minimal scarring + Mommy Makeover

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Tall 38 Year Old Gets Mommy Makeover with Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

I wasn’t going to do one of these because, uh...nekkid pictures on the internet, but I found this community to be so helpful that I wanna help, too! Deciding to have the surgery was a 5 year process. I originally consulted with Dr. DeMars about liposuction of my belly. I’ve always had a bel... READ MORE

Add job title: Magician

Dr. Howell is nothing short of amazing. I scheduled consults with three surgeons for my full tummy tuck with breast lift and implants. I met Dr. Howell first and cancelled the other two consults. I immediately felt at ease and confident that he could help me get the results I desired. Pre-op... READ MORE

Life Changing

Dr. Smith is very professional & has amazing bedside manner. The first doctor who would even make the time to consult with me due to my BMI! 80 pound weight loss, 2 pregnancies & I wanted to reward myself. Mommy makeover was in 12/2015, results are phenomenal & scarring minimal/well... READ MORE

Amazing experience!

I like many women whom have had children had areas that I just could not improve upon not matter how much I worked out or dieted. I looked for years and did my research on this procedure as well as doctors. Dr. Jeffrey Lind came highly recommend. I took the short flight to Houston Texas, where... READ MORE

Love my Body-Mommy Makeover!!! - Weston, FL

Ive been waiting to for years to have a tummy tuck and started to research on different procedures. I saw Mommy makeover and i just knew this is what i needed. Im petite.. 5'2 and 128lbs, and always saying to my husband if only I could just get this stomach removed life would be so much... READ MORE

37 Y/o Mother of Two. Looking Into TT, BA, LIPO OF Arms, Back, Inner Thighs and Arm Pit Areas - New York, NY

I am perplexed and time constrained, In what order would be most beneficial to have these procedures? I have read some things can be done simultaneously and others should be done alone. I would like to add volume to my breast and having the smallest scar possible with the smallest waist I can... READ MORE

After 2 Kids and 70lbs Lost This Surgery Was Needed and Changed my Life! - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a full mommy makeover with tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation as well as an umbilical hernia repair. My breast look amazing and natural along with the rest of my body, you can barely tell I have any scars on my breasts and my tummy tuck scar has already healed dramatically. I feel... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old 1 Son 21 Yrs Old in 4th Year College - Chevy Chase, MD

I've always been on yo yo diets for over 10 years. For 5 years I started changing my eating habits working out and being more cautious on overall health and fitness. I had severe stretch marks from my pregnancy in 1994 so it was hard for me to wear bikinis and excess skin didn't help and breast... READ MORE

Mommy Makover After 1 Kid and OVER 200 Lbs Loss - Coral Gables, FL

Lengthy review but a must-read for all of my mommy makeover candidates!!!Growing up I was extremely overweight I lost 80 pounds and had some extra skin in my tummy area and wanted some work in the future. Flash Forward two years later I got pregnant and gained a hundred and thirty pounds in my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Aug. South Africa, ZA

After 3 kids, I wanted excess skin (stretched from pregnancy) removed and needed the stomach muscles pulled back together. I also wanted my breasts to have the fullness and perkiness they had before pregnancy and nursing. I opted for the lift and augmentation. It's been 6 weeks postop and... READ MORE

Life Changing! Best Decision I Ever Made! - Sunnyvale, CA

I was referred to Dr. Fazilat by a personal friend and I am so happy he did! I had a consultation which was very informative and he recommended all of the things I wanted and had researched prior to meeting with him. I had a full Mommy Makeover which included a breast lift, tummy tuck and... READ MORE

38 Year Old Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift with Implants - Miami, FL

By the time I started looking into doctors, I was already 100% sure which procedures I was going to do and thought I knew it all. I went to 6 or 7 different doctors before I went to see Dr. Perez-Gurri & asked all kinds of questions but when I sat down with Dr. Perez -Gurri, I knew he would be... READ MORE

Surgery Virgin!@ New Year: New Me!! ! 54 Yrs Old. 5'4" Tall. 175lbs. - Huntsville, AL

Had tt/breast lift with small implant/lipo on sides, back, thighs. 8hr. Surgery. First few days were like having a c-section. Had terrible acid reflux. Week 2 tape was removed. Scars were minimal. Had some depression. Was told by friends that was a side effect of being put to sleep ( out 8hr).... READ MORE

Implant Replacement, Breast Lift, Lipo & Tummy Tuck - Murfreesboro, TN

I am 41 yrs old & have trusted Dr. Martin with implant replacement (to larger size), donut breast lift, mild lipo & a tummy tuck. ALL have been the best choices I've made with the best plastic surgeon in TN!! Pics are 3 & 4 yrs post-op with lots of physical fitness & eating clean. He removed... READ MORE

35, 4 Kids. No Breast Tissue Left and a Tummy Full of Stretch Marks! - Layton, UT

My sweet husband said he would pay for anything if it would make me feel better when i looked at myself naked in the mirror. My procedure went really well. Nurse gave me a muscle relaxer pre-surgery so i was more than willing to hop up on that surgical table. When i woke up I felt like i... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother of Twins Mommy Makeover with Botox for to Aid Recovery. Vancouver, WA

I am a 37 year old mother of 6 year old twins and one 4 year old. I enjoy chasing my kiddos, running, and hiking. I was leery about having surgery because I did not want to be laid up. The decision to do this surgery was 100% the best decision. I feel confident and happy with the results.... READ MORE

42 Yrs Old Weight Loss Patient with Full Mommy Make over Ctt - Mexico

Wow! This man is Amazing! I first saw a group that I watched their progress. In one week after watching I jumped and took a cancelation! The Dr works side by side with his wife. When I first met him walked into his office I knew I had made the right decision. Flying to another country to... READ MORE

Drastic Measures Choosing a Mommy Makeover - Temecula, CA

I waffled for a few years on this issue. I've been a gym rat and ran myself into skeletal proportions and yet my preggo looking tummy mocked me...grrr. At 40 it was time to do something. I first decided on a boob lift because nursing 3 kiddos with natural DDD's = very large flap jacks--so very... READ MORE

Finally Lost the Weight, 48 Yo Mommy Makeover. Scottsdale, AZ

I am 5 feet tall and for over 30 years I was overweight. And in the last 15 years I have been “morbidly obese”. At my heaviest, I weighed 240lbs. I have always been really active and I was able to use that fact to rationalize my obesity. I was able to hike and white water kayak. My hus... READ MORE

Late 40's 2 C-sections + Major Weight Loss!! - Temecula, CA

I had 2 cesereans to have my children and a lot of weight gain (close to 200 lbs at my heaviest) I decided to get serious about 8 years ago and lose all that extra weight. Changed my diet and hit the gym hard and lost over 60 lbs! However, all that left me w a horrible saggy was... READ MORE

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