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30 Yr Old Mother of 2 *mommy Makeover * - Greensburg, PA

On March 2, 2017 I received a mommy makeover from DR. Johns. I had a mini tummy tuck with hernia repair as well as some muscle tightening (only partially needed done around my belly button) . He originally thought there would be no muscle tightening when feeling my stomach wall at my... READ MORE

Grammie Makeover 55 Years old. Long Awaited to Make Outside Match Inside - Dominican Republic

I am making my deposit tomorrow for mommy makeover with Dr. Rafael Estevez in DR. So excited. ...but procedures are not scheduled until March 28, 2017. To have TT, Liposculture. Front, back. Lipo with TT as well as muscle tigthening of abd muscles. Lipo of inner thighs and breast lifts. ... READ MORE

42 yr old 5'8 160lbs mommy makeover.... Dr. Jacob Haiavy..My results are awesome 5 days PO! :)

I am now 5 days post op. I had a mommy makeover , 450 cc saline implants, with muscle tightening and lipo to the flanks. The first 2 days were cake walk. I'm assuming the general anesthesia was still in effect at that time. So far days 3 and 4 were the most challenging in regards to pain. ... READ MORE

Really BIG Baby Mommy Makeover !!! 34, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, No Boobs, Belly Pooch - Duxbury, MA

I really found it helpful to read other people’s posts when going through my journey and decided to do my own. The best part was finding someone with a similar story, body type and goals. Here are my specs: 126lb 5’6, A cup, 34 yrs old, 2 kids, 2 C-sections. Goals: Breast Augmentation; large B o... READ MORE

Putting it back to where it once was: Breast Revision with Lift and Tummy Tuck - New Zealand

I am 36 years old and have three children, aged 16, 11 and 10 and I am finally putting my body back together. A bit of background information. I had a breast augmentation about 11 months ago and originally I was happy with the results. I had mod profile, silicon, 420 cc round implants in the... READ MORE

Fixing What Exercise and Healthy Eating Couldn't! - Pasadena, CA

What motivated me to get my Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Breast Lift with Lollipop incision, was to fix what healthy eating and exercise couldn't after losing weight. I was tired of hiding the excess skin in my clothes. Pros Clean Facility Friendly Staff (except for one... READ MORE

45yr Old with 3kids Heading to Kuala Lumpur for Mummy Makeover

Well I'm now 3 weeks out till my surgery date at Beverley Wilshire & feeling quite confident so far. Have been looking at this site for months with everyone's results & tips. Could not afford the dr's here in Australia, so took the plunge to book with Gorgeous Getaways to look after me... READ MORE


Hi I'm 46, 5'5" and 160 lbs - healthy and fit and am told I don't look my age (I don't feel it either) - but I do have extra skin on my low ab and my breasts sag now. I figured it's time to pull it all together and do a complete mommy make over. I am 100% decided on a fully tummy tuck with... READ MORE

Extreme Laxity - Combo Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck & Full Breast Lift. Rockville, MD

After losing nearly half my body weight through massive diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, I wasn't sure how to keep moving forward. I'd spent 3-4 years changing my entire life in pursuit of a goal, and had reached it - but was depressed over the extreme sagging skin and laxity in my belly... READ MORE

33 Y.o., 5'2", Athletic Build, 2 Kids, Full TT, Medial Thigh Lipo, BA Lift/replacement. Minneapolis, MN

Current: On December 28, 2015 I had a Mommy Makeover that included a full TT with muscle tightening, inner thigh lipo, breast lift with replacement of old implants (saline) for silicone ones. In a separate entry I can update on progress, recovery, etc. Background: I have been athletic my whole... READ MORE

39 Year Old, 1 Child, and Realized I Am Not Having Anymore Children-Time for Me! - Bonita, CA

My motivation for doing this procedure was to help myself feel and look better in my own skin-"literally." I decided for once to take care of myself and treat myself to a change that would lift my life in positive direction. Self confidence can take you a long way. As mothers we tend to focus on... READ MORE

43 Years Old, 5 Kids, Ready to Replace my Deflated Balloons! Tualatin, OR

After 5 of my own kids and 1 surrogate baby, I am ready to (hopefully) look better and feel better. I have 1 son and my husband had 2 kids (a daughter and son) and together we have 4 more! I am 5'7, 126 pounds. I workout regularly but all the weight lifting can't cure saggy breasts. Before... READ MORE

44 Year Old Tummy Tuck Muscle Tighten and Great Lift 500cc Saline Augmentation - Huntington Beach, CA

The day I received my mommy makeover was wonderful. Dr Taneja came in talked to me about what I wanted done and what he was going to be doing. The anesthesiologist came in talked to me and off we went. The Iv was started he asked was I comfortable and before I could completely answer I was out.... READ MORE

33 Year Old 5'9 and 150 Lbs/ Mommy makeover TT, silicone mentor BA with dual lift, hernia repair, and lipo

33 years old 5'9 and 150 lbs. Mommy to 3 (first born was a 9 lb son and then 8 lb twins????) Mommy makeover including silicone mentor BA -dual plane lift with TT, umbilical hernia repair, tightening of abdominal muscles and lipo. 2 different Drs interviewed and chose Dr. Joe! He and his... READ MORE

35 Year Old, 3 Kids, Mommy Makeover. Denton, TX

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift on 8/13/15. In 2012 Dr. Coffey performed my BA, I declined a lift at that time and regretted it ever since. So when I decided to remove the excess skin from my lower abdomen, I proceeded with a lift as well. I do not have any before pictures which I regret.... READ MORE

39 Years Old, WLS, Single Huge Baby and then Huge Twins - Body Looks Melted. Federal Way, WA

I'm just starting this process. I had my first consultation today and really liked the doctor. I have a very disproportionate body - I have no hips or butt however, I do have a large stretched out tummy, saggy boobs, and excess skin I desperately want removed. Today we talked TT, lipo, and... READ MORE

30y Mother of 3 Desiring Pre Baby Perky Breasts - Columbus, GA

After searching and searching I found Dr. Sumanth Pagadala to fix my saggy breasts, tighten my stomach muscles and remove the excess skin, and liposuction fatty areas so that I may feel like I did prior to having 3 babies. I went in for my consult and knew he was the doctor I wanted to perform... READ MORE

Am I Actually Doing This? TT, Hip (Saddle Bag) Lipo, BL and BA, The Lee Institute of Plastic Surgery - Roseville, CA

I'm pretty nervous right now. I've done some research on youtube, the internet, and this site, talked to friends and decided to go for it. But why am I so nervous? I think at 1st it was because I wasn't sure I should-the cost, the time off, the selfishness, etc. Hubby helped me make it past that... READ MORE

Did It - Marietta, GA

OK, so I am 36 with 3 angels who have stretched my body BEYOND its limits! My youngest is 2 and I am done having kids. I talked about this for the longest and went in to get a consult and after playing with schedule and idea, I DID IT! Prayed, scheduled, paid and committed! Getting full TT... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in 5 Days - Oklahoma City

Hey guys. I'm starting a new blog. I have my surgery in 5 days. I'm getting a breast augmentation, lipo, fat transfer to my hips, and a tummy tuck...which by the way I wanted for 8 years now. I'm excited and nervous. I can't sleep at night. I'm excited because I need my... READ MORE

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