, OH

I knew before I ever had children that if my belly was loose I would get a tummy tuck. Now I have two boys ages 11 &5 and the time is mine to get that old belly back and get the breast that I have always wanted. I go in for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on july 24! I am so excited I... READ MORE

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