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33 Year Old Mom of 2 Energetic Boys. I Want my Body Back!!

I'm going on this journey of a mommy makeover (Breast augmentation with a lift. Full tummy tuck and lipo to flanks.) I'm super excited but beyond scared of going under a needle and the end results. I have mixed emotions but I am truly ready for a change. After my first son my stomach bounced... READ MORE

44 Y/o Mommy Makeover Countdown After 80 Pound Weight Loss - Carmel, IN

First consultation is in 5 days. So nervous!! So many emotions coming at me right now.. Guilt for spending the $$, excitement to finally get rid of this gross hanging skin, and soo soo nervous!! Never dreamed that I would be scheduling plastic surgery. Currently 5'4" 150#. Would like to lose 10... READ MORE

36, 2 Kids and Got Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift.. Dr. Sorokin Was AWESOME!!!

To all future patients of doctor Sorokin, I would like to share my pleasant experience as my plastic surgeon. I was an international patient of doctor Sorokin, I am going to start with my first consultation visit where doctor Sorokin answered all my questions and my friend's questions who was... READ MORE

32, 5'3", 128 Lbs, Tummy Tuck, 250cc Breast Augmentation, 1 Child, Post Major Weight Loss

My daughter is 14. After years of fluctuating weight due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise I knew I needed a change. I've been heavier than 185 lbs and went from a size 16 to 00. I was able to lose 75+lbs and kept it off for 3 years, however the less I weighed the worse I looked (in my... READ MORE

Fixing What Exercise and Healthy Eating Couldn't! - Pasadena, CA

What motivated me to get my Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Breast Lift with Lollipop incision, was to fix what healthy eating and exercise couldn't after losing weight. I was tired of hiding the excess skin in my clothes. Pros Clean Facility Friendly Staff (except for one... READ MORE

Surgery Scheduled! Counting Down! - Hinsdale, IL

The surgery date is just around the corner... 10 days and counting. This is something I've wanted for a very long time! I had my first child at 16 - prior to that I was physically fit (ran distance in track) but the toll on my body was life changing to say the least. My daughter was born... READ MORE

FTT/BL/lipo flanks and thighs

I'm a 37 yr old mama to 5,ages 13,11,9,and twins 5,and a wife to a brilliant man (although after reading a million reviews, he's not gonna make it very long is he!) For many years...since the twins were born, hubs said once I reached my goal weight we would look into the tummy tuck.... READ MORE

28 Yr Old Mom of 3, in Need of a Mommy Makeover!

My name is Jackie and I've been looking into the mommy makeover. I'm so insecure with the way that I look and would like my pre pregnancy body back! I'm nervous about the sedation as I've never been sedated! I go for a free consultation with Dr lista this Friday! I have so many emotions and need... READ MORE

Positive Experience!

Tomorrow I complete my 3rd week of recovery from BR, TT, and FL. First, I have to say my hubby is amazing and I absolutely could not have made it through this surgery without him. He has been wonderful and supportive, including: managing medication, laundry, meals, cleaning, and most... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover – 34 Years Old – 3 Children – 5”2’ & 170lbs

Today, I’m 35 days from my scheduled tummy tuck & reduction with augmentation. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s personal experiences and am excited to share my story as it unfolds. I’ve learned so much & feel so much more prepared. At this point, my focus will be to get p... READ MORE

32 YO Mommy of 2 & 90 Lb Weight Loss Patient - Scheduled for Surgery 10/5/17

Hi Everyone!! So I am beyond excited and nervous about my Mommy Makeover that is officially scheduled for 10/5/17. I have a 10 YO and a 7 YO. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in between pregnancies and I have lost 90 lbs. since my heaviest at 266 (yikes!) After my 7 YO I ended up gaining some of... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I am a very petite person and my babies left me with a surprisingly large amount of loose skin and large diastasis. After each one of my babies was born, I worked very hard to get back in shape; after each pregnancy, my body got progressively more foreign to me and I worked harder each time to... READ MORE

Five star services

My experience with miss cc Kat was amazing. I had two procedures, breast augmentation and abdominal plasty. From the consultation right up to my after care miss Kat has been there to answer any questions and reassure me along the way. I love the results and feel I have been given a new lease... READ MORE

Made Deposit! Soon to Be Yily Doll 7/3/2017

Hey ladies!!!! So I've been researching yily got 2 years now and I'm preparing my self ti be ready in July! A lot of emotions and plus its still in the beginning. Thus far the communication between her staff and i have been awesome! I have a 30lbs to loose before July! Im in process of getting... READ MORE

The Best Doctor...Love her!

Omg! Where to start..... First of all this review is sooooo over due! Sorry Dr. N! Let me start by saying my procedure was done about 1 year ago! My goal for 2016 was to get my body back in shape after having my babies in 2013, and to stop my back from hurting and a deformity I had since... READ MORE

Exceptional Mommy Makeover Experience with Dr. Pousti and Staff

Getting the mommy makeover surgery (extended abdominoplasty with breast lift) was one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but I knew I was in exceptional hands with Dr. Pousti. Dr. P previously performed my breast reduction in 2014, and exceeded expectations then, too. You won't find... READ MORE

Age 57, 5'3" 120lbs, Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty

Let me begin my review by saying that I am grateful and thankful for Dr. Luke Curtsinger and his staff for making my "dream body" come true. I started my weight loss journey on January 14, 2016 (weight 168). I had a consult with Dr. Curtsinger on July 7, 2016 for my torn earlobe and since I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in 3 Days

Hi everyone! So my mommy makeover is in 3 days and I'm so up and down with emotion. I was super excited just a few hours ago and now I'm totally freaked out! I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing :-( I've never been put under for a surgery and this alone has me freaked out. Im scared I won't... READ MORE

Forget About Pre-pregnancy Body- 2 Kids, 5'6", 177lbs

I'm scheduled 12/16 for a tummy tuck, core lipo, and BA. Going with 400cc silicone. Tummy tuck is my priority, but I'm getting a little something for the hubs:). No, really I am afraid I'll regret not doing the BA now with 1 recovery and 1 surgical center fee. It's my chance! Ive been reading... READ MORE

mommy makeover

Hoping to get rid of my extra extra sling on my belly and sides, need boobs and lipo on thighs. I cannot afford to pay for mm in USA so have opted to schedule my procedure with a TJ ps. Excited with mixed emotions. Stopped working recently so I will have plenty of time to recover at home. Hubby... READ MORE

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