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39yrs, 4 C-sections, Needs a Mommy Makeover

I've had 4 pregnancies and no boobs, so I'm so excited for my mommy makeover that's coming up soon. I will be getting a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and Lipo of my waist and back. Can't wait ???? to have a flat tummy and bigger boobs. I am nervous and a little scared but I am confident that... READ MORE

36 Year Old Momma of 3 (TT with Muscle Repair, Lipo to Flanks and BA (400cc Anatomical Gummy Bears, Dual Plane))

I have been religiously on this site for almost a year now and thanks to many stories posted on here I have been able to really know and understand the nature of the procedures that I have chosen to undertake. I have learned so much from your stories that I thought I should pay it forward and... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mother of 3 (22 Year Old and 20 Year Old Twins)

I am a patient of Dr. Deluca-Pytell and I am thrilled and honored to write this review. I am a mother of three boys- 22 year old and 20-year-old twins. I am petite in stature and overall size. I struggled over the past 20 years to have confidence because my stomach looked like a 90-year-old... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Children, Mommy Makeover (330cc Silicone Moderate Profile) - South Africa, ZA

My body took quite a knock after my second child. My tummy was permanently convex with very, very wrinkled skin. My left breast had also sagged lower than my right due to a lactation issue in my right breast. Met with a PS who said I had diastasis recti (separation of ab muscles). The muscles... READ MORE

My Artisan! - Wesley Chapel, FL

With only 31 years of age after giving birth to my second child and breast feeding both, I was overweight and unhappy with myself. I ended up with flat saggy breast and lots of extra body fat. It  was so bad i was embarrassed to even be intimate with my husband which really loves me and was ... READ MORE

32 YO Mom of 2, 1 C/s... Pre-surgery Was an A Cup and Had a LOT of Belly Skin and Fat - Edina, MN

I am 5'1" and always have been flat chested and wanted implants but they always seemed unrealistic for me because of the cost. Then, after 2 kids (both 8.5 lbs) and my second baby being a c/s I wanted a tummy tuck wayyyyy more than a BA but again, neither seemed attainable due to the cost. ... READ MORE

Wanted BBL with Tummy Tuck but Choosing Mommy Makeover Instead..Sacramento, CA

I have never really complained about my ass growing up. It was never flat but its not big at all! I was teased more on about my breasts.. It was flatter than any teenagers my age so I stuffed my bra with toilet paper, socks and also my mothers silicone breasts..I found it in her closet when she... READ MORE

Surgery day tomorrow! TT & BBA! :)

I have talked about doing this since for years, even had an appointment a year and a half ago, and let this little thing called "life" allow me to push the procedure and this nagging voice in my head, that actually wants to think about doing something for myself, to the wayside. The voice... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 1 Child Via C-section-Ready to Be Able to Feel Comfortable with my Body, Hickory Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

I am 5'1 160lbs and have struggled with my weight all my life. I weighed almost 240lbs the day I had my son and stayed around 200-210 for several years afterward. I finally decided to get healthy and have been around 160 for the past few years. I have very broad shoulders and a muscular build... READ MORE

Finally Something for Mommy, After 3 Kids, 1 C-section and Already Flat Chest!!! - Lexington, KY

Surgery is tomorrow morning and I'm getting nervous, but the excitement is off the charts. If I have looked at the before and after pics once....I've looked a thousand times trying to imagine my bigger breasts, flat stomach and contoured waist. I am currently a 38 barely B. After surgery I hope... READ MORE

Full TT and BA done Sept 26, 2013

I just scheduled my TT and BA for Sept 26. After reading some of the stuff on here I am really nervous for recovery. I have 3 kids - 8 yr old girl and 5 yr old twin boys. The pregnancy with the boys, unfortunately, did my stomach in. I have always been very flat chested so I look forward to... READ MORE

32 with 5kids

I'm 32 with 5 kids had my first at 17 and I'm definitely done and I'm ready for this mommy makeover I've always wanted implants I'm very flat chested and well obviously after 5kids my body needs a little help so I'm very excited to travel to Medellin I'm leaning towards dr.mejia I really like... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 6'0" and 165 Lbs. 2 Kids Via C-section, So Excited to Get my Flat Tummy Back and Cleavage! - Houston, TX

I have been flat chested my whole life. I breast fed both of my babies and even full of milk, was only a B cup. Even though I lost all of the baby weight, my 2nd C-section left me with deflated mosquito bites and diastasis recti (3 fingertip wide) and a pot belly that looks like I'm 3 months... READ MORE

Mommy MakeOver 52 - St. Petersburg, FL

My motivation was to have excess skin removed and sagging breast perked up from pregnancy of Large baby 10.12 lbs that was unable to breast feed,which I was left with breast engorgement and infection in both breast,my age 21 my weight was 115 lbs. Life happens where there isn't funds or... READ MORE

33 Yr Old, 2 Kids TT and BA 330 Cc. San Antonio, TX

I am a 33 yr old with 2 kiddos. I am 90 lbs, 5'1". After 2 pregnancies resulting in c sections I was left with diastsis recti so severe physical therapy didn't do much. I also had an umbilical hernia and excess skin. I was also very small chested my whole life, but I nursed both kids and was... READ MORE

37 Years Old - Oklahoma City, OK

I am scheduled for my mommy makeover next week with Dr. Gonce in Oklahoma City. Had my consult last month. Everyone there is super nice and answered all of my questions. They made me feel comfortable and didn't rush me at all. I am pretty flat chested and had two children, both over 9 lbs. so... READ MORE

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