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After my son I had the worst stretch marks on my tummy, I picked up 24kg, so much ????. My breasts also went from a B to a big C then down to well no volume. I decided after 10 years I'm ready. My tummy was my main concern, my breasts I said: whatever you think is correct doctor. I am 1.78m tall... READ MORE

Breast Reduction, Breast lift, and Tummy Tuck with muscle tightening

I am a 35 year old mother of 4. Three years ago I started a journey of losing weight so that I could be more active with my children. My starting weight was 242 at 5'1 and I was considered morbidly obese. Those are tough words to hear at 32. I also stopped smoking at that time as well. I... READ MORE

Really BIG Baby Mommy Makeover !!! 34, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, No Boobs, Belly Pooch - Duxbury, MA

I really found it helpful to read other people’s posts when going through my journey and decided to do my own. The best part was finding someone with a similar story, body type and goals. Here are my specs: 126lb 5’6, A cup, 34 yrs old, 2 kids, 2 C-sections. Goals: Breast Augmentation; large B o... READ MORE

Post Gastric Bypass Patient - Indianapolis, IN

Getting ready to have paniculectomy, abdominoplasty and breast reduction and lift. I had gastric bypass almost two years ago. Extra hanging skin after bypass was getting infected and I was having terrible back pain from my laege breast. Insurance is paying for everything except the conturung... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mommy of 2 LO's - Hernia Repair, TT, BA, Flank Lipo, Nipple Reduction

Hi all! Well, I have been stalking this site for sometime now. I am 2 weeks post op and man, it's been a ride! I have no regrets, though :-) My pre-baby status is lean, athletic, runner body. I have endured 2 C-sections over the past 4 years that left me with a baseball sized hernia, major saggy... READ MORE


I'm a mother of 4 children (14, 11, 8, and 2). I had all my children via cesarean. I currently weigh 160lbs and am 5'5. I've been wanting my mommy makeover since forever, but could never get it because something always interfered with my plans (either I was pregnant again lol, I didn't have the... READ MORE

Cellulitis after breast implants Miami, FL

So I had my procedure done at Vanity Cosmetics with Dr. Valls and I am somewhat satisfied. My tummy is healing well but the breast lift with saline implants was the problem. My breast got infected really bad and I would like a refund and cost of hospital stay to remove implants. What do I do... READ MORE

Beware of This Doctor and Imagenes - Miami, FL

I had a mommy makeover done by Dr. Hunsaker. I had a TT and breast lift with implants. When I went in for my 1st visit the following day i was just looked at by some random person in the office that did it speak English. My dressings were not changed and I knew looking at the amount of blood... READ MORE

tummy tuck and breast lift with implant revision was needed for the tummy tuck $2150 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was referred to Morales by my mother in law who had great results on a tummy tuck with out muscle repair. I did my research and everything checked out plus he works out of the hospital which made me feel a lot safer. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. Let me say my breast... READ MORE

40 Years Old-4 Kids..tummy Tuck,implants/lift - Honolulu, HI

This was my second surgery by Dr.Peterson he did my arm and neck lipo last year and my tummy tuck and implants/ lift this time around.I am very pleased with my results..Dr Peterson worked a miracle on had asymmetrical breasts and he gave me perfect size DD breasts. The tummy tuck... READ MORE

Worst Doctor Ever! - Mexico

He placed a stitch 2 tight, and my skin died. He released the stitch but wanted to wait to remove the skin. I woke up in the middle of the 1st & 2nd skin removal. I was told not to move since I wanted to see. I told the doc that I wasnt feeling good and he dismissed me. After a month of... READ MORE

Worse Nightmare of my Life Was Getting Surgery in Cancun Mexico

I used dr Pedro Valdez Gomez. I almost died from a infection I got from being at his clinic. I had a tummy tuck breast lift with implant. Once I arrived back to Canada I had to have emergency surgery done to clean out my stomach so the infection wouldn't get into my blood stream and kill me. I... READ MORE

Had Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants. Miami, FL

Nov 1, 2014 I had my first surgery by November 15 I was amited in to Florida hospital icu and then got a pic line for 2 much I followed ever thing ortaga told me I'm a pa my self so when my tummy tuck started opening and oozing and they lost my test they took I knew it was time to go to the Er... READ MORE

Revision by Dr. Cabral After More Than Undesirable Results by Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello dolls! I know it's been a while about six weeks since my revision with Dr. Cabral and a few things have happened. I stayed for two weeks in DR and I was OK when I came home I had energy and I was walking fine I felt good. There was a difference from the first tt this time my muscles didn't... READ MORE

Unsymetrical - Champaign, IL

Gravity and a baby. This is the first of many reviews I will be posting. I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift/aug, and lipo of flanks in January. The first problem was an infection. I had an infection and called to tell them on a friday. They said I had to wait until monday to be... READ MORE

40 Years Old with 10 Year Old Son, Encapsulated (Painful) Left Breast and Lots of Extra Skin - Miami, FL

I had my BA done with Dr. Hunsaker 17 years ago (I was 23) in Miami. Mentor, saline 450cc, and they were beautiful. At 30 years old I got pregnant, gained 80 pounds (making me 200 pounds!) and my amazing son was delivered by c-section. I breast fed for a year and during that time I got mastitis... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old Wanted my Pre-pregnancy Figure Back. Houston, TX

I looked on this site for years and researched several doctors before finally scheduling my surgery with Dr. Cortez. I originally had a consultation with him in August of 2014 but due to some family emergencies I didn't schedule my surgery. This February I go back for an additional consultation... READ MORE

Going to Be a Medina-doll. Dominican Republic, DO

So, originally I was going to go to Dra Cardenas in Mexico but after reading a couple reviews of hers and hearing about infections I think I've changed my mind. I am going to go middle to end of June. I want this so bad! I love all my body except my mommy flab. I've lost 9lbs so far and will... READ MORE

After Two Kids I Wanted my Body Back - Mexico

Well it has been a LONG recovery. I had my surgery in Tijuana Mexico In December. The doctors office was very busy they didn't have time for my consult the day I arrived so had to come back the morning before surgery. I felt a little rushed but the doctor made me feel better. I stayed at the... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Gone Bad - Mexico, MX

I wanted a mommy makeover and so I went to Cancun Mexico as its way cheaper there than in Canada. I got fill tt with lipo and breast lift and 300cc silicone implants and had 600 cc of my own tissue so 900cc total. Since surgery I have had seroma and doctors keep having to drain it. One time... READ MORE

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