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Finally Made It!

Hello RS Divas! I finally made it to the flatside! My procedure was done on 4/11/17. Everything went extremely well. DR cochran and his staff was all that I read about them (AMAZING) I'M 6 days post op..a little sore but manageable... the only one thing is , I'm hating this drain. ... READ MORE

I'm 47 and I Think I Am Finally Ready...Modesto, CA

I've had two c-sections (for each child) and a couple of other non-cosmetic surgeries that required general anesthesia, so, I can't say that I am too fond of the thought of "going under". But, this is something that I've always wanted and I think I am finally ready. Not sure if that's quite the... READ MORE

It Was Time for a New Me Not That the Old One Was to Bad.

I love my experience at Beaux art Institute Dr.Banks and Kim made me feel so comfortable from the time i called in for information Kim and I chatted on the phone like we had known each other when it was time to set up my consultation after procedure they both called to check on me and reasure me... READ MORE

Medimakeovers NOT RECOMENDED Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Mammoplasty - Thailand

For my 30th birthday as a mother of 4 I wanted to get my implants replaced and have a tummy tuck. So a friend of mine had been through medimakeovers and didn't have any problems (she only had breast augmentation and it was with Yanhee hospital) so I decided to go through them after Kerri... READ MORE

Why Did I Wait So Long? - Hamilton, New Zealand

One month on after tummy tuck, breast reduction lipo on neck and inside legs. Why did I wait so long? Yes it did hurt but had lots of pain relief, then went down to just plain uncomfortable, now I'm healing really well and have no regrets. Still swollen but bruising has almost all gone. ... READ MORE

Mum of 2 Reinventing Herself - Denver, CO

Have been lurking for about a year and have gone from looking at lower body lift to "no I will bust my butt with weights" to "hmmm..... maybe a little help is ok". I have lost about 100 pounds over 3 years and I am nearing the end of the weight loss portion of my journey. I have 31 pounds to... READ MORE

38 yr old mom of 3 wanting to get a momma makeover, a bbl and tight in my arms and legs skin

Is there any ways to tighten leg and arm skin with surgery? Wanting to do the momma makeover and Bbl to. Is it worth doing? Love to hear what everyone has to say about it. I'm scared but I'm happy to cuz I really think I'd love my self more if I did it. READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Plus Leg Lift - Reno, NV

I recently had a breast lift, abdominoplasty, leg lift and extensive lipo to my stomach, legs and muffin top. I had dieted and jogged for 2 years prior but my 56 year old body looked 70. Dr. Dahan was amazing. He is extremely professional and gives you exactly what you want. His surgical skills... READ MORE

My Name is Alice I Am a 32 Year Old Mother of 2 - Denver, CO

My motivation was the fact that I absolutely hated the way I looked after having babies I felt ugly unattractive and was severely depressed. After going to see Dr. Campanile I finally feel attractive, normal, I look good in my clothes, and feel good in my own skin. Everything about my experience... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of 3

I just decided on this surgery a couple months ago as I am tired of not fitting into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and hating my body. I had 2 C-sections and have always had a pooch on my lower stomach, but it is now wrinkled and loose. Breastfeeding and age haven't helped my boobs either,... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mother of 5 Having Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift W/ Implant After Bbl in 2013 - Miami, FL

In 2013 I had a BBL in TX. I am very happy with my new butt, but the lipo turned out very badly. I have some really nasty waves on my stomach and the doc lipoed too low on my thigh, they are sunken in now. I hate that because I always had pretty legs BEFORE plastic surgery! Anyway I'm getting a... READ MORE

42 Mother of 3 - North Carolina

So I am freaking out!!!!!! I am scheduled to have a mini tummy tuck, lipo of my legs, and breast lift with implant one week from today. My anxiety is so high right now. I'm scared b/c I have 3 kids and afraid something might happen. Also, worried about the recovery, can anyone give me a... READ MORE

Happiest Mom In Kingwood - Houston, TX

I recently had a mommy make over and lost 12 lbs. as a result of the surgery (which consisted of tummy tuck, lipo, and breast augmention). Before I worked out 4 to 5 times a week with no results for weight loss, fat in belly, and my legs and hips,etc. But let me tell you my life has changed... READ MORE

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