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Breast Implant Revision for Slight Bottoming out

I had my implants done 4 months ago. A month post-op I was doing some stretching exercises as I was told to do and popped some stitches. 2 months later both of my implants had dropped more than I'd like and had gone to the sides quite a bit when I lay down. I had my revision 6 days ago. Post-op... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 5'6" 118lbs 5 Year Old Child. Miami, FL

So far, I'm satisfied with my outcome. I had breast augmentation 475cc and tummy tuck done by Dr. Freiman. I still have some stitches in need to be removed in my TT scar and my breasts need to drop completely. But aside from that I am really glad I had the procedure done. If I had to do any... READ MORE

39yo Mama of 2 Littles Finallllly Gets a MommyMakeover W/mini TT and BA. Austin, TX

I had my 1st baby at 35 and 2nd at 37. They are now 3&5. Body popped right back after the 1st but w/2nd I was JACKED UP! My abs had split and even though I was dedicated to training HARD in the gym for 3+ years I still looked 5-6 mo preg!!amd then I ended up w/an umbilical hernia bc of the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss - Austin, TX

After losing a significant amount of weight 10 years ago, I was still unhappy with the repercussions on my skin that come with carrying extra weight. I maintain a healthy diet and rigorous exercise plan, so I am confident that I will keep the weight off and stay in shape. The recovery of the... READ MORE

Please Read This Before You Choose Her. Saint Clair Shores, MI

I loved her during consultation, but after my breast procedure and tummy tuck, I was so disappointed at the results. All went great than when the healing process began, I was horrified and only now been able to post this. My right implant didn't drop, she pulled stitches out of my left areole... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Thousand Oaks, CA

After my two pregnancies I wasn't comfortable with my tummy having extra skin. Also always wanted to improve my breasts from my 34A size. My ObGyn doctor recommended Dr. Azar. My experience was extremely positive, from the consultation, procedure and through the follow up during recovery. After... READ MORE

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