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5'3 148lbs Ready for a Big ol' Booty and Flat Tummy! 11/19/17* I'm Ready!

Hi Dolls! I will start to write on here as a little journal of my thoughts through this exciting journey. I've been booked since March with Duran (11/9/17). A little about myself, I have two kids (19 & 14) and won't be having anymore kids in the future. Since I had my first born at the age... READ MORE

Soon To Be Duran Doll! TT, Lipo, BBL, BA

Hello Real Self Members! I have stalked this site for a long time gaining insight on what options to choose from on my quest to becoming a Cabral Barbie! I plan to have lipo a bbl, tummy tuck and breast lift with implants! The works! I have children and mommy is ready for a physical change. I... READ MORE

Amazing Results Beyond Happy

Love my doctor Manuel guiterrez Tijuana the real dr Tijuana Cost 9825 usd Recovery doll house Rosarito Cost 8 days 1200 usd Lipo 360 with flanks Bbl Breast lift with implant 350 Amazing experience would do it again in a heart beat. Definitely Dr Manuel Gutierrez was the most helpful,... READ MORE

Almost 40 Year Old Mom of 3 Ready to Get my Sexy Back.

Ok I wasn't sure how early was too early to start a review but I figured what the hay... go for it!! I'm ready to do this for me and since I'm done having babies I think it's time. I recently had my daughter in February and I'm looking to have a TT/MR, BL/BA, BBL, Lipo to full back, flanks,... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I'm a Mother of 2, Getting ready to get a TT, bbl, lipo to waist and lw back and thighs. I currently weigh 157 and trying to lose these extra 7lbs before surgery. Does any one know what recovery house is better Beauty Care or Club Med? I'm debating between the two? Also does anyone know the... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mommy of Two Needing a Mommy Makeover

I have been in contact with Dr Molina thru whatsapp. He has been very quick to reply given that he is a surgeon and I'm sure he is very busy. I plan to get a TT, Lipo, BBL, and implants with a saline implant. Me and a friend would like to go together. I had to ask about whether or not I should... READ MORE

Ready to be Yilyfied!! September 2017!!!

Heeeeyyyyyyy ladies!! :-) After being a RealSelf stalker (lol) and reading at least a gazillion reviews for about a year now, its FINALLY MY TURN!!! Wooohoooo!!! ;-) A little about myself, I'm a 28 year old mommy to 3 beautiful boys (ages 6, 4, & 21 months). 2 c-sections and my body... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation,Lipo,BBL

I'm a mother of 4 who has struggle with her body since I had my first child. I had my children at a young age and it took a toll on my body. After breast feeding 4 kids and the constant weight gain I found myself very unhappy with my body. I tried to diet and workout and it help a little but... READ MORE

46 Year Old Mother of 3 Time to Get my Me Back

I want a mommy makeover to get my body back a little breast lift with implant tummy tuck with abdominal repair the muscle and maybe a little booty too I do it already got. I am going to doctor Luis Alberto Meji in the DR. I already paid my deposit to secure my date. I need to get a recovery... READ MORE

39 Waiting to Be a Yily Doll Before 40

Waiting patiently to a have aTT, Fat transfer to hips BBL,Breast lift but not sure if I want that. I will be staying at Luxury Recovery house for 10 days. I am flying out of Texas Sept 7 I an also traveling alone . I am looking for a SX buddy if anyone is interested. So far I've read good... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover from Dr Salama - Aventura, FL

So I have 4 kids and a severe abdominal separation and I nursed 3 kids so I also need to have a lift and I want my boobs back. My plan is to have a tummy tuck, lipo of the flank, lift and breast augmentation So I have surgery this year around October time. I'm getting ready to have surgery... READ MORE

53 Years Old Mother of 2 ,Who's Time Has Come to Look Fab.

I am scared to death at times, but then I read about other women experiences and I calm down. I have my SX. Schedule with Dr. Jose Leon in the DR. My niece had her Sx done last year she looks great but wants to go back for more Lipo . I told her she is crazy, but anyway we are both schedule to... READ MORE

Tijuana Transformation

I just recently had my second child and had both pregnancies with major weight gain and loss so I am ready for my mommy makeover. I still have to lose about 50lbs to be able to get my SX but am starting to shop around for prices and doing my research so that I can be prepared. I contacted Dr... READ MORE

*Future Yily Doll* 25 Years Old, 5 Kids, 5 C Much Need of a Mommy Make Over!!!

Hello future dolls!!! I am SO new to this experience. I am excited yet nervous! I am scheduled on April 27th ( all inclusive, 10 days: for a Tummy Tuck, Lipo on my arms,back, pits, inner thighs, flanks,and a BBL,and Breast lift with implants! I have to pay for the extra 4 days ($300 for 4... READ MORE

Where I Will Stay During my Recovery - Miami, FL

A few of you inquired about where I will recover at after my procedure. I've included the photos she sent me. I am so excited and I hope if any of you need somewhere to stay you enjoy it as much as I intend I have surgery soon...once I am able to I will post my own pictures. If there... READ MORE

My Journey to my Dream (Part 2) - Dominican Republic

Hello Everyone, Wow going to a foreign country for cosmetic surgery! Some people thought I was crazy but I did extensive research, poring over reviews and photographs, and even spoke to clients who had had procedures done here in the U.S. It seemed to me that the expertise and experience along... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in Cali, Colombia - Cali, CO

Hello RealSelf, I'm documenting my journey as this site have been heaven sent in helping me decide to finally do this for myself. I've found so much information on here that I wanted to add my experience on Medical Tourism. I'm 40 and I have 2 children ages 12 and 3. I had lipo to my midsection... READ MORE

To Be Fabulous

Hello Ladies, So my journey begins. I have been stalking realself for 3 years now and I am finally ready to do this. I am scheduled for a BA, TT, BBL. My surgery date is 7/10/17. I welcome any constructive and supportive advise from any of you who have experienced what I'm about to. Would... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Dr. Plazas June 30, 2017

I am having a tummy tuck with muscle repair, a Breast lift with implants, and bbl liposculpting with Dr. Plazas in Cali, Colombia on June 30, 2017. I will be staying at Sophistique Solutions recovery house. The owner Xiomara helped me get my appointment and set the whole experience up. I know... READ MORE

Dr. Kelvin Eusebio Doll to Be

Can't wait to meet Dr Eusebio! I'm going in April on vacation and also a great reason to meet in person Dr Eusebio! Im going to get my full body done by him. Breast lift, Lipo 360• , Lipo inne thight and BBL. I will be staying for 10 days at DR Care Home and after my recovery I'm going to be s... READ MORE

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