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32yrs Old, 2kids, Tummy Tuck with Hernia Repair, BBL and BL No Implants - Dominican Republic

I'm doing this for me!!! Married now for 7yrs. Wonderful husband and two kids about to turn 6 and 3yrs. Feels like everything has been on hold in my life for everyone else. Developed an umbilical hernia from two pregnancies, vaginal and cs. Need my body back in top form. Last month i started... READ MORE

32 Yrs Old, 3 Kids and 168 Lbs Gone Forever! Time to Remove the Excess Skin!

After researching and reading endless reviews, it's time that I begin my own. I have lost 168 lbs due to weight loss surgery ( sleeved in 9/2014 ) and I'm ready to remove all this extra skin. It has definitely been a challenge. After lurking on this site for weeks and all the research, I think... READ MORE

Type 1 Diabetic 36 Year Old Mom of 2

Ive been waiting years to be at the point that I was able to get plastic surgery. I finally lost all of the weight I gained with my kids, 50lbs this year. I am also a type one diabetic and had to get hemoglobin a1c test in control in order to get my primary and endocrinologist to approve of... READ MORE

21 Y.o. Mom of 1 Going to D.R. For Mommy Makeover!!!

Hey guys, as of last week I'm officially booked for my surgery date w/ dr. Yily de los on April 3rd. Getting a tummy tuck, lipo, bbl & breast augmentation.... I know SEVERAL women who have gotten so many procedures done at once, but i am lowkey TERRIFIED!! Not enough to make me back out tho... READ MORE

41 Year Old Mother of 3, Divorced and Ready to Start the Next Chapter in my Life!!! - Dominican Republic

So I already had a TT and BA here in the states that cost me about $17,000. As you can gather, I am very much still unhappy with the results. Last April a friend of mine went to DR to get a TT and BA with Dra. Robles and she came back happy as all hell. So of course, that set everything in... READ MORE

Tummy tuck, lipo to back and sides, fat grafting to butt/BBL

I have surgery scheduled with Dr. Fatima Almonte in the Dominican Republic, on January 18th. I will be going there with my cousin. I will arrive in DR on January 17th and will stay for 11 days. I am hoping to get a tummy tuck, lipo (stomach, side, lower back), Brazilian butt lift and a breast... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in Dominican Republic with Dr Goico

I am 38 years old, 5’2, 103 lbs, a mother of one ( she will turn 19 this October) got married at 18.. was forever thin until I became pregnant. Was so thin that I have enormous stretchmarks on my tummy and breasts as an aftermath. I am booked for surgery with Dr Goico on Sept 13. BA, TT with M... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover with Dr. Medina

I was very insecure with my body and I always wanted to have surgery, I started to check online and I saw some pictures from Dr Medina and right away I fell in love. I reached out to them and I sent my pictures and what I wanted to have done and they responded with my quote very quickly. I... READ MORE

The New and Improved Me Mommy of Three #BaezDoll - Dominican Republic

The new and improved me mommy of three.... Hello everyone after stocking the site for so long I finally decided to have a mommy makeover. I am a wife and mother of three and it's finally time to do me. From the age of two I have always beenvery active doing pageants, professional dance ,team... READ MORE

31 Years Old 2 Children and Im "REaDy 2 LiVe" - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been researching overseas surgery for 4 years now. I was stuck on Dr. Robles for all 4 years of overseas research until I came across Dr. Fatima Almonte. I'm in love with the results but overall her compassion for her patients. So I live in Las Vegas and everything is Glam n Glitz, that's... READ MORE

Slim 41 Year Old Mom of 3 Finally Doing Something for Me, MMO Time...Fresno, CA

I'm going to document my journey primarily for myself, to gauge my progress through this journey. Hopefully I can help someone else along the way! I was originally scheduled for my MMO for September 29, 2015. I started seriously looking only three months prior and was really excited and... READ MORE

34 Year Old Fit Mom Went to Mexico for Mommy Makeover. Mexico, MX

I have worked out for over a year and dos the best I could getting my own weight down as far as I could possibly do after having two children 10years apart. I wasn't happy with how my boobs turned into just nipples and saggy Nipples. A friend of friend had told me about Dr Pantoja so I reached... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Much Harder Than Anticipated - Orlando, FL

After several years of consideration I finally decided to go for my Mommy Makeover. I am a 41 year old Mom of 4 lovely children. I am very active and work out regularly. I was always able to take off the weight after my pregnancies but was left with some stretch marks and saggy skin that I didnt... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Massive WEIGHTLOSS - Mexico

I am 30 years old, 5"11 and had the gastric sleeve in 2011. I was 270 pounds and ultimately lost 100 pounds. I was very happy and to my surprise got pregnant with my second child shortly after. After the birth I decided I was ready to remove my excess skin and fix my boobs. My body was... READ MORE

30, Lost Weight After 4 C-sections - Columbus, OH

Taylor, my case manager, has been great. I've had some issues with my hemoglobin levels which caused my surgery to get delayed. Taylor has helped me every step of the way with getting healthy and then getting the appropriate approval. Dr. Grawe is so sweet and encouraging. I'm so excited to... READ MORE

2 Lil Princesses Under 5! Ready to Take over the World! TT, BREAST LIFT and Reduction W Implants. Ridgewood, NY

I'm nervous but I'm ready! The girls at Dr Theranii Ridgewood office helped me get over all my fears and we'll prepared for tomorrow! At first I had to cancel my procedure last 2 weeks ago because of low hemoglobin but I was able to get it high enough to proceed tomorrow. Dr. Theranii is very... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 3 Kids, Need of TT, BBL and Liposculpture!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello ladies, Recently decided to begin my journey to better my body and boost my self esteem! I'm getting a TT, BBL and Full body Lipo sculpture. I also was considering BA, but Dr. Baez recommended getting TT , BBL and LS, and then BA after. So, I will take my time in getting to... READ MORE

2 Sweet Baby, I'm Ready to Return to my Body!) - Dominican Republic

Hello) I studied for a long time and a lot of this site, thank you very much to all who leave their feedback and share photos! I chose my doctor almost immediately - Dr. Robles, look forward to seeing her! And when her magic hands back me my girl's body!))) I need a tummy tuck with muscle... READ MORE

my journey with dr disla! mmo bbl,tt,bl maybe implants - Dominican Republic

So far i love how she always respond to all my questions and she said if my hemo is a 13! i can get a thigh lift but just a small one im afraid of sagging.I see alot of girls who get thigh lipo say something about sagging.Overall i love her boobs and see she has given girls top results.I just... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover :) TT, Full Body Liposuction,bbl and Bl - Dominican Republic

Hello I need your help I'm scheduled to have my mommy makeover procedure on dec 3rd and I just got my blood results back and my hemo level is 12.6 I need 14.5 to have everything done :( Any ideas on how I can increase my level in 2 weeks(yeah I know) Might have to reschedule my surgery. My... READ MORE

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