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Hello Barbies! First time posting, long time Stalker.. LOL I live in DFW area in Texas. I am the mother of 2 children. I am 5'8 "tall and weighs 215 pounds. I had a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in June 2014, which was caused by me taking birth control pills. I do not take... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Three Breastfed Kids, Mommy Makeover - Walnut Creek, CA

I never thought I would get plastic surgery. In my arrogant youth, I was so judgmental about women who had "fake" breasts and other cosmetic work done. As I got older and started having babies, my views softened, right along with my belly. No matter how slender I got, how fit I was, my belly... READ MORE

54 YO - Mommy Makeover/Breast Cancer Reconstruction ... Want to Feel Good in my Clothes! - Amarillo, TX

I have been a "real self" stalker for the last few months and decided to add my voice to help other ladies with stories like mine. I was diagnosed with Stage IIb breast cancer in Feb 2008. Opted for lumpectomy, chemo and 53 radiation treatments. Still alive, kicking (and damned happy about... READ MORE

30 Years Old - Mommy Makeover and Going to Fisher Fabulous - Miami, FL

In the process of getting everything organized, just booked my surgery for March 16 and I am super excited and super scared at the same time. Thank you to all you amazing ladies for posting your before and afters its awesome, I will try and do the same when my schedule allows. The drains look... READ MORE

A Year in the Making and Date is Finally Set. - Post Falls, ID

I am finally close to having my surgery. I am getting nervous. I was ready when I first went in, but was sidelined by the need for a hysterectomy first. Then the cosmetic surgeon wanted to wait at least 4 months after that for me to heal. So now, here I am! I can get photos soon and post... READ MORE

PART II: Two New Tatas & a Skinny Binny Belly: 4/18/12 - Kansas City, MO

To read Part I of my review, please click here.   5 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss spirited these words and I'm reminded today of how exciting the days before surgery are and how you are filled with an unbelievable fee... READ MORE

2 weeks

Where do I start. In 1995, I had my first BA and lollipop lift with 400 saline. They never dropped and fluffed and I had very large areolas. My presurgery breast were small but saggy, Fast forward 10 years. Moved to CO and after the birth of second child in 2003 I decided to see DR to fix my... READ MORE

13 wks Post Op-new pics

I've been considering a Tummy Tuck for at least 10 years. Immediately after my second child (10lb baby), I had these weird knots from my belly button down...I call them my balls, they drive me INSANE! I sit around at home and just pull on them and roll them around. Considering how large my son... READ MORE

11 months after my mommy makeover!! Lone Tree, CO

This is my story…I am very excited and afraid too, it's not my first time in surgery, I had a breast augmentation (365 cc silicon gel) and a liposuction on my stomach, turn out very aggressive because the doctor remove way to much fat, tissue etc. So the results were no very... READ MORE

Successful Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck and Lipo at the Same Time As Neccessary General Surgery - Turkey

I had brest reduction and also abdominoplasty and lipo. I had bad areas in my very large brests due to long term HRT use and they needed removal, so had two surgeons one the general and one the plastic surgeon. My breasts are now a great shape and size and except for a little bulge part... READ MORE

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