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31 Female, Mommy Makeover, 185lbs, 5'5. Hello Flat Side! - Tulsa, OK

One day post op****** Didn't expect to be so emotional after surgery, looking down and seeing my breast and stomach flat and non saggy just blew me away. Surgery was 6 hours long I received a full tummy tuck with monsplasty, breast anchor lift without implants, lipo of my lower back and hips.... READ MORE

Tummy tuck, lipo to back and sides, fat grafting to butt/BBL

I have surgery scheduled with Dr. Fatima Almonte in the Dominican Republic, on January 18th. I will be going there with my cousin. I will arrive in DR on January 17th and will stay for 11 days. I am hoping to get a tummy tuck, lipo (stomach, side, lower back), Brazilian butt lift and a breast... READ MORE

48 Year Old Athlete,1 Kid, Tired of Looking 4 Months Pregnant, thighs rubbing, and bikini top not fitting.

Night before- As I sit here trying to figure out how I am going to fall asleep, I am contemplating how I got here. I am 48 years old about to have, what I believe to be aggressive cosmetic surgery. The plan is to have an abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and a little lipo on the upper... READ MORE

Mommy makeover, Twins 16 Weeks Postpartum, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Lipo Hips and Back, Seroma

Well, I had my surgery on Tuesday. So, I guess I am on day 6 if I include the day of surgery. Cut straight to the main concern first. (Already wrote it earlier clicked off page and it didn't save it! Ugh) Okay so I have a seroma from the lipo on my lower back like right in the center. I had it... READ MORE

Results Are Instant and Unbelievable!

33 years old, 5'10, 181lbs, 1 child. I am still in awe that this is my body! I had breast lift, breast augmentation 400cc moderate round under the muscle saline, areola reduction, muscle repair, full tummy tuck and Lipo suction on abdomen, flanks and lower back. Surgery day was a breeze, Dr and... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old 5,7 156 Lbs

I had a bbl on 2012 with dr Hughes & went back for it all! I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and hernia removal, a breast augmentation and lipping to sides and lower back & transferred 900cc to each butt check. On my ready I had 415 cc under the muscle with the incision underneath my... READ MORE

Almost 34 Y.o. Getting a Mommy Makeover

I will be 34 in less than 2 weeks and I am about to undergo a breast reduction and a tummy tuck with lipo along with a little bit of lipo to a previous area on my low back. I am extremely nervous this time. My previous surgeries were not this invasive. 5 months ago I was a 36DDD but I seem to no... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I was pleased at first but as time as gone on I am not liking what I see. The Dr was very nice along with office staff but when I did have a concern the answers I got were oh that's normal and will pass with time. After having 5 kids 2 c-sections I was ready for my body back. I'm 37 140lbs and... READ MORE

30 Looks Good on Me! - Pensacola, FL

Best Decision thus far!!!!. I can go on and on. But I rather just show you my awesome results!!! ???? However, a little about my recovery. Severe constipation and lower back pain due to my slouching, and all I had to do was stand up semi straight lol. Laughing, Coughing or sneezing feels... READ MORE

Getting BLA, FULLTT, BB, LIPO of the Flanks and Lower Back - Dominican Republic

As many of the realselfers I've been stalking this site for months now. About two months ago I made the decision of having surgery. I have a coke bottle body type (aka sand glass clock, pear body and so on) so my body tends to extend to the sides and not to the front, therefore ive never had... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty w/Mucle Repair, and Liposuction on my Lower Back and Flanks.

Today I went for my consultation with Dr. Obaid, he made me feel comfortable and the staff was very welcoming. The wait was not long at all and the time spent in the actual consultation, as well the financial options/review portion, was reasonable. I am scheduled for my pre-op appointment on... READ MORE

34 Years Old: Much Needed Mommy Makeover After 100+ Pound Weight Loss - Mexico

After years of Yo-Yo dieting and massive weight loss, I underwent a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in 2011. I lost in excess of 100 pounds and have maintained that loss for over 4 years. I am getting married in October of this year (2015) and with a St. Lucia honeymoon booked, I finally had the... READ MORE

BBL completed, now I'm ready for a flat stomach and perky boobs

I'm in love with Dr. Llorente's work!!! Surgery scheduled for November EXCITED!!! BBL in 2014 with Fisher, now it time for Dr. Llorente to give me a flat stomach and perky boobs. Going to have tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks and lower back, breast lift with silicone implants. READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 3 Kids and All Were Breastfed for 1 Yr and 3 Months. Had TT, BA and Lipo of Flanks and Lower Back - Bonita, CA

First of all, I was really hesitant about writing a review because I'm just a very private person. So much so, that I don't have ANY type of social media. I have read so many stories on here and I felt compelled to write my own, but, only for the fact that my experience was so incredible that I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Weight Loss and Baby - Baton Rouge, LA

I have been very pleased so far with my mommy makeover. I still have a lot of healing to do. I underwent a tummy tuck with lipo, lift and implants. The or nurses were great. I was very concerned about the pain I would have after surgery but did better than expected. The hardest part for me... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover! 3 children and SO ready to have my body back - Linden, NJ

I am a mommy of 3 children and SO ready to have my body back. Packed on the pounds with each pregnancy but managed to take it off. I now have loose skin and disgusting stretch marks. Tummy Tuck, Lipo of waist/lower back, Breast Augmentation and lift are on my surgery menu =) Can't wait until... READ MORE

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