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35 Yo, 3 Kids, Need a Mommy Makeover - Los Alamitos, CA

Hello!! My story is the same as many. I have three children 5 and under. I gained between 30-40 pounds with each pregnancy and breastfed all 3. I am almost (3 lbs to go!) to my pre- pregnancy weight and am continuing a healthier lifestyle. I have always had larger breasts and when I finished... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Mum of 3. Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation.

Extremely nervous for what awaits me...full tummy tuck with muscle repair and 395cc breast augmentation over the muscle. I'm so nervous, I feel guilty, my anxiety is at a all time high, I'm contemplating 'is this worth it'. I wake up every day just greatful that my children and I are happy... READ MORE

33 Yo Mom of 3; Crossfitter; Runner Needs MM - Treasure Coast, FL

Since before I had kids, I knew once I was done, I was going to want a mommy makeover. 3 kids (6, 4, and 2), 3 c sections, and a lot of years of nursing, and now I am ready for my mommy makeover. I gained so much weight with each pregnancy because just as much as I love to workout, I love to eat... READ MORE

39 Yrs Old with 5 Kids (3 Bio). MMO, BA (700cc), Lipo, Fat to Lip Transfer - Atlanta, GA

Inquired about Mommy makeover in July and had surgery 3 days ago...yes that quick! I'm already satisfied with my results. I did not look like a 39 year old naked. I nursed all my children until they were almost 2 years old so of course the girls sagged a lot! I had a major tire ring that... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, Fit Mom of 2 Getting Tummy Tuck, Umbilical Hernia Repair, and Breast Lift - Atlanta, GA

I had 3 consultations with 3 board certified plastic surgeons in Atlanta. Desperate for an answer as to why my belly was bulging out after the birth of my 2 kids after rigorous 4x/week exercise and cleanish eating habits, I decided to try and get answers from the plastic surgeon. I noticed... READ MORE

44 Years, 9 Kids, TT, BA W 700cc Mentor HP CoGel Unders No Lift - Prince George, BC

After having had many children and nursing each, my body certainly wasn't what I wanted it to be. I had gone faithfully to the gym for the last couple of years and had gotten my muscle tone back and had lost some weight, but the effects of being a mother was evident, even under my clothes. I... READ MORE

44 Y/o, 3 Kids (All Bf), Needed BA, BL and Mini TT (W/out MR) - California

I'm very late to write this (4 weeks post-op today!!). I'm extremely nervous about I'm posting something publicly because I'm an extremely private person. (I didn’t plan to do this, so I'm sorry that I don’t have pictures from my journey. I’ll see if I can get pre-op photos.) But I've benef... READ MORE

45yrs, 2 kiddos. Ready to Turn Back the Body Clock a Bit (breast lift/slight reduc, lipo of abd, lateral thighs & flanks)

Well, here I am. It's the night before my mommy makeover and I can't sleep! I've been on this site for a while now and the reviews have helped me so, I figure now is a good time to start my review and give back to this great community. I'm a mom of two, a 14yr old boy and 4yr old... READ MORE

56 Yrs Old, 5'11", 159 lbs - Wants MMO After Weight Loss - Brandon, FL

So glad to have found this website and have been obsessed with following all of your stories. Losing 20+ pounds over the last 2 months and the effects of nursing a child over 28 years ago have caused my boobs to shrink and sag. I also have stretch marks, a cesarean scar, hysterectomy scar and... READ MORE

Mom of 4, Lost 80 Pounds! - Plano, TX

I have under two weeks until my makeover. I will be getting a Tt, breast lift and aug, and lipo of the flanks. I have four children 9,8,3, and 12 month old. I nursed all four kids and have gone from a 38 c bra to a 32 a, b if lucky. I can't wait to see my results! I have worked incredibly hard... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mother of 4, Breast Lift, Saline Implants and Mini Tummy Tuck - Minneapolis, MN

I am only 10 days out of surgery, but I do feel more confident about myself and actually it almost feels like I recognize myself again. I never felt that the post baby and nursing body was mine, but rather something that I exchanged for having my beautiful babies. The first few days after... READ MORE


After going back and forth to make up my mind about whether i NEED a plastic surgery or not, i finally decided that it is about time to make it happen. 10 years ago i was in a mentally abusive relationship that resulted in very low self image and esteem. i got out of that dark hole and met the... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Success - Atlanta, GA

This was an amazing journey of searching for the perfect doctor to receiving amazing results. Dr Wright Jones was absolutely amazing and gave me more than I expected. After having 5 children and nursing all five, my body was not exactly where I wanted it to be. After meeting Dr Jones, I knew I... READ MORE

63 Years Old and a Mommy Makeover - Sacramento, CA

After 40 years of a sagging tummy from two caesarians and the toll on my breast from nursing and aging, I finally was able to afford a mommy makeover (tummy tuck, breast lift and implants). Best decision ever!! I might seem old for this procedure, but with what I am hoping is another 20 good... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 2 Kids, Skinny Yet in Need of Mommy Makeover (TT and Breast Aug)

After my second child, my abdominal muscles were just completely blown out. At 5'4 and 125 lbs., I was at the ideal weight, but even after 3.5 years post birth, my stomach felt funny bending over and it hurt to hold my children. Bending over to bath my children was hard. Even sitting and driving... READ MORE

44 Years Old 3 Children - Peabody, MA

I'm 44 years old, had 3 babies in 3 years, nursed each for a year. So if I wasn't pregnant, I was nursing! My body took a lot of abuse in a short period of time. I was constantly being asked when my baby was due...umm, four years ago! I just wanted to wear a T-shirt and not have a big bulge.... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover :) :) :) - Pensacola, FL

Unbelievable is all I can say. Unbelievable is how I look and how I feel. I am a 34 year old with two children. I was waiting (and saving) until I was finished nursing my youngest to get the mommy makeover. I did the works - Breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck , and some liposuction. So... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 3 Kids and in Need of New Tummy with Something Added Up Top. - Honolulu, HI

Needed to rebuild stomach and breast after having and nursing three big babies. Dr. Schlesinger was very professional, he gave me all the time in the world to ask question and understand the process. He has an amazing and sweet staff that was always helpful in making and moving around... READ MORE

Closest Thing to the Fountain of Youth! - Columbus, OH

His staff is very friendly and helpful/flexible with scheduling your surgery as well as appointments. The doctor gives a honest opinion of what result you can expect from having surgery. He did not cut corners with me and just stuff in over-sized implants, when I got a much better result from... READ MORE

Thrilled with Mommy Makeover! - Seattle

I am 40 years old and after 3 c-sections, a hysterectomy, and nursing 3 babies, my body was no longer "pretty." I had been a competitive athlete my whole life but was very discouraged about how my body had changed as a result of having children and aging. I was at a healthy/normal... READ MORE

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