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Works out Just Weren't Enough - Sacramento, CA

After working off 50 pounds from Jan 1-Sept 1 2016 working out just wasn't enough. I visited a few surgeons in the Sacramento and Elk Grove areas and I was most comfortable at New Body MD with Dr. Sweat. I set up the consultation over the phone and met with Teffeney. This whole staff from... READ MORE

45yrs, 2 kiddos. Ready to Turn Back the Body Clock a Bit (breast lift/slight reduc, lipo of abd, lateral thighs & flanks)

Well, here I am. It's the night before my mommy makeover and I can't sleep! I've been on this site for a while now and the reviews have helped me so, I figure now is a good time to start my review and give back to this great community. I'm a mom of two, a 14yr old boy and 4yr old... READ MORE

Hysterectomy, Extended TT, Implants and Lipo on Saddle Bags!!!! - Katy, TX

I have hated me body since my first pregnancy 12 years ago......Done having kids!! I am 5'3" , 140 lbs. Breast size 34B. Always wanted bigger boobs! Going with Dr. Rodgers in Katy, Texas. Loved the staff just from talking over phone before the consult! Having hysterectomy due to pain, heavy... READ MORE

46, 2 Kids, 156 Lb., Ready for Something for ME - Albany, NY

Well, ladies, I'm here. I have been reading all about you, so here I am sharing about me. I have two grown children (27 and 20), breastfed, gained and lost lots of weight and am finally at a good weight for me. I am a runner, a career woman, college-educated, an artist, and a friend. I have been... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - mini tummy tuck

First let me list the myriad of procedures I'm having done! I am getting THE WORKS!! - Mini-tummy tuck - Periareolar Breast Lift/Augmentation with replacement of current breast implants - Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs - Fat grafting to the buttock WOAH! I am 28 years... READ MORE

Am I Actually Doing This? TT, Hip (Saddle Bag) Lipo, BL and BA, The Lee Institute of Plastic Surgery - Roseville, CA

I'm pretty nervous right now. I've done some research on youtube, the internet, and this site, talked to friends and decided to go for it. But why am I so nervous? I think at 1st it was because I wasn't sure I should-the cost, the time off, the selfishness, etc. Hubby helped me make it past that... READ MORE

Turning 40...Mom of 3...Breast Lift W/Implants, Lipo on Inner/Outer Thighs and Abdomen - Raleigh, NC

I've been wanting this for a looooooooooooooooong time. My hubby asked if I wanted this surgery or a diamond for my 40th and I chose this! I used to be a runner but, after having 3 kids, those days are long over. I constantly struggle with that last 5-10 pounds of baby weight that I haven't been... READ MORE

New Year, New Me - Vancouver, WA

Thanks to this forum, I have realized I am normal!! Much like everyone posting on here, I want to return my body to pre-baby pre-weight gain body-with realistic expectations. I am 42, 5'2", 158lbs mom and wife. I have lost about 30 lbs in about a year and kept it off, and 20 lbs several years... READ MORE

8 weeks PO - Feeling great, still feels better when I wear compression - San Diego, CA

Extended Tummy Tuck, Full Breast Lift, Breast Aug. with silicone Implants, Lipo of Saddle bags after losing 100lbs. and having a 10lb. baby 5 years ago. I am turning 45 the day after my MM surgery, I am 5 9" tall and 165-170lbs., I topped out at 280 when I was pregnant with my son, and stayed... READ MORE

55 Year Old Replacing Breast Implants, T Tuck, Lipo outer thighs, upper back and hips. ATLANTA GA

I am 55 and looking forward to going back to a C cup instead of the D+ cup that I am now. When I originally got breast implants I was 31 and went from a B cup to a C cup. Loved them for years! 2 years ago one of them ruptured and I had them replaced. I went back to my original surgeon and he... READ MORE

Please Read This Before You Choose Her. Saint Clair Shores, MI

I loved her during consultation, but after my breast procedure and tummy tuck, I was so disappointed at the results. All went great than when the healing process began, I was horrified and only now been able to post this. My right implant didn't drop, she pulled stitches out of my left areole... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 5 Children, I Feel Alive Again - Beverly Hills, CA

After 5 children, I was the typical mom with the mommy pouch, wide hips (saddlebags), and saggy breasts. I worked out 6 days a week, twice a day for years and never got the results I was looking for. I was able to change my entire appearance after 1 surgery. My breasts are now perky again,... READ MORE

Itchies and small seroma blues, POD 22

I am a mother of three children 10 years old and younger, and physically fit, but have the usual poochy belly from 3 big babies and deflated low hanging breasts. I've been thinking about a tummy tuck for quite some time and when it came time to really think about interviewing plastic surgeons,... READ MORE

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