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29 year old mom of 2 children

3 weeks post procedure and I find I'm a bit puffy and swollen by the end of the day but overall very happy :) can wait to see the final outcome compared to the first week I was nice and flat. Overall super happy. Dr cheng is awesome. READ MORE

30 years Young Mommy Makeover - Scottsdale, AZ

At 2 weeks PO I am pleased with my new body. The pain after surgery is minor. I got a tummy tuck with MR and a breast lift no implants or Lipo. Dr. Shaw in Scottsdale has over 25 years of experience and is a perfectionist. Although I am still swollen and puffy I love my shape thus far. Totally... READ MORE

So Excited for Makeover (T.T, Lipo, BA), but Are These Fears Part of Normal Jitters or Unusual? - Charlotte, NC

I am so excited to have this surgery done. I have been dreaming about having these procedures since my second child, but after my third, the desire to do this became stronger and I finally decided to make the leap. I picked a doctor whose work (that I have seen) and personality and staff are... READ MORE

33 Years Old Athletic Mother of 3 and 80 Pound Weight Loss Ive Wanted This for over 6 Years!! - Bakersfield, CA

I am only 2.5 weeks post op but so far very happy with my results. I had a tummy tuck that removed about 3.5 pounds of skin an tissue as well as a breast lift no implant. I am very athletic so the most difficult part of this healing process is being patient and not over doing anything so that... READ MORE

My Mommy Makeover. 43 y.o., 5'4" 170lbs after 2 big babies. Getting 400cc silicone implants with mini lift and TT

I have hated my stomach and breasts since I can remember. I have stood in the mirror for years pushing and pulling, turning to certain angles to imagine what less belly and more (or even normal) breasts would look like. My stomach has never been flat (genetics are a bitch). Also, I have recently... READ MORE

45 Year Old Been Waiting for Mommy Makeover for 25 Years, and the Time is NOW!

Hello Ladies, I like most of you suffered from saggy tummy after giving birth to my one and only child. Before childbirth I weighed 98 pounds, and the day I delivered I weighed 196 pounds. My daughter was 9 lbs 9 ozs, and was 23 1/2 inches long. Did I tell you I was only 5'3? Back when I had my... READ MORE

Doesn't Look How I Thought - Minneapolis, MN

I dont look any different just bigger boobs....went from 38b-c to a 38dd, after a wisefull lift, extended tummy tuck 5 pounds was removed from middle. lipo was done to hips and one thigh. i dont have any bruising on hips, just a small bruise on my left thigh. my tummy looks very puffy... READ MORE

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