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31 yr old mom of 1, 150lbs, textured Silicone Subglandular 480cc

I'm 31 (nearly 32), and I've ALWAYS hated my breast shape, never had any fullness under my nipples and thought they were a little bit triangle shaped. After breast feeding my son for a year and losing over 70 lbs they really have become deflated and my least favorite part of myself. My fiancé ... READ MORE

43 Mother of 2

After years of exercise nothing was gonna move my apron i had , i had 2 x C Sections ,boy is now 17 and my daughter is 11 After researching abit and watching a programme on tv , i decided to go ahead and do it , I went myself and wouldnt change a thing , I met a heap of great friends , and not... READ MORE

35, 5'6", 130 Lbs., 6 Kids, crossfit , Full TT, Silicone over the Muscle, 1/13/17 - Seattle, WA

I'm scheduled to get a full abdominoplasty and saline implants over the muscle per my PS request. My boobs bother me the most. I used to be a 36C. I nursed all of my kids at least a year and the tissue is just gone. I have enough tissue to go over the muscle, apparently though. My pectoral... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover by Dr.Goico

My experience thus far has been better then I expected. Going into surgery, my biggest fear was the pain I would be in after surgery and how the recovery would be. I had a fleurs de lis tummy tuck and breast augmentation done on January 4, 2017. The first few days were pretty rough pain wise,... READ MORE

28 Years Old. 14 Stone Weight Loss. Fleur De Lise Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

After waiting a long time and loosing 14 stone. I had a tummy tuck to remove my excess skin and breast augmentation. I had a tummy tuck previously on the NHS which went very wrong. So this procedure was a lower revision and a central procedure to remove all my excess skin. At the same time I has... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother of Twins Getting the Full Mommy Makeover! - Birmingham, AL

Im just beginning this process of consulting PS and already confused about breast augmentation choice! I have had 3 different consultations so far with all different opinions. First PS said I would do great with over the muscle silicone gel implants. Second PS said I would need a lift plus under... READ MORE

Mr Simon Lee Transformed me with an extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift + Augmentation

At aged 14 I weighed 230lbs. By 15 I weighed 140lbs through diet and exercise. I have stretch marks up to my armpits .... literally. Over the years I've made the best of a bad body. I've worked hard. Dieted my ass off! And hated myself beyond belief as if it would make a difference. I gained... READ MORE

Fantastic Results with Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Revision!

It's only 6 weeks away from my surgery date of September 26th, 2014....Whew! I began Olympic Lifting 7 months ago and kept missing my lifts to the front of me....when a video was produced to show me why my bar pathway kept swinging forward, I knew part of reason why was my Size G Breast Cup! I... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Mom 5'4" 140 Silicone Overs (Subglandular) and Lipo - Chicago, IL

I have breastfeed two boys and it has taken a toll on the girls. I was on the fence about getting over or unders. Originally agreed for surgery of an anchor lift with unders and lipo. I ended up seeing Dr. Ross who warned me of the possibilities of scaring badly. I have a type of keloided... READ MORE

ROUND #2 revision with new doc Dr. Cardenas please scroll down for her information!!! First one Dr. Foster messed me up!!!!!!

Well after all these yrs of waiting I'm finally scheduled for a mommy makeover "YAAAAAY" my breast aug is scheduled for May 1st and tummy tuck for May 2nd hotel is booked for 3 days I'm ready to roll!!!!!! Ann is the one I've been communicating with all along, she's very thorough and answers any... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Revision - Temecula, CA

Freaking out! About me: 34yrs 160lbs 5'2" over the muscle 13yrs saline 550-700cc (can't remember) 38DD/36DDD Procedure scheduled: Tummy Tuck, breast revision /or Removal with a anchor lift. I used to be a bartender 15 years ago at the time I wanted that fake exotic body; fast forward 10yrs, ... READ MORE

5'6" 150# 15%bf - Tummy Tuck - Knoxville, TN

5'6" 150# 15%bf (wouldnt believe it to look at me) Mother of twins and my tummy and breasts have been stretched beyond recognition. I workout 5 days a week and lift heavy but no matter how much I train my stomach will never look like anything other than hamburger meat without the help of a... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Mommy Makeover - Brandon, FL

I opted to have a mommy makeover on October 3rd of this year. 3 kids and I still felt like I was carrying one, I felt overweight, when I would lose the weight then everything was wrinkly. I was okay with my breasts, I was a 34/36 C cup but they were flatter on top and not drooping but could... READ MORE

I'm Having a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation over the Muscle and Lioo on Flanks and Back

I will be having my mommy makeover finally may 23rd!! I am exited/nervous eso a littl about me I am 31 mother of 3 boys my 1st are twins they are going To be 12 and my youngest is 5! My husband and I feel we are done having children we are very happy with our boys and so I am ready to go forward... READ MORE

Mom of 2 Ready To Reclaim What's Mines!!! Future Ortega Doll 2017 (:

So after years of stalking RS reviews lol I was bouncing back and forth between DR with Dr Duran and Dr Mel Ortega in Miami Florida, I finally made the choice of choosing Dr Ortega. In my opinion he offered the same deals as Duran but in the United States, he also has a great rep in the plastic... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover done and loving the results!

I have been wanting a MM for years! I am very active and got as fit as I could only to have a lot of loose skin. I am very excited and feel so blessed to have this done. My husband has been so wonderful through this whole process and very supportive. I had a TT and bl/BA under replacement of... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mom of Two Looking for Some Advice Before I Finalize my Mommy Makeover

I have two children under the age of 5, have gained 50lbs with each pregnancy and lost it after, and then some. Leaving my body deflated and my skin loose on my tummy and breasts. I knew after I had my first I wanted a tummy tuck. So since I have had my second I feel it's time to get my body... READ MORE

2 Breast Augmentations and Tummy Tuck - Vancouver, BC

I had my first breast augmentation in 2004 by Dr Pugash and was extremely happy. Now in 2012 after 2 children and suffering from a pretty severe diastasis I saw him again and this time for a tummy tuck and implant change since the others were getting a bit old and I wanted to go over the muscle.... READ MORE

PO Day 4 - Ontario, CA

Hello ladies.. I'm scheduled for a BL, BA, and TT tomorrow and super nervous. My PS recommended between 300-350 silicone over's (I opted for the 350s), a benelli BL and a drain less TT. Again, super nervous. I have three children between 6 and 3, and an awesome DH. Really supportive, just wants... READ MORE

It's About Time - Canada

I'm 25 years old. 5'2 and 145 lbs. I wear a 34c bra. I had my child at the young age of 17. As a result I have stretch marks and loose skin to my abdomen and breasts. I love to exercise on a regular basis. However,I am not happy with this permanent loose skin so I decided to fix it on... READ MORE

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