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34 Year Old, 2 Kids, Unhappy with body and pain, Sydney, AU

Breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck. I was so tired and unhappy of having extremely oversized breasts for my body proportion my whole life. I had suffered from constant neck and back pain and the ability to find clothes and bras that fit being a 14 GG cup. I decided after having kids I had to... READ MORE

Athletic 39 yo mother of 5 full tummy tuck, Implant removal, breast lift, fat graph to breasts

Dr. Leber did my breast augmentation surgery July 2008. Through no fault of Dr Leber's I was dissatisfied from the beginning. I went from having no breasts (AT ALL) to 450cc over the muscle. I have always had big breasts, large breasts even, but then I got serious about my eating and exercise. I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Part 1. Coming Soon- Part 2 - Charlotte, NC

I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift back in December 2009. I was 36 at the time, 5'10" and probably 175 pounds. To this day, it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I won't lie, it hurt like a mother. It felt like I had just done 100,000 sit ups. I was not mentally prepared for... READ MORE

Wanting to Feel Comfortable in My Own Skin Again After 2 Kids - Portland, OR

I am 26 years old with two young children. I am 5'5 and 116lbs. Though I am very healthy and maintain a good diet and exercise routine, the effect of two pregnancies and nursing both of my kids for almost two years each really took a toll on my body. I have debated having plastic surgery for a... READ MORE

37 Year Old, Mother of Two, Amazing Mummy Makeover by Dr Ellis Choy - Sydney, AU

I have been contemplating having this surgery for some years now and was awaiting the exact right time financially and support wise to go ahead with it. I have always felt very self conscious about my breasts and tummy since giving birth to my eldest daughter. Back and neck pain were a daily... READ MORE

20 Year Old Mommy of One in Need of a New Body!

Hi ladies, So I'm looking to get a mommy makeover. Can you share doctor preferences, experience, prices, and any other information you can think of, with me please! I would love to have a more proportioned body. I need this surgery, lol *i want smaller boobs(DDD RIGHT NOW) & bigger... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 7 Kids, Upgrade Needed - Australia, AU

Hello all, Firstly I have to say how insanely excited I am about having this op. My surgery is booked for 28th July and I have decided to write a review as I found it very difficult to find any reviews either on my PS or state that I live in at all, which was very frustrating. Hopefully this... READ MORE

Mummy Makeover with Dr Alex Phoon, Park Clinic Plastic Surgery, Sydney

I am a 41 year old mother of three. My second pregnancy turned out to be twin boys - and I count myself as very fortunate to have my boys :) - however that pregnancy changed my body irreversibly! The skin on my tummy bothered me the most - it was crepey and wrinkly, I called it my 'old lady'... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mommy - Finally Got my Mommy Makeover - Aventura, FL

Hello! I'm 25 years old and before having my baby I've always been pretty thin and in good shape. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and after losing all the weight, I was left with tons of stretch marks, loose skin, and saggy breasts. I decided to go for a consultation after my... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 5'4, 128 Lbs, 2 Kids (9,6) Minor TT, Lipo, BA 450 Ccs (Also Getting Fat Transfer in Cheeks) - Riverside, CA

I'm hoping to regain my self esteem, I haven't worn a bathing suit since my first son was born. My breasts are deflated from weight gain during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm not worried about the scars because anything will be an improvement, plus my dr came recommended from 2 friends who had... READ MORE

24 Yr Mother of 2.. EXTENDED TT W/MR , BL W.IMPLANTS , && LIPO OF THE FLANKS - Miami, FL

Hi guys i cant not say enough how useful and great this website is. so much information ! i am scheduled for june 3 2016 with dr ortega at spectrum for a mommy make over extended tummy tuck with muscle repair , breast lift with implants, lipo of the flanks ... i wish i could get more lipo but... READ MORE

Aged 37 with 5kids Aged 9 and Under Including a 6week Old - Sutton Coldfield, GB

•Breast lift with implants •Abdominoplasty •Lipo on legs waist back and •Under arms mini arm lift Although I had a new born the timing was better for me as he slept a lot meaning I needing to give him less attention allowing me more time to recover but also no strain on myself lifting as I us... READ MORE

46 Yr Old, Maxtopexy W/bilateral Implant Removal W/lipo of Chest Wall, Abdominoplasty W/lipo of Abdomen - FL Panhandle

I have been following this site for a very long time as I reached my decision for surgery and still come here often to look at experiences/advice. I figured I should start telling my own experience before I forget it! (not hard to do nowadays!) 13 yrs ago I went into Dr. Roche's office in... READ MORE

58 and Was Always Unhappy with Being Top Heavy

I thought having a mommy makeover was for the rich and famous!! My adventure started when one of my colleagues said she was so excited about getting her girls done by Dr. Derek Ford. We had a conversation about dr. Derek Ford and his reputation as down to earth and you can really talk to him... READ MORE

Finally Got What I Wanted - Omaha, NE

Very, very happy with my makeover. The breast augmentation was perfect and proportional to my size. After 3 kids and 3 c-sections, I lost my mommy weight plus some, I realized I had no breast, diastasis recti and a lot of extra skin which Dr. Montag fixed with one procedure. I was always... READ MORE

53 Newly Remarried Wants a Fresh Start - Greenbrae, CA

Dr. Hvistendahl is the most talented plastic surgeon in Marin. Unconcerned with cup size, we agreed that proportion to my frame would be best way to go. Even though one breast was a size larger than the other, he not only artfully created my size, but he made me even. Bruising and recovery were... READ MORE

Perfectly Proportioned ... Renewed My Confidence - Fort Lauderdale, FL

After two C-sections and 48 years old ... I really was ready to have my body back! I am petite and work out but somehow that little belly was still there. I originally just wanted to replace my 18 year old saline implants and ended up considering the mommy makeover. I really wanted my flat... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction/implants/tummy Tuck/liposuction - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Look no further - Dr. Perez is without a doubt the very best in his field. I had a more unusual case than most, as I had to have a developmental defect corrected (tuberous breasts). Dr. Perez took my abnormally shaped, droopy, saggy, tiny, far apart little knobby boobs, one of which was... READ MORE

38 and Unsure. - Edmonton, AB

I'm 38 yrs old and although I don't have children I look like I have. Since I was a child I have carried all my weight in my tummy. It has had s terrible impact on my life. My tummy is not proportional to my size at all. I have also never had boobs that didn't sag. That just how puberty went for... READ MORE

Mother of Twins and a 9lb 3oz Baby. All Three Girls - Boise, ID

Excitedly nervous. Still need to decide on implant size. I'm a 38B and want to easily be a C, but is that big enough for proportion. Worried about length of surgery and recovery time. Mostly worried about getting ride of that anesthesia feeling and what will that felling be like after so many... READ MORE

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