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I know Im gonna look flawless after this tummy tuck. Breast implants W/lift I am uber excited and I can't wait I have millions of wish pics I already have a tattoo picked out to cover my TT scar and everything I am gonna stay in Miami for 2 weeks I already have my hotel stay and plan tickets my... READ MORE

Feeling great after Tummy Tuck, Lift and Implants - Columbus, OH no regrets!

I had been thinking about doing this for about 8 months. I read a lot of reviews but since I didn't know very many people in the area I decided to get 5 consultations. I'm glad I did, the first doctor I saw was Dr. Donaldson in Columbus. I felt comfortable with him but the cost was over $17000... READ MORE

1 Week Till Surgery - Phoenix, AZ

One week till surgery !!! 190 pounds 40 years old. Having liposuction on the flanks , full tummy tuck, breast lift and implants 450cc. I quit taking any blood thinner medications over a week ago, started multivitamins and Ester C vitamins every day. I've been drinking green detox smoothies. I'm... READ MORE

It's Almost Time to Get my Body Back YES!!! - Encinitas, CA

Thank you all for sharing your vulnerable stories. You have given me so much inside knowledge and encouragement. Here soon I will be having a full tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and breast lift with implants to take care of my unbalanced girls. I stand for a living and own my business so this... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange (Smaller), Breast Lift, Lipo of Sides, Thighs, Arms Abs and Back. And Scar Revision - Fort Lauderdale, F

So I loved my 1200's I definitely got my monies worth out of them. My husband deployed in 2013 and when he came back I was ready for baby #3. I practically begged him for it. And so... I got it. Word of advice- don't get pregnant after a tummy tuck! He didn't ruin my boobs or my tummy, but damn... READ MORE

New Body

Decided on Dr. Mejia, we will see how it goes! I'm not a big talker, but I do appreciate all the information you ladies post. I'm still having second thoughts, i wish Dr. William Bruno wasn't so far (sound silly as i type this because I live in CA and he is in Beverly Hills). In my heart I feel... READ MORE

MM, Mom of 2, 26 Yrs, 5'4 159lbs - Miami, FL

After months of researching and talking with my husband, I'm having a mommy makeover early next year. I was hoping for this October but we need to save a bit more considering we're paying for this out of pocket. I searched and everything was out of our price range until I found Spectrum... READ MORE

34 Fabulous Mom of 2 - Jacksonville, FL

After being a RS member for about a Year and looking at all the beautiful lady's that had mommy Makeover done I knew it was time for me. Before I got pregnant I was 98lbs and wow I went up to 200lbs in 9 months. She was a big baby 9 lbs which I had via C-section. Never ever went back to a size... READ MORE

It's TIME! Nana Makeover in Tijuana After BBL in Beverly Hills

Hi, new friends and old ;) In February I had a bbl with lots of lipo (5 liters) and fat transfer (1860 per side) to my flat, saggy butt. In Beverly Hills... I have a long review with lots of pictures posted. Very happy I did that. However... I am 61, gave birth three times, ranging from 9... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mom in Need of Tt, Bl, and Small Implant - Raleigh, NC

This mom bod needs see tlc. My daughter was born at 9 lbs and stretched out my poor tummy. I have a bad muscle seperation and a hernia where my belly button is. My boobs are deflated and saggy. Planning on a full tummy tuck, a breast lift, and a small implant to restore see fullness. So ready... READ MORE

Am I too old and fat? 49, 5' 5", 200lbs, 2 Children, Tummy Tuck, Breast lift with implants and lipo - Hampshire GB

I have been reading reviews on mommy makeovers, breast lifts, augmentations and tummy tucks and looking at the before & after pics of all you lovely girls and thought I'd share my experience. As I mentioned in my title, I am very overweight, I have yo-yo'd in weight for 25yrs and have been... READ MORE

Beware of This Doctor and Imagenes - Miami, FL

I had a mommy makeover done by Dr. Hunsaker. I had a TT and breast lift with implants. When I went in for my 1st visit the following day i was just looked at by some random person in the office that did it speak English. My dressings were not changed and I knew looking at the amount of blood... READ MORE

Looking to Get a Mommy Makeover - Miami, FL

I've been wanting to get Implants and a Tummy Tuck for awhile. After kids and having my weight go up and down, it's time for me to feel better about myself. I can't stand the sight of my stomach and my chest is barely there after kids and weight loss. So no more waiting and pushing it off. I... READ MORE

Regaining my Post Children Body and Regaining my Self! - Fresno, CA

After having 3 children in my early twenties and gaining a significant amount of weight with each pregnancy, I was left with weak abdominal muscles and sagging skin. I felt uncomfortable in my own body and decided it was time to regain my self in order to feel better inside and out. I looked... READ MORE

57, No Kids, Reverse Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/implants OUT!

I've been planning this for the past 3 years. I'm 57, no children. I had sub-glandular implants in 2003, to help with ptosis. They were great at first, now ptosis is worse than ever. I had a complicated abdominal surgery back in '86, that left me with complicated abdominal scarring. I had a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Breast Lift with Implants - Louisville, KY

It's been a week and day since I have my mommy makeover and I have to say, I am in good spirits. I have been pain free for about 5 days now and I am walking really well. The staff and Dr. Calobrace were so awesome and so helpful and just made me feel like a million dollars. So far so good with... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover -- Better Later Than Never! - Dallas-Forth Worth, TX

I am 42 years old and have had 3 c-sections. My "babies" are 16, 18, and 20, so this is long overdue. I am having a full TT, BL with small implants and Lipo on my flanks. I have been wanting to do this for some time and I am very excited, but very nervous. My pre-op is in four days and this is... READ MORE

32 Yo Mother of One Excited for a New Shape - Olympia, WA

I am having a BA and lipo to flanks and lower abdomen. Decided on 535 ultra high profile mentor implants. I am nervous about having unrealistic expectations for the lipo, after losing 80 pound in the last 2 years i have quite a bit of excessive skin and am having a skin excision also. I just... READ MORE

Finally Took the Plunge and Scheduled my Mommy Makeover... - Saint Louis, MO

Well ladies I have been looking and reading everything on this site for a year and a half now. I am 47 5'4 flucuate between 130-140. I am excited but also nervous just like you all were I am sure. I will be having a standard tummy tuck with breast lift and a small implant! Anyone that is... READ MORE

25 Y Mom of Two/ 5'7 and 210 Pound Love my Curves - Sao Paulo, BR

I had a baby two months ago and now i am going to Brazil to the best doctor do my implants and tummy tuck plus lipo and fat tranfer! I cant wait! I know sound a little to soon butlet me explain i have implants and they are not in good shape inside so the doc told me to fix asa and as im doing... READ MORE

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