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26 Year Old, 130lb Weight Loss, Extreme Mommy Makeover

I got an extreme mommy makeover with extended tummy tuck, bbl, breast lift and implants, large amounts of lipo, and buccal fat removal. I am currently on my 4th day post op and have been able to walk and shower since day 1, but more than the pain I feel restless. It is very hrd to be... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck, 55

I've been curvy since high school with full C cups and soft tummy. After pregnancy, my breasts swelled to DD and my tummy was covered with stretch marks. I finally decided to make the leap and get the mommy makeover. After 4 months of researching Drs., interviewing highly recommended (and... READ MORE

TT with Muscle Repair and Breast Aug Saline Under Muscle 35yo Nashville, TN

I wish that I had done this sooner! So let me review-it was definitely a hard procedure. I am almost 1 year post op and I finally feel-almost-like myself again. It has been a journey and it's not a quick fix. I am a 35 year old mom of 2 kids. My babies was very large-10 and 8lbs. Most of the... READ MORE

44 y/o - Mommy Makeover - time to do something for me! :) Denver, CO

Hello Real Selfers! I have been reviewing this site for the past 6 weeks - before and after my surgery. It has been one month since my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Ladies, I was motivated but nervous! I have had one set of twins (sadly, both deceased) and 2 more babies, the most... READ MORE

35 Yo in Desperate Need of a Mommy Makeover - Frisco, TX

I recently had an extensive "mommy makeover" performed by Dr. Robert Najera. My makeover included a bilateral breast augmentation with a lift. At which time, I also had my areolas reduced. My mommy makeover also consisted of liposuction of my abdomen, flanks and back and a full abdominoplasty.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation By Mr Richards - High Wycombe, GB

I can not be happier from start to finish!! At the free consultation I was made to feel so comfortable by Mr Richards and his team as I was very nervous all my questions where answered. I then had a appointment for my sizing for my my new additions (implants) Ange help me with this and decided... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover with Dr. Salama - Miami, FL

I had surgery with Dr. Salama May 20th for a tummy tuck, lipo, and breast augmentation. From the day I began with my consultation I received great customer service from Cynthia and the entire team. Before surgery, I was able to sit down with Dr. Salama and tell him how I wanted my breast to... READ MORE

33yr Old Motherof2 I Had aTummy Tuck, BreastAugmentation Liposuction on my InnerThigh's & Upper Arms and Flanks. Bal Harbor, MIA

To be honest I lost 100lbs 3yrs prior & had loose skin & I simply wanted it GONE. I was very nervous about having multiple procedures done at one time & was extremely worried about the pain afterwards. To my surprise it was NOT anything like I expected. I thought it was going to be much worse.... READ MORE

I Wish I'd Known ...Mommy Makeover.

I've always had a nice shape. Big boobs, small waist, child bearing hips. Then I had children. The shock after child birth was so great, I went into full blown post partum depression. It sounds horrible, but I couldn't believe that this beautiful little creature had wrecked my body so severely... READ MORE

51 grandma wanting to look how I feel

Fantastic after day three I knew it was going to be ok. I had a breast lift,tummy tuck, liposuction and muscle repair. After day 5 no more narcotics just using Advil now. Up walking straight ,able to shower myself. Had to do an enema on day 8 as nothing else worked. Had a movement on my own... READ MORE

My "Experience"

My first visit with Dr. Bruno was 3 years ago, I knew at that time Dr Bruno was the doctor I wanted. I continued to do my research and met other doctors as well. My expectations were high and I knew exactly what I wanted. This procedure was going to be a life changing experience and I wanted to... READ MORE

Serenity RH - Dominican Republic, DO

My soo far experience with Serenity has been wonderful. Sissy the RH has been amazing, answering all my questions thru phone and whats up. Day prior to my flight she send me all information about what to do while at the airport. My drivers there to receive my with my name on a board and he was... READ MORE

Mother of Two - Extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

I gained over 80lbs druring my last pregnancy, I was devasted as I could not loose that weight right away.. Once I lost 60 lbs after intensive dieting and exercising - I was left with sagging skin in my stomach area and sagging breasts.. A friend of mine had Tummy Tuck with Dr.Tom Trevisani few... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation (350cc) with Tummy Tuck. - Parramatta, Australia

After being blessed with three BIG beautiful children I was left with stretch marks covering the entirety of my stomach and loose skin. After much research I approached Dr LIM for an appointment he and his staff were welcoming and very informative right from the start, I knew I made the right... READ MORE

This Old House........Knoxville, TN

The remodeling of this old house….. Here is my story. I am in my fifties and the mother of several grown children who underwent a full abdominoplasty, and a mastopexy with silicone implant placement 4 weeks ago. I had wanted to have the abdominoplasty for the last 40 years, and now seemed l... READ MORE

28 Year Old, 2 Kids, Needed Makeover. San Diego, CA

After having 2 kids my body just wasn't the same anymore. My boobs were uneven and I had a tummy of loose skin. I honestly couldnt be happier with my results. I am only 6 weeks post op but feel great and tummy tuck incision is almost fully healed. It's hard the first 2 weeks and gradually... READ MORE

Type 1 Diabetic and a Mommy Makeover (Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck) - San Francisco, CA

I'm now PO Day 4 and I'm progressing everyday. I got to shower last night, removed the pain pump from the breasts and I saw Dr. Bermudez's work for the first time. I love, love my results and am extremely happy! This is what keeps me going.. I arrived at the hospital Tuesday morning at 6am... READ MORE

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