PCOS + Mommy Makeover

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47, Mom of 2 mommy makeover w/ drainless TT

Having a mommy makeover on Friday, September 1. I've already been nervous and now that I am prepared and well organized I'm actually feeling pretty good. Why need to get it over with and start healing. I'm traveling about five hours away to have surgery so I will be staying in a hotel for five... READ MORE

Seven Abdominal Surgeries in Nine Years, Twin Gestation Carried to 38 Weeks

As a cancer survivor, PCOS struggler which led to infertility and a hormonal ride which led to weight fluctuations followed by a twin pregnancy and a singleton within two years has left me with an abdomen that doubles as a tick tack toe board and a place to grow tiny humans. I'm looking forward... READ MORE

(FTT & Lipo Stomach,Love Handles,Thighs,Arms & Chin)

I'm Candi. I'm 5'1 & 24 years old. I'm a wife and a stay at home Mom of one beautiful 2 year old little boy, named Christian. Whom we call Roo. We live in Hickory, NC. I've struggled on and off with my weight at different times in my life. I've torn my ACL in my right... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of 3, 63lb Weightloss, BL W/implants, TT W/flank Lipo, Getting my Body Back!! - Raleigh, NC

After lurking for over a year, and working seriously hard on improving my health and physical well being, I have finally lost a significant amount of weight, and found an amazing doctor here on Realself to do my procedures! I seriously CANNOT wait! Shortly after my last pregnancy in 2008, I... READ MORE

31 Y/o Mother of 1 with PCOS & Fibromyalgia in Desprate Need of Mommy Makeover BBL - Tijuana, MX

I am a mother of 1 I can't say I'm trying to get my pre any body back because I never had one...... So I am trying to get my pre pcos body back . My weight has always gone up and down for most of my life, until a year ago when I lost 40 lbs by changing my diet and have been able to maintain a... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, Had 2 *10# Baby C-sections, Yo-yo Dieter W PCOS and Fat Only in Midsection/E Cup Boobs - Memphis, TN

After much deliberation I'm going w Dr Dan Shell of Memphis. I'm getting a TT, breast redux and lipo (back/abdomen). I have PCOS w insulin resistance so I store fat in my trunk. I still have runner's legs and tone arms. Once this TUMMY is gone and boobs are C cups, I'll be delighted w my body!... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Major Weight Loss (109 Lbs) Left with Saggy Belly and Breasts Gets Abdominoplasty and BL/BA - Southampton, NY

I am a 20-year-old with PCOS. I had been diagnosed with it about two years ago but I had really started gaining weight when I got my period at the age of 12. I was unaware as to why I had gained so much weight in such a short period of time. I blamed it on a poor diet but it was something deeper... READ MORE

Lost 60 Lbs ,had Tummy Tuck , and Full Mommy Make Over- Dr. Cynthia Disla - Dominican Republic

My story begins with me weighing in at 220 lbs 4 years ago . i had pcos and that caused me to have weight issues. after becoming pregnant with treatment i started loosing weight during my pregnancy( my baby was healthy and normal) . after pregnancy i weighed 190 lbs . at this point i started... READ MORE

Let the Make over Begin! - Riverside, CA

I was always really active. Loved the outdoors and sports. I was also an early bloomer. I was wearing a bra at 9, not because I wanted to but because I had too and started my period 10 days before my 11th birthday. But rarely had one. That's when the trouble started. I have Poly-Cystic Ovarian... READ MORE

6 weeks 6 days - I don't recommend shoveling

I will be 37 this month, I am 5'2 140lbs, I wear a size 6 pants and small/med tops. I've had 3 amazing children (15, 12, 10). During my pregnancies, I unfortunately developed Hashimoto's Hypothyroiditis, pre-diabetes and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom). Needless to say, I put on a... READ MORE

mommy makeover

Hoping to get rid of my extra extra sling on my belly and sides, need boobs and lipo on thighs. I cannot afford to pay for mm in USA so have opted to schedule my procedure with a TJ ps. Excited with mixed emotions. Stopped working recently so I will have plenty of time to recover at home. Hubby... READ MORE

Time to Get Back my Confidence. - Reston, VA

So I haven't scheduled anything yet, but I had my first consult with Dr. Robert Sigal of The Austin-Westin Center for Cosmetic Surgery earlier this afternoon. I know it's usually recommended to "shop around" when it comes to plastic surgeons, but after today, I think I'm sticking with Dr. Sigal... READ MORE

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