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30 Years Old, 2 Kids, Tired of Being Fat, TT, Lipo, BA W BL, Fat Transfer to Butt - Beverly Hills, CA

Just had my last child this past October and ready to focus on getting my body to where it's never been. Looking to have a total transformation. I always had weird shaped boobs and no ass. And this belly?! I enjoy working out and can make healthy choices but after having my daughter I've been... READ MORE

32 Year Old, 3 Kids, 3 Csections From TEXAS

For years since my first child was born I knew my tight body would never be the same. That bounce back would never come! After gaining and losing and regaining a total of 74lbs, and a blindsighting divorce, I knew it was time to make me feel like the old fun me! Research and great reviews of... READ MORE

24 Yr Mother of 2.. EXTENDED TT W/MR , BL W.IMPLANTS , && LIPO OF THE FLANKS - Miami, FL

Hi guys i cant not say enough how useful and great this website is. so much information ! i am scheduled for june 3 2016 with dr ortega at spectrum for a mommy make over extended tummy tuck with muscle repair , breast lift with implants, lipo of the flanks ... i wish i could get more lipo but... READ MORE

My Time....It's All About Me. - Sacramento, CA

I'm 5' tall and 140 pounds. I have one daughter that is 25 years old. Between my stretch marks and the scar on my tummy from a back surgery, a TT is well over due. I've lost 40 pounds over the last three years and my boobs haven't gone down much at all. I'm a 36 DDD and it's time for a reduction... READ MORE

54 Yr Old Divorced Women of 3 Grown Children - Miami, FL

After 23 yrs of marriage ending in divorce with 3 grown chidren, I desired to have my old body back. Breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck was perfect for me. I desired to feel pretty on the outside again. Us women have a tendency to forget and neglect ourselves when we have other... READ MORE

28yr Old Mom of 3 Body: Extended TT, BR/BL

Hi ladies! I've been a lurker for a coupe of months now, but figured since I cleaned to mirror to take pics, I ought to introduce myself and post them. I, like many I see on here, have the 'mom droop'; The life sucked from our body after having children leaving puddles of skin in the aftermath... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Florida

Six yrs ago I had a C-section(10lb 13oz baby)then 3 yrs later I had my second child (of course by C-section (another 10lb baby). Due to gaining so much weight with each pregnancy then loosing the weight right away I have tons of extra skin that hangs over my c-section scar. I wanted a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Tampa, FL

I am getting a Mini tuck and silicone breast implants. I am the mother of three amazing kids ( 15, 13, and 12). I breast fed all of them. Recently divorced I am claiming back my life. I know this is not a guarantee for happiness but it will make me feel better about my self image. I had... READ MORE

Finally...It's My Time - Santa Clara, CA

I'm a 42-year old mother of four boys. Married over 20 years, and divorced a year ago. Most of my life was spent ensuring my boys and ex husband was taken care of. Well, it is my time now. On 7/26 I'm having a full TT, BL (no augmentation) and lipo on flanks, inner and outer thighs. I can... READ MORE

Only 2 Days Left!!! - British Columbia

My story.....Alot like everyone elses. I had my first baby at age 19 and over the next 12 years she was followed by 8 more (one passed away as an infant so I only have the pleasure of raising 8). Yes ladies I had 9, the last 4 being c-sections. I have since been divorced from my husband of 18... READ MORE

17 months later STILL So Worth It! TT-No Muscle Repair, BL/BA (325cc silicone)

I am a mother of 3 and after the birth of my first child I was left with a sagging stomach full of stretch marks. I had my daughter 11 years ago and now at the age of 33 I am divorced and the thought of another man seeing my body creeps me out. So... I am regaining my self confidence and my body... READ MORE

For Me - California

I was overweight since I can remember. Though I was extremely athletic, I never felt pretty. In 2001 I had twin boys and my stomach was destroyed. I didn't gain any weight during my pregnancy but I gained thick red stretch marks. In 2006 I had another child and my second C-section. I asked... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Metairie, LA

About me…I am 5’9”, 182 lbs (yep, a big girl) I am a divorced 39 year old mother of 4 children. Their ages are 18, 17, 8 and 7. When I had the first two, in my 20's, I bounced back fairly quickly and lost any pregnancy weight I gained. I was in the military and had always... READ MORE

50 Yo, 4 Children, 80 Lb Weight Loss. It's my Time!

Divorced after 24 years, mom who always puts everyone else 1st... you get it right? I've wanted a tummy tuck and boobs that are in the right place for years. I want to wear the cute shirts without the strapless bra falling down. Finally going to do it! Consultation done with Dr. Laura... READ MORE

TT, Implants/Lift - 54, PA

Looking forward to this combined surgery, was something I've wanted for a long time. I'm thrilled it's finally happening. I feel no nervousness, no apprehension. Thankfully I have both a high tolerance for pain and great faith in the medical industry. I have successfully kept my weight off... READ MORE

32 with 5kids

I'm 32 with 5 kids had my first at 17 and I'm definitely done and I'm ready for this mommy makeover I've always wanted implants I'm very flat chested and well obviously after 5kids my body needs a little help so I'm very excited to travel to Medellin I'm leaning towards dr.mejia I really like... READ MORE

Soon to Be Divorced Mother of Two. I Just Want to Enjoy my Body Again. For Me!

Well I want a tummy tuck, bbl and Lipo. I am researching every free chance that I get. It is so hard Bc as soon as you fall in love with one doctor, something negative pops up. I was looking at DR and Columbia doctors but I'm so scared of the what ifs afterwards. I want people to be held... READ MORE

50 years old and need a tuck

I searched high and low and for someone in my area. I been looking towards this procedure a long long time ago, but than my husband and I decided to have a baby together. 9 years later here i am making it happen and little scared. Thru years its just been hard to loose the extra tummy fat,... READ MORE

not completed

I have been blessed with 6 beautiful children and a body that I feel has recovered reasonably well from such self inflicted trauma, my fourth was born cesarean and it wasn't until my 5th (8 lbs 6 oz)that I actually got more than just a few stretch marks and put on weight. I have been putting... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old. 100 Lb Weight Loss. Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Augmentation - Tampa, FL

So I ate my way through a painful divorce and ended up about 100 lbs overweight. About 2 years ago I decided to love me some me and went back to the gym and skipped the drive-through. So here I am, quite possibly in the best shape of my life, with a rather unsightly belly and boobs that somehow... READ MORE

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