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Mommy Makeover 36 Years Old

Yesterday was my surgery for a "Mommy Makeover", included breasts augmentation, lift, liposuction on flanks and a tummy tuck. I have been feeling some discomfort but not too strong, I'm taking my medication as needed. My plastic surgeon, Dr. Hampton Howell and his nurses are awesome since the... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Lipo and TT in Bolivia

Hi I am Marie Valentin and I live in Belgium, I am in Bolivia right now for the 2ond time. I came 6 months ago to have Breast lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. I decided to come to Bolivia because I read great reviews about Makeover Travel, a Medical Agency that plan Medical Trips for people who... READ MORE

Office Review: Patient Beware

On 04/18/17. Imegenes cosmetic surgery center agreed that I would have surgery on 05/18/17. They said they had a cancellation. So I paid the surgery in full since that date was so close. I went and did everything that I was suppose to do all lab work, they told me I needed a ekg and chest... READ MORE

42 Years Old with 4 Kids(two C Sections) and a Whole Lot of Destruction Left Behind! - Savannah, GA

This is my last weekend in this beat up looking body. Don't get me wrong, like all of you, I love all of my kiddos. However....they sure wrecked my body. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 3. I was able to somewhat bounce back after the first one but it's been a steady downhill ever since. The... READ MORE

Wife, Mom, RN...time to Do Something for Me.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching surgeons all over the place. I have finally chosen Dr. Jose Leon in the Dominican Republic. I chose him for over a dozen reasons and have started a group on FB to track my journey so if you want to know all of my reasons or more information about this... READ MORE

35yr old mommy makeover after extreme weightloss

Very well! It is painful not going to lie but manageable. Pain meds help and also staying overnight in the hospital was helpful. The procedure was 6hrs but felt like a blink cause of the anesthia. I asked for nausea medicine and have no nasuea and no headache. My breasts are not even painful at... READ MORE

54 Year Old. Timmy Tuck, Breast Implants, Side & Back Liposuction - Fayette, AL

Bolling Plastic Surgery is awesome. All of the office personnel are caring and responsive. Jenn, Dr. Bolling's. wife met with me for 45 minutes during my initial consultation. She explains everything prior to Dr. Bolling coming in. Dr. Bolling is patient and a good listener. He does his... READ MORE

35 Yo in Desperate Need of a Mommy Makeover - Frisco, TX

I recently had an extensive "mommy makeover" performed by Dr. Robert Najera. My makeover included a bilateral breast augmentation with a lift. At which time, I also had my areolas reduced. My mommy makeover also consisted of liposuction of my abdomen, flanks and back and a full abdominoplasty.... READ MORE

Worse Nightmare of my Life Was Getting Surgery in Cancun Mexico

I used dr Pedro Valdez Gomez. I almost died from a infection I got from being at his clinic. I had a tummy tuck breast lift with implant. Once I arrived back to Canada I had to have emergency surgery done to clean out my stomach so the infection wouldn't get into my blood stream and kill me. I... READ MORE

Mini tummy tuck, breast lift with fat transfer.

Scheduled and paid for a mini tummy tuck, breast left with fat transfer and lipo to upper back. I am nervous but not too bad. Ready to have this over and have a quick recovery to go in with my active life. I haven't come across this deduction lightly as I am very much into natural medicine and... READ MORE

Determined to Be 40 & Fabulous! Mommy make over! New Haven, CT

I have two handsome boys and breast feed them both, I loved my breast before my kids. I am 5'9 150 . My boobs have been a problem for me since breast feeding. I have all ways wanted them done and decided to fix a few other things as well. I found this site about five months ago. It felt so good... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover and over 50! - Oregon, OR

Did my research and consulted with Dr's from Medford to Eugene. I really liked a Dr in Medford but the staff was horrible! I did not want to go all the way to Portland but my husband said he just wanted me to be safe and have a good Dr no matter how far we had to travel. So I found a few Dr's... READ MORE

! year and 3 months later and I question why - Greensboro, NC

Ok, so I am SUPER nervous, but that's to be expected right? I started out "thinking" I might get a TT about a year ago. I was tired of the "pooch tummy" and exercise wasnt helping. As far as the breast lift? I just looked and felt heavy, even though I BF and had one child. Maybe I was looking... READ MORE

I'd Do It Again - Tucson, AZ

I was 43 years old and I had the surgery because of losing all the weight that I did through weight loss surgery five years ago. I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty and I wanted to be put back together again. :) I wanted to feel attractive to myself and to my husband, just basically for myself... READ MORE

Positive Experience!

Tomorrow I complete my 3rd week of recovery from BR, TT, and FL. First, I have to say my hubby is amazing and I absolutely could not have made it through this surgery without him. He has been wonderful and supportive, including: managing medication, laundry, meals, cleaning, and most... READ MORE

Mommy of 4 Gets a Mommy Makeover - Edina, MN

I had just originally gone in for a consult on breast augmentation. But when seeing the before and after pictures of the mommy makeovers I knew that's what I wanted. It only made sense to get them done at the same time. Plus Dr. Smith gave me a great deal on doing both at the same time. Dr.... READ MORE

Consultation Review: Bye Cardenas. Had Consultation with Julio Saldaña

Hi ladies. So after the whole situation with Cardenas and her recovery home, my heart told me not to go with her. I had a consultation with Julio saldaña today. While I waited to be called, about 3 ladies who had gone in for consultation walked out scheduling their surgery. Kinda made me feel ... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover and Chronic Abdominal Pain - Salt Lake City, UT

I went to Dr. Keene for a Mommy makeover, and I am so happy that I did! I got her as a recommendation from a sales rep for plastic surgery reconstruction equipment. He said that he would recommend her over all the other surgeons in Salt Lake. I read the reviews, and made an appointment. Her... READ MORE

New Breast, TT and Lipo - Birmingham, GB

Well I'm two weeks in and am so very happy with my surgeon and his fabulous team. Slight hiccup with a hematoma in the right breast which has already been cleaned and looked after by Mr Nishikawa. So thorough and so helpful. Tummy scar is just unbelievably tidy and left breast is amazing. The... READ MORE

42 Year-old Woman, 2 Kids (No C-sections), Good Shape - Finally Ready to Put Everything Back Where It Belongs! - Chicago, IL

I had talked about wanting to "put the girls back" for a long time. After my 42nd birthday, I realized time was ticking on and if I was going to do this, I should do it soon. I'm in good shape, at (or very near!) my ideal weight and just wanted everything tight again! I decided to finally do... READ MORE

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