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Athletic 39 yo mother of 5 full tummy tuck, Implant removal, breast lift, fat graph to breasts

Dr. Leber did my breast augmentation surgery July 2008. Through no fault of Dr Leber's I was dissatisfied from the beginning. I went from having no breasts (AT ALL) to 450cc over the muscle. I have always had big breasts, large breasts even, but then I got serious about my eating and exercise. I... READ MORE

Implant removal with lift and lipo to flanks

I had my mommy make over 12 years ago. Let's just say the outcome was not what I was expecting. After breastfeeding 3 kids the last one was a c-section, I wanted to feel myself again. My sister in law was also looking into doing the same and had a cousin working for a Ps who raved about his work... READ MORE

Putting my Plastic Surgery journey on hold for Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

After stalking several members for a while, I decided to start my journey to repair my post baby body. I emailed Dr. Tania Medina de Garcia with pictures to see what the damage would be for a whole new me. I'm wanting a TT,BBL, full lipo, and also would like my implants removed and breasts... READ MORE

46 Yr Old, Maxtopexy W/bilateral Implant Removal W/lipo of Chest Wall, Abdominoplasty W/lipo of Abdomen - FL Panhandle

I have been following this site for a very long time as I reached my decision for surgery and still come here often to look at experiences/advice. I figured I should start telling my own experience before I forget it! (not hard to do nowadays!) 13 yrs ago I went into Dr. Roche's office in... READ MORE

48 Yr Old Mom of 2 Grown Kids. BR,TT, Muscle Repair,Liposuction to Flanks & Back - Houston, TX

I had a BA in 2001. I gained lots of weight since and neck and shoulders couldn't handle the pain any longer. I decided to see a ps about having my implants removed and having a reduction/lift and TT. I'm not looking forward to the pain and suffering. The ps I've chosen is Sam Sukkar in Houston... READ MORE

Explant, Lift with fat transfer to breast, Belt lipectomy

Like so many, I have been reading RS for several months and love seeing and reading about so many peoples experiences. I decided to add to it, to help others. I feel like my story is like so many others... I gained way to much during pregnancies~70+lbs, had 4 c-sections, finally lost almost all... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Before I Turn 50! - Hoover, AL

I am planning on the whole works; tummy tuck, breast explant / exchange and lift and lipo of flanks and hips. I look so tired these days, I may as well get some much needed facial fillers and lipo while I am there. I have my first consult tomorrow with Dr. Hedden 5/13. I will post pictures... READ MORE

Mommy Body Transformation- Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Explant - Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr. Macias is Top Doctor! 12 years ago I had my breast augmented and that plastic surgeon has since then retired, and at that time I didn't have children and my body was in nice shape. Fast-forward to today, I've been blessed with 2 children, a c-section, plus age, all that changed my body... READ MORE

Implant Removal, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Lipo - Orlando, FL

Please note price above is for all the procedures I had done ( the drop down only allows you to select one) I couldn't be happier with the results, the doctor's professionalism and expertise and his support staff. I saw many doctors prior to choosing Dr Matas and I could've made a better... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Mother of 3 - Tijuana, Mexico

Great doctor, despite all of my complications (first set of stitches I had disolved too fast, bad healing, implants removal), I'm happy I had surgery with doctor Cervantes, nothing bad that happened to my body was his fault, yet he took great care of me every time I needed. I did ended up... READ MORE

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