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47 Had Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck ... Breast Implants on November 2 - Sudbury, ON augmentation

This doctor, he is skilled! i found him gentle, kind patient, as I'm not easy to deal with, when i want something i want it now, however doctor bar explained to me why i need to do my surgery in a 2 step, and he is so gentle he promised to look after me as he would his own wife, and he did, his... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Mother of 2 Both C-section - Chesterfield, MO

Day 1 slept a lot drain 2 had nothing in it. Had a lot of pain and swelling in that hip . Finally got up to the bathroom and it started to rain and got some relief. Back pain was the worse (lipo) when I got up but got better as I started to move around. Day 2 Came home no appetite and with all... READ MORE

I Did a Full Makeover After to Lose 77 Pounds with Dr. Jeffrey D Hoefflin Md - Beverly Hills, CA

I have no words to describe how kind and patient all the staff was with me. today is my 7th day and the first 3 day were really horrible i was in a lot pain, i felt my tummy with a huge pain. the 4th i had a terrible cough with phlegm and the doctor remove a little pump for the pain but doesn't... READ MORE

31 and 1 Beautiful 4 Year Old****Mommy Makeover - Portage, MI

Here's my story : ) 2011 I got pregnant with my daughter.....I gained around 30lbs and had to have a c-section. Afterwards the weight didn't want to come off. My boobs weren't perky no more from breastfeeding. I had a belly from the c-section. I started eating better and trying to work out when... READ MORE

44 Year Old Mother of Three...I Have Wanted This for Years! Finally Did It! Couldn't Be Happier! - Houma, LA

I had two previous c sections, nursed three children, and recently had a 90 pound weight loss. My stomach hung over the scars and it really bothered. me. I also wanted a breast reduction because my breasts were uneven and saggy from nursing three children. I made the decision to make an... READ MORE

37 Yr Old, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (2 C-Sections and Massive Weight-loss) Fort Worth, TX

After having the Gastric Sleeve on 9/25/14 I lost 75 lbs (from 217 to 135). I already had a sagging stomach and sagging breasts due to pregnancy and they just got worse with weight-loss. I was loving the transformation from the weight-loss and I just knew that a mommy makeover would complete my... READ MORE

34 Y/o Mommy Looking To Get Her Sxy Back!! Dominican Republic, DO

Hello, I am new to this site and I wanna document my plastic sx journey. I want to have a mommy makeover 5-6 months after I give birth to my 4th child (totallly unexpected pregnancy). I want my mm to include an extended tt, lipo, bbl, bl, and ba I am due to give birth January 2016. I have not... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, Mom of Two, Ready to Do This! - Reston, VA

Just set the date! I've been saving for this for years so I can pay in cash. My youngest daughter is seven and when I was pregnant with her I had polyhydramnious (excess fluid) so she was doing the backstroke in a giant pool in my womb and I gained over 60 lbs. Both my daughters (oldest is 9)... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover This Summer - Finally - San Francisco, CA

Hi! I am a divorced Mom of five children. I had my first when I was 17 and then in the next 10 years I had 4 more! They were all big, beautiful babies, and I got HUGE each preganancy. (I thought it was fun to be so big!) Before my 1st baby I was 5'4" and weighed 104lbs. (I was... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Boise, ID

First of all I can't believe I did it. Needles completely freak me out. So I didn't want any details of what and how or anything. But this site has been very insightful for me. It shows me how different we all are but all come out with a what we want. I daily look for post of where I'm at in... READ MORE

Over the Last Year I Have Had a Total of 7 Different Procedures, This is my Story - Santa Ana, CA

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I am now 25 years old. I have had a total of seven cosmetic procedures. I wanna keep this post and my experience as real, honest, and personal as possible for you guys =) My experience is my whole entire life. The scars I were given through my Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

3 wks post-op, new pics

I have 4 kids ages 7, 4, 3 & 16 mos. After my 3rd was born I worked really hard & went from 180 to 131 lbs (I'm 5'9") but still had skin that hung over my pants when I sat down. I just figured that was what I would live with. My husband really wanted to have one more baby but as he... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Lipo of Hips & Flanks & Breast Lift - Reston, VA

In April I got a tummy tuck, breast lift, implants and liposuction!! I went from a size 10 down to 8/6. I had a lot of jiggly fat on my tummy from gaining and loosing weight all my life. He does amazing work. I was wearing a bikini in July. I still want to loose about 15 pounds and the after... READ MORE

I am a 41 years old - Best Decision I Ever Made - San Diego, CA

I am a 41 years old and have been fighting my weight gains and losses ever since I was 23 years old. In high school I thought I looked ok .It was't until I married and and had 2 children that my weight problem got serious .Every year the pounds just kept adding up until I was at 265 pounds... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover: Full TT and Replace Breast Implants - San Diego, CA

I had twins about 5 months ago and they ruined my tummy. my body was unacceptable to me and i wanted to fix it asap. I had my mommy makeover on 1/17/12. I am 9 days post-op. i have only seen my tummy tuck results once, i thought i would cry, because it would not meet my expectations, but i was... READ MORE

Lipo, Body Contour, Breast Implants Fat Removal from Chin - Tijuana, MX

I could not begin to tell you, just want a wonderful experience this has been for me. The staff, the hospitalization everything was wonderful. I had surgery yesterday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon got out of surgery around 9. I feel fine some bit nuases but for the most part ok. If you going... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover 26yrs/2kids - San Diego, CA

Firstly I would like to state that I just had my mommy makeover last week 4/13/17. I'll be talking about my time leading up to surgery, the day of surgery, and my recovery so far! Leading up to surgery, I could not have asked for a better experience from Dr. Pousti and his team! Any question,... READ MORE

37 years old, 2 kids, athletic with post-baby diastasis and droopy breasts

Day 1 post op, pain pump was removed this morning and I'm starting to feel the tightness around the abdominal incision area. I love that I don't feel any discomfort around my breasts after the lift, and even better I don't have an anchor scar! Can't say enough about the staff at the Plastic... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty , Breast Lift, & Implants - Miami, FL

On March 16, 2016, I had an abdominoplasty and breast lift with implants with Dr. Max Polo. I am 35 years old and have always had very visible asymmetry in my breasts. I have never felt normal. In addition, I had a large weight loss and have three children which left my stomach muscles a... READ MORE

Simultaneous TT and BR, 56 Yr Old Mom of 2, 38 DD/DDD - Reno, NV

Thanks to this site, I feel in control of possible outcomes and demands/needs of body prior and after. I am to have pain pump for TT. Dr. says he will remove 500 to 600 grams, cc's? out of each side. I had one C section and feel comfortable with length of possible healing for scars, fluids. ... READ MORE

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