shoulder pain + Mommy Makeover

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Getting Ready For My Mommy Makeover!

I'm 50 and I can kick, stretch and kick! I'm getting a long awaited Mommy Makeover! I have had huge boobs that have caused me much neck, shoulder and back pain, so I'm really looking forward to getting some relief, but I won't lie. I'm really looking forward to being perky too. I've never... READ MORE

48 YO, 2 Kids, TT W/ MR and Lipo to Hips and BL

I went for a consult on 7/14/14 for what I guessed would be a BR. Everything has been moving very quickly since then. First, some background. I've been married 24 years to my wonderful husband. He loves me for who I am, and tells me I'm perfect the way I am. He also supports my decisions.... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover. Breast Reduction and Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Flank Lipo

I’ve been told that I’m obsessed with this site by my BF and he’s right. I mean I did abandon my precious Candy Crush to eye guzzle countless reviews. I’m at the point where I can recognize reviews in my daily email by the body parts in the cover picture...yeah that reads as creepy as it soun... READ MORE

48 and Feeling Great!! Want My Outside To Match My Inside - Cincinnati, OH

I had 3 PS consultations. Just like the 3 little bears--One was just bad; one was just okay; and one was just a month later I am scheduled for my Mommy Makeover which will include a Breast Reduction and liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen, hips, and inner and outter thighs. ... READ MORE

39, Mom of 3, 5'6" 157lbs, Lots of Extra Skins and Heavy Boobs Looking for Relief - Redwood City, CA

Im a mother of 3 with who suffered from chronic shoulder, neck and back pain. After 11 years, meeting many doctors and telling myself I was going to get me body back, I finally did it. Early fall of 2014, I found Glow Surgical Arts and Dr. Renee Marshall. I still consulted with a few others... READ MORE

48 Yr Old Mom of 2 Grown Kids. BR,TT, Muscle Repair,Liposuction to Flanks & Back - Houston, TX

I had a BA in 2001. I gained lots of weight since and neck and shoulders couldn't handle the pain any longer. I decided to see a ps about having my implants removed and having a reduction/lift and TT. I'm not looking forward to the pain and suffering. The ps I've chosen is Sam Sukkar in Houston... READ MORE

Mid 40s Wanting to Enjoy my Body the Way I Used to - Orlando, FL

I want to look good being able to go to the store and try the clothing and being able to find something that I like thinking on get a shape wear to look better. I'm 36 DD breast and my back is constantly killing my back and shoulders. I want a nice hour glass shape that help me to look good in... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision remove extra breast side skin

I have wanted and needed a tummy tuck for years.I have two children 7 & 2. I needed it after the first child but I thought I better wait to make sure I was done having children but now i have one of each Im DONE.!Now its mommy time.I have lots of back pain and shoulder pain and even under my... READ MORE

55-year-old asks: Breast reduction without TT - Boston, MA

I've always had large breasts and was able to "manage" them in my younger years. I had a c-section in my twenties and I've always wanted a tummy tuck because of loose skin and that "pooch," but couldn't justify the cost. I've put on 20 pounds in the last five years, but have had years and years... READ MORE

Here I go! New Me 2012!

So...just started my research 9 months ago and I can't believe that I am so close to my surgery day 1/11/12. I have been wishing for a breast reduction for years now and finally approved. Freedom at last! yayyy. I am scheduled for a reduction and full abominoplasty. I am a full figured... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck (Possibly Breast) Texas or Miami Area

Looking for a doctor in Texas area who does natural looking tummy tucks and helps sculpture your tummy as well. I have curves but in my early 30's having one child has left me with a kangaroo pouch, ice handles, back fat, stretch marks, insecure and no self esteem. I want a doctor who is great... READ MORE

3 Kids, Dress Size 12, 32H Cup Size and Done with This Body.

So I'm 5 days from my 30th birthday and after researching almost 2 years, I am so excited about giving myself the best birthday present ever. Before I had my first child I was a comfortable 32D, dress size 8/10, fit and happy with life. After my first my breast grew right up to a 32J and after... READ MORE

42 Years Old, 4 Pregnancies, Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck

I met with Dr. Wells after several years of back, neck and shoulder pain as well as indentations in my shoulders. I have a petite frame but looked much larger due to my large heavy breast and tummy pouch. From the second I walked into Dr. Wells office, I knew I chose the right practice for my... READ MORE

51 Years Old, 2 Kids, Lupus Paient with Many Years of Steroids and Weight Gain and Loss. 3 Sergories in my Stomach. - AZ

In addition to the breast reduction I also had a tummy tuck. I was not feeling comfortable with my own body. I was embarrassed to walk around with out a bra at my own home. I was having back & shoulder pains as a result of my breast size (36 E). It did not matter how hard and how much I... READ MORE

50 Year Old Mom of 5 Decides to Get Her Body Back - Chicago, IL

I have struggled with having large breasts 40 DDD forever. I couldn't find clothes that fit me right and unless I was wearing a v neck tank, I looked like I had one big boob. Pain in my neck and shoulders. I did a reduction and tummy tuck. Right now I am a 38D, but still swollen so I know... READ MORE

48yrs No Kids 156 Lbs on Hrt Last 8 Months Size 34g - Miami, FL

Ive had giant boobies all my life , was I was younger it didn't seem to affect my quality of life ... But over last few years it's been a burden as size increased from a d cup to g cup . The weight has affected my back ,neck and shoulders and the shoulder indentation is deep where straps are...I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Birthing Two Large Babies! - Annandale, VA

Ever since I was a teenager I'd been wanting to reduce my breast size but wanted to wait until I was finished having children. Well, my youngest is now 2 so the time had come! I was wearing a 34H bra and my neck, shoulders, and back were loudly and painfully complaining about supporting all... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old, Breast Reduction & Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Lipo - Manchester, GB

I've been considering a breast reduction for a few years due to struggling with large, heavy and sagging breasts. I suffered with back, shoulder and neck pain as well as a bad posture because my breasts were not in proportion with the rest of my body. I'm 5 ft 2in and weigh 118lb and my bra... READ MORE

47 Year Old Former Athlete - Omaha, NE

I have had very large breasts since college. I was an athlete and I like to stay fit. Along with giving me neck and shoulder pain, they hindered my activity. I felt there were no cons to having this other than I was a little worried what they'd look like. They look awesome and have absolutely no... READ MORE

Im a Beautiful Work of Art Done by Magical Hands of Perfection - Dallas, TX

Dr. Stagnone is a excellent caring plastic surgeon. His consultations with me were so comfortable. He answered all my questions with honesty and on the same level of intelligence that I could understand as a patient. He had a major breast lift to deal with and tummy that dragged and sagged down... READ MORE

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