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Breast Reduction a Must, Decision Whether to Add Tummy Tuck is Major Dilemma. What to Do?? Dallas, TX

I've for sure hit obsessive status. I've been reading up and researching until Im sick and at this point I don't think there will be that much more to learn by continuing to read and look at pictures. I've seen three surgeons in the Dallas area, all competent, but just haven't had that "click"... READ MORE

The Best Thing I Ever Did - Lake Oswego, OR

As a mom of 4, I tried all the exercising and weightloss methods I and my trainer knew of. Dr. Burgess told me I would never be able to loose the extra skin I was carring around. I have always been generous in the breast and a reduction would aleviate my migraine headaches. The procedures... READ MORE

5 weeks Post Op, PS appt today

First of all.. I'm posting my pics now, will include more details later. But just want to thank you all so much for all of your posts. I've only told 3 Adults of my MM.... so you have been a friend for me virtually. I'm a 35 Mom of 2. 162 lbs, 5'9 before surgery. I have a history of 4 back... READ MORE

¸¸.•´°¤ Things are finally taking shape! Til' night time.. LOL¸¸.•´°¤

I am 5"4 and 210.. I have two children,my daughter is four and my son is nine.Currently in school full time and studying is my life.I can't fully blame the changes in my body on pregnancy.However it gave me a super pannus that I can't stand and some super huge tata's!! I'm a... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Birthing Two Large Babies! - Annandale, VA

Ever since I was a teenager I'd been wanting to reduce my breast size but wanted to wait until I was finished having children. Well, my youngest is now 2 so the time had come! I was wearing a 34H bra and my neck, shoulders, and back were loudly and painfully complaining about supporting all... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Tummy Tuck/belt Lipectomy and Breast Reduction....Orem, UT

I have always cursed having big breasts, I don't feel very feminine when I am shaving my legs and have to re-adjust myself to be able to see what I am doing. Or how about when I was in the PS office and he was talking to me about my tummy tuck and wanted to show me what I would look like if he... READ MORE

My "Made In DR" Barbie Journey ;*

Hi Dolls! :) I'm finally posting a review, I've been creeping on this site for almost 2 YRS lol i know. But Im finally ready to post my journey. A little background on me: I'm a 23 yr old mommy of 3. ( 2 girls 8 & 2 years old and baby boy whose almost 1) I had my first pregnancy at 14 yrs old so... READ MORE

Finally Getting Body 2.0

Last day of school yesterday for this middle school teacher and mother of sixth--oops--seventh grade twins. It is time to focus on my br and tt on June 12! I have been wanting the tt since I gave birth and saw my "twin skin" kangaroo pouch. These H's have got to go as we'll. I can't wait to... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - I'm nervous but excited - Duluth, GA

I'm nervous but excited about Wednesday. I'm having a breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipo on my legs. I've needed a reduction since my 20's but wanted to wait to have kids. I'm now 38 and can't wait to be able to go buy a "normal" size bra instead of my 38H now. I was lucky enought to get my... READ MORE

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