General anesthesia + Mommy Makeover

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39 Yrs / 2 Kids / TT and Breast Augmentation

I am getting ready to turn 40 and decided this was my year! I've always wanted boobs but was afraid of being put under general anesthesia. Last year I had to have a spot removed from my uterus. At my follow up doctors appointment my doctor told me the nurses got a kick out of me saying "yah! ... READ MORE

42 yr old 5'8 160lbs mommy makeover.... Dr. Jacob Haiavy..My results are awesome 5 days PO! :)

I am now 5 days post op. I had a mommy makeover , 450 cc saline implants, with muscle tightening and lipo to the flanks. The first 2 days were cake walk. I'm assuming the general anesthesia was still in effect at that time. So far days 3 and 4 were the most challenging in regards to pain. ... READ MORE

Add job title: Magician

Dr. Howell is nothing short of amazing. I scheduled consults with three surgeons for my full tummy tuck with breast lift and implants. I met Dr. Howell first and cancelled the other two consults. I immediately felt at ease and confident that he could help me get the results I desired. Pre-op... READ MORE

Reclaiming my Body!

Brief summary on how I got here: Losing my sister to cancer a few years ago after being her full time care giver took a toll on me. I resorted to food during the grieving process. I went from 135lbs to 175lbs within a few months . It's been a struggle since then. Recently lost my dad and a short... READ MORE

23yo No Kids Considering Dr.Diaz for a BBL TT LIPO & BL - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been unhappy With my body for a while now, I think the only time I ever had a nice shape was when I was sick... Litterly. Which isn't a good luck. So living in Toronto surrounded by beautiful women with amazing curves, I had to ask; WHO's YOUR DOCTOR! Had a few girls tell me about... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'6'' 161 lbs, Tummy Tuck with MR and Breast Lift with Implants - Alpharetta, GA

I went in for my pre-op this week. Feeling nervous. I have never been under general anesthesia before, so the thought of it really scares me. This website has helped calmed my fears. With every review I read, I feel more confident that everything will turn out okay. It seems that complications... READ MORE

I'm 47 and I Think I Am Finally Ready...Modesto, CA

I've had two c-sections (for each child) and a couple of other non-cosmetic surgeries that required general anesthesia, so, I can't say that I am too fond of the thought of "going under". But, this is something that I've always wanted and I think I am finally ready. Not sure if that's quite the... READ MORE

35 years old, 5'5, 140lbs - BL and BA, 475cc HP unders, with full abdominoplasty

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm 35, 5'5, 140 lbs and the mom of beautiful 4 years old twin girls. I'm getting a breast list and augment with 475cc HP silicone and a full tummy tuck (with the excision of an endometrioma in my c-section scar) there will be two surgeons in the OR (a plastic to perform... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Miami, FL

As I recall before having this procedure I was very scared to go under general anesthesia and for that I hesitated to go in but I went for the consultation And I couldn't be any happier with the new me!!! Dr. craft is the BEST surgeon and Has one of the best staff!! Look no more and see Dr. C... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old TT with Muscle Repair BL W/ Silicone for Shape: FINALLY I'm Doing This! 3 Kids (1 and then Twins) St George, UT

Well, I am finally starting my review blog. I have been reading everyone's blogs and experiences daily. It is helping me be prepared for the worst, hoping for the best. Some have a lot of pain and some do not have much pain. Some take two weeks off work, some take two months... Everyone is so... READ MORE

"33 Years Old, 5'3, 125lbs, 3 Kids (All C-sections)... Nervous and Excited for Mommy Makeover!" Vancouver, BC

I can't believe this is actually happening, but I'm 6 weeks away from a Mommy Makeover. I know women at my daughter's school and at our club that have had breast augmentations, lipo, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty surgeries, etc. but I really never imagined that I would be one of them... until I had... READ MORE

6 Kids Later Angela Keen Put Me Back Together! - Salt Lake City, UT

*I'm not sure I will have the courage to post pictures, and if I do, I will be wearing underwear and a bra. **I wrote this on day 3 and forgot to publish So far I would compare this progressive tension (quilt method) tummy tuck to a c-section, but the pain management isn't as good as in a... READ MORE

Amazing work

TT & breast aug- he did amazing. Scar is tiny, healed well, results are great. Highly recommend! Wish he had more than 2-3 minutes to meet with you, but he stays very busy because he's the best! I was terrified to be put under, but the staff made me feel comfortable. I would do it again! READ MORE

Breast Lift and Mini Tummy Tuck - Newport Beach, CA

I am a 60 year old patient of Dr. West's who needed 17 year old implants replaced, a lift which was challenging due to nipple relocation, and chose to do a tummy tuck simultaneously. I can't say enough about Dr. West 's ability as a surgeon, and as a communicator. He made sure that all of my... READ MORE

Middle-Age Mom, Breast Reduction W/mini-TT, No Muscle Tightening, SmartLipo, Fat Transfer

One week out from surgery, feeling great - off pain meds, drains out, and a good night's sleep last night. Lots of black and blue areas but incisions look small, neat, and are healing beautifully. Dr. Richards is an artist! The worst part of the surgery was the hangover and nausea effect of the... READ MORE

university of penn hospital - Philadelphia, PA

Ok i don't have enough money to get a mommy make over done at some upscale fancy high priced dr's office where everyone there are already out of medical school anesthesiologist as well so i've chosen to go to university of penn teaching hospital for a mommy makeover i'm scared as ball to have... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Bellevue

I am 41 years old and have had three children. I had a breast lift with my previous saline implants replaced with memory gels and a tummy tuck. The pain of the breast lift was very minimal. Although, I was very concerned with how much pain I would have with my tummy tuck, honestly I would rate... READ MORE

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