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34yo Mom of 3 and Massive Weight Loss Seeking New Body

After having my 3rd baby back in 2014 and losing over 140 after she was born I am left with a massive amount of stretched out skin. After a life changing weight loss journey I am proud to say I've lost over 140lbs. Now comes the next step... mommy make over!!! Omg I am excited, nervous, and... READ MORE

44 Y/o Mommy Makeover Countdown After 80 Pound Weight Loss - Carmel, IN

First consultation is in 5 days. So nervous!! So many emotions coming at me right now.. Guilt for spending the $$, excitement to finally get rid of this gross hanging skin, and soo soo nervous!! Never dreamed that I would be scheduling plastic surgery. Currently 5'4" 150#. Would like to lose 10... READ MORE

39y/o Needed TT and Breast Implant Replacement fro 485 mod to 750cc L/800cc R HP Silicone

It's time for my tummy tuck and lipo to my flanks and because I was unhappy with my recent breast implant 485 moderate profile that was done 6 months ago, I decided to get it switched out to HP 700/800cc. I looked around for other surgeons but the first time I met with DR Franco I knew he'd be... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy Makeover. I will be getting a tummy tuck- lipo to the hips and flanks and a breast reduction. I am nervous and scared all at the same time. I have always had big breasts and never liked them. My tummy after two children back to back and a big... READ MORE

34yo Mom of 3 Under 3 Getting Mommy Makeover!

I'm 34 and had 3 kids in 16 months (I know!!). I carried my twins to 38+ weeks and measured 48 weeks at the end. When the twins were 7 months old I got pregnant again and delivered a beautiful big 10 pound boy 41 weeks later. They did a number on my body! Severe diastasis recti and muscle... READ MORE

37 Yr Old 2 C Sections

I think overall it has been a good experience but because my doctor is amazing. I researched a lot and finally choose Sumer Daiza, MD in Scottsdale, AZ. I am just under 5'7 and about 130 pounds although I have 1ost 10 pounds in the first week of post surgery just because the pain meds make me... READ MORE

24 Years Old 2 Kids

I recently lost 120 pounds I was 280 and I am currently 154 chose to undergo the mommy makeover procedure.I went in for surgery on the 23rd for a hernia repair a full tummy tuck and a breast lift surgery lasted a Little over three hours my surgeon was very helpful and had a great bedside manner... READ MORE

50 Years Old, 2 Grown Kids, 85 Lb Weight Loss. No Implants!

My gift to myself for my 50th! After losing over 85 lbs, the 'girls' have deflated into flat, droopy teets. Implants were never an option for me. Once my husband agreed, I started consults with surgeons. I had planned on seeing 4, but after meeting Dr. Ghazi, I was sold. He was so kind as was... READ MORE

My Over 50 MM Journey...the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful!

4 weeks post TT (high lateral tension abdomiboplasty), Thermi Tight to flanks/knees & Breast Lift (no implants). Love the new look, but not loving the aches & pains. Certainly was not fully prepared for all that goes along with this journey. I've been so dependent on my hubby &... READ MORE

Dr. Alberto Lara Luscious Lady in the making ... Mommy make over Tijuana, MC

I have lost 108 lbs after VSG surgery in Mexico. This has left me with hanging breast and tons of abdominal skin left over. My highest way was 365. My surgery weight was 336 and i am 242 right now. i will get to the 200s for surgery as my Ultimate goal is around 180. Can't wait to get this... READ MORE

Feeling great after Tummy Tuck, Lift and Implants - Columbus, OH no regrets!

I had been thinking about doing this for about 8 months. I read a lot of reviews but since I didn't know very many people in the area I decided to get 5 consultations. I'm glad I did, the first doctor I saw was Dr. Donaldson in Columbus. I felt comfortable with him but the cost was over $17000... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implant) + Tummy Tuck After 160 Lb Weight Loss -Houston, TX

I'm just a few days post Mommy Makeover and finally had the courage today to remove my bandages and binder and see exactly what was done. This is what I found...I'm very pleased with everything, except a little worried about the incision on the right breast and at the top of the vertical TT. The... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/Lipo/breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 26 years old,after 2 babies:due to loose skin on my belly and volume lost of my breast i used to be 34D now i'm at right-34b left-34c with no shape at all I have now decided to have a mommy makeover on Dec 22,2009 I had my surgery omg I made it!!!yee I know is to early to say this but... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck & Breast Implants - Mother of 5 - Southlake, TX

Hi everyone I have had 5 childen, they range from 5 years old to 11 years old. I do not want anymore children and was ready to complete the process of transforming by body after years and years of being pregnant back to back. I weighed 117 pounds before surgery, so yes I was not fat but I did... READ MORE

Mommy of 4 - Makeover Coming VERY Soon!!! (Mini Tummy Tuck W/full Body Lipo)

A little history about ME:I'm 29 years old and a mother of 4 beautiful children ages 9, 7, 2 and 1. Prior to my first pregnancy I weighed between 125-130 pounds. I gained 80 pounds during my first pregnancy and it has been a struggle since. After 4 children, I currently weigh 176 pounds. I have... READ MORE

Mother of 4 (Incl. Twins) - Tummy Tuck is Painful but So Pleased with Results

After having 4 large babies, the last pregnancy being full term twins (8 and 6 lbs) and no matter what I tried I could not undo the damage to my mid-section! I found that the extra skin was uncomfortable.After 2 consultations I was excited about having a tummy tuck! My fears and concerns left... READ MORE

34 year old mom with 105 pound weight loss

I have thought about having a mommy makeover since my first born. After my 2nd child was born, I was more than 100 pounds overweight. I lost 105 pounds on my own. However, I was left with saggy skin and saggy breasts. I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I felt like I had a "mom" body. I had... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Breast Implants, Not Sure How to Feel Yet

I am a mother of 3 that had some body issues after the pregnancies took a toll on my body. I'm not really sure how I found Dr Collins office, I believe just a Google search. I do want to start out by saying they got me in right away for my consult once I called. The office was in a nice location... READ MORE

No More Hiding my Belly

I am 48 years old and just not loving the way my body looks. Gravity time and surgeries make me sad whenever I look in the mirror. My husband buys my clothes he thinks I will look beautiful in and I hide them in the back of my closet because I can see my sagging abdomen. I have had 2 c sections... READ MORE

Very Pleased! - Draper, UT

I first met with Dr. Richard Fryer over a year ago for my initial consult. I was impressed from day one. I had lost 100lbs and had a lot of skin on my stomach and my breasts had once been a 44K and now were a 34D made up of mostly saggy skin. One thing that really impressed me was Dr. Fryer... READ MORE

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