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31 yrs old, 3 kids, hysterectomy, Full Lipo, Tommy Tuck, arm lift and BBL in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

I have been scheduling the surgery for the last six months and I can honestly tell you that I am now ready.. trying to get my release from my PCP I found out that I have very low iron..I currently have been receiving iron infusions for the last two weeks, to get ready for surgery... yes and that... READ MORE

25, One Child, in Need of a Mommy Makeover

My surgery is scheduled for January 18, 2017. All his work is great I love his before and after pictures and I'm hoping he can get me back to where I was. I'm getting a tummy tuck because of my stretch marks and I want a flat smooth stomach. I'm getting breast lift with implants and LIPO! Can't... READ MORE

39 Year Old, Mother of 4, Mommy Makeover

At almost 6 weeks post op, this review is long overdue! After months of research and consultations with several plastic surgeons in the area I ultimately decided on Dr. Parhiscar to perform my mommy makeover. I'm a mother of 4 and I've been wanting a mommy makeover for years now. After... READ MORE

35 Years Old Finally Getting a Mommy Makeover After 2 Kids

I wanted to start a log and share my experience. I've been stalking this site for months before my surgery and all the reviews helped ease my nerves tremendously. I had my mommy make over yesterday. I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, lipo, and bbl. yes, the whole shebang. I travelled... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck, 55

I've been curvy since high school with full C cups and soft tummy. After pregnancy, my breasts swelled to DD and my tummy was covered with stretch marks. I finally decided to make the leap and get the mommy makeover. After 4 months of researching Drs., interviewing highly recommended (and... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Mom of 3, Tt Revision/muscle Repair and Lipo, Breast Lift/implant Exchange, Lipo to Inner Thighs

What a May of 2015 I had a breast aug, at that time I expressed my desire to have fuller/perkier breasts but did not necessarily wish to have much larger breasts. I was a 34C already so I only wanted to end up being maybe a small D. My ps said I would need a larger implant due to my... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mommy of 2 LO's - Hernia Repair, TT, BA, Flank Lipo, Nipple Reduction

Hi all! Well, I have been stalking this site for sometime now. I am 2 weeks post op and man, it's been a ride! I have no regrets, though :-) My pre-baby status is lean, athletic, runner body. I have endured 2 C-sections over the past 4 years that left me with a baseball sized hernia, major saggy... READ MORE

37 yrs old, Tummy Tuck Plus Breast Lift with Implant (Mentor Smooth Round 400cc) - Thailand, TH

Realself really helped me in thinking through why/what/how/if I wanted plastic surgery. SO to thank those brave ladies who helped me with their stories, I am sharing mine here! I am 6 days op – Mommy make over tummy tuck and breast lift with implants- but wanted to get it on here before life m... READ MORE

28 Mother of 1 - Houston, TX

So i didn't want to write a review until i actually had my procedure. My pre-op was scheduled for june 21st at 9am. I was there onetime and due to payments from out of state they wouldn't see me until they got it situated, which was closer to 11am, Once the payment was processed it was smooth... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old, 2 C-Sections, Lost 85 Pounds and Ready for a Mommy Makeover! Las Vegas, NV

After losing 85 pounds and having multiple C-Sections and laproscopic procedures, my stomach and breasts were ruined! I have worked hard to tone and tighten my body but only a surgeon could remove the remaining fat and skin that hung off my body. Over 4 pounds of skin were removed from my... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mum of 3 Mummy Makeover Perth Australia - Perth City, AU

I'm very very happy with my procedures! I had a full tummy tuck with mussel repair and hernia repair. Breast (donut) lift, breast implants 275cc smooth. And lipo to my flanks! My doctor Mark Harenkrri was great and always told me exactly what to expect, he always made sure I had all information... READ MORE

33, 5'3", 125 lbs - 9 kids, 90 lb loss, BL/BA Silicone 500cc UHP, Extended TT/Muscle repair

I've been stalking this fabulous site for 6 months, and as the ball is starting to roll for me I figured it was time to start writing about my journey! :) I've had 9 kiddos in 10 years and that combined with being persistently 70-100 lbs overweight in that time has done a number on my body. I... READ MORE

Outstanding Plastic Surgeon!!!!

I did extensive research looking for the best plastic surgeon in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and spoke with lots of people who worked and went to plastic surgeons in my area along with meeting with a few. With all of that being said, I found that Dr. Hurwitz was the best surgeon for me. Not only... READ MORE

35 Year with 3 Kids - Miami, FL

Best surgeon, best staff and best results!!???? If I had to this all over again I would pick Dr Hunsaker's private office. Their the best! Everything went so smoothly with no complications what's so ever. Maria was always there for me. I knew if I had a question it would be answered within mins... READ MORE

A Mother of Three Looking for Body Transformation ( Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Liposuction) - Istanbul, TR

I wanted a dramatic change in my body , to feel much more confident . Looked for many options and doctors . The best follow up and communication I found is with dr Guray and his team. And I got best price too So I decided to go for all 3 surgeries at once although once I arrived Istanbul I told... READ MORE

52 Years Old, Finally Had the "Mommy Makeover" I Dreamed About Getting for Many Years! - Harrison, NY

Dr. Greenwald is both a wonderful doctor & caring person. He put me at ease from the very beginning. The whole process was incredibly smooth with incredible results. I couldn't be happier with how I now feel & look. The support with follow-ups was amazing. Beautiful incisions, minimally... READ MORE

In Search of a Mommy Makeover in New England. New Hampshire, NH

Hi all, I have been a realself member for awhile and I love to see all of your before and after photos and read your wonderful stories. I have been dreaming of a mommy makeover since 2013. I had a sleeve in 2013 I lost 90 lbs with a lot of hard work. I have maintained about 166 give or take a... READ MORE

34 Mommy Makeover Revision - Charlotte, NC

From the moment I walked into Dr. Smiths office I knew my experience there would be different. I have had several cosmetic procedures over the past 13 years and I have never felt more comfortable and at ease in a physicians office. My previous doctor was located in Raleigh and he retired last... READ MORE

so happy!! - Houston, TX

I am in LOVE with my new body! I had a mommy makeover 7 weeks ago and I already look amazing if I do say so my self! Dr. Lomonoco performed a breast augmentation (400 cc), full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the hips, back and stomach. I went to several consultations and, although I... READ MORE

Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself! - Denver, CO

Dr. Slenkovich was the third office that I consulted with. I just knew that he was the right doctor for me. I had been told that becuase I had an umbilical hernia repair after my third child I could not have a tummy tuck because my belly button would die. They had offered me a mini tuck but... READ MORE

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