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53 Year Old Grandma

It's time for ME! As a single mom I focused my attention on making a living and raising my child. Lost my identity while working long hours in public transportation and taking abuse. Now I'm in my early 50's and ready for a change. I've stayed active but always been overweight by about 40lbs.... READ MORE

Future Mallol Doll

I am a 49 year old grandmother of two beautiful children. I'm looking to go to the DR to have a mommy makeover / BBL with Dr. Mallol. I've been researching via YouTube and real self for probably a year now and I'm ready to go only one things missing a surgery buddy. I'm looking to schedule... READ MORE

48 Have Two Kids Hubby of 33 Yrs and 2 Grandchildren

The pros to my surgery I got a tuck and a boob reduction I'm very happy with it I had a couple complications but Dr Hankins and his staff took very very good care of me I needed it because my self-esteem is down my self-esteem come up and some health issues with that hurting back,rash is just... READ MORE

54 Year Old Nan on the journey

Dr Bandak was recommended by a friend who had great results from two different procedures. First impression: Absolutely wonderful! Staff was friendly as well as Dr. Bandak. Everyone was personable and Dr Bandak was so easy to speak with. I didnt feel rushed and everything was explained. Breasts... READ MORE

Live Each Day Like It's Your Last.

My expectations are hopeful. I want to improve my overall appearance. I don't expect miracles I just want to be comfortable with what I have and enhance it. I have had 3 children. 1 vaginally and 2 c sections and had my tubes tied. I breast feed all of them. My weight had spiraled out of... READ MORE

New Grandma!!!!!

I had a tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift w/ implants and bbl(small). I have to tell everyone on this sight that I am so thankful to God first Of all for Dr. Luis A. Mejia. And those hands that he is able to provide such service to us. Very pleased with every aspect of my procedure and after care... READ MORE

Grandma Lost 97lbs at 44 over five years, C-section Flap.

I'm super nevous and excited. I went with Dr. Perez based on the no lipo at the same time for health and recovery concerns, none of the other consults described that or went into as much detail with a picture as Dr. Victor Perez did. My two week appt is in the am, time to pay! This is real. This... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother of 4 Ready to Be on the Flat Side - Dominican Republic, DO

I have to stalking this site for some time now admiring the women that have boldly had this and other procedures done. I'm 5'2, 178 lbs,BMI 31.9, pre diabetic, 2 time cancer survivor (thyroid), hypertension, gutt has expanded and butt flat. I have had a total of 7 surgeries (4 c... READ MORE

42 Years Old---I had a Mommy Makeover and I'm so glad I did!

I just wanted to begin a blog of my experience with researching and interviewing plastic surgeons. As noted in the title, I'm almost 42 years old with 3 children and an 8 month old grandson. I work in health care and am an advanced practice registered nurse/certified nurse midwife. I had my... READ MORE

45 Yr Old Mother of Adult Daughter and 4yr Old Granddaughter in Need of Joy and Happiness. West Palm Beach, FL

I have lost 20lbs. I went from 227lbs to 207 but it seems that I hit a plateau. So this procedure is is something that I want for me. I have spent the majority of my adult life making sure everyone else is happy, now its my turn. So very excited. I continue to stalk RS for the confidence I'll... READ MORE

3 Kids and Grandma of Twins Needed Better Body Contour. Miami, FL

Had a belly that was round and bulging, a tire waist with flanks in back. Just wanted to look like i use to before last child. So i went for tt and Lipo ask about lift was convince i would get beautiful result and i decide day before surgery to go for it. Everything went really smooth on surgery... READ MORE

7 months and loving it!

I am 51, have 2 grown children and grandchildren. I have hated my stomach for almost 30 years. I am just now getting serious about having it fixed - thus my "never too late" title. I have never been overweight and only gained 26 pounds during my pregnancies but my dr said it is just how my skin... READ MORE

51 grandma wanting to look how I feel

Fantastic after day three I knew it was going to be ok. I had a breast lift,tummy tuck, liposuction and muscle repair. After day 5 no more narcotics just using Advil now. Up walking straight ,able to shower myself. Had to do an enema on day 8 as nothing else worked. Had a movement on my own... READ MORE

Time to Put Things Back Where They Belong!! Layton, UT

So here is a little about me. I'm 49 a mom of 2 adult kids, a grandma of 2 so far. I have recently lost 80+ pounds. So I now have very saggy boobs and loose skin in time to get her fixed. Married for 25 years, I have a wonderful hubby he is very supportive of me. I'm going to be having a breast... READ MORE

62 Yrs Old...mother of 4 and 6 Grandchildren...Granny Makeover Lol, Beverly Hills, CA

After viewing videos of tummy tuck patients & their very painfull outcomes...I came across Penny's video of her account of her tummy tuck post video... compared to the women in the other videos, Penny seemed to be substantially better off & in very limited pain....even though I realized... READ MORE

Grandma's a Hottie Now! - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Daiza was fantastic. She was kind, compassionate and gentle. Back in the early 1990's I had a botched breast surgery that had been painful and some what life altering. I was afraid to go back into surgery, but Dr. Daiza was patient and understanding. Her before and after pictures of previous... READ MORE

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