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Going to Santo Domingo for Mommy Makeover with BBL Mar 2016

Finally going to write my review about the reason I found myself on Realself in the first place. Although, I've wanted a Breast augmentation since I was 20, advised against until my family life was completed. 15yrs later it's time to do an overhaul. I've since decided I want to do something... READ MORE


Hello Realselfies! I have been following RS for some time now and narrowed my choices to Dr. Miami & Dr. C. after what seems f-o-r-e-v-e-r I finally made my decision based on cost & location to go for Dr. C. I hope this was a wise decision (fingers-crossed). I have seen lots of Dr Miami's work... READ MORE


I had an AMAZING experience Dr. Chacon made me feel at home from the moment I met him. I knew he was the surgeon for me when he let me lead the discussion. He didn't rush us, spending over an HOUR with us in the free consult. Everyone who works there is amazing, we even got an AWESOME military... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover better than my pre pregnancy body.

After giving birth to two kids and breast feeding them, my body needed a major makeover. I had a c-section and my stomach was never the same. I have this little hang over my stomach that I could not get rid of regardless of how much exercise I did. I read up on some doctors and came across... READ MORE

Consultation Review: Bye Cardenas. Had Consultation with Julio Saldaña

Hi ladies. So after the whole situation with Cardenas and her recovery home, my heart told me not to go with her. I had a consultation with Julio saldaña today. While I waited to be called, about 3 ladies who had gone in for consultation walked out scheduling their surgery. Kinda made me feel ... READ MORE

49 Yr Old, TT and BR, 5'6" 155 Lbs - Carmel, IN

Insurance is covering the BR, wish I had gone for a consult earlier. I was astounded that they would cover it. I thought I'd have to be G cup or something. I thought I was 38DD but my most recent official measurement is 36DDD. No wonder my shoulders hurt! At the BR consultation I asked about a... READ MORE

Mom of 2 Ready To Reclaim What's Mines!!! Future Ortega Doll 2017 (:

So after years of stalking RS reviews lol I was bouncing back and forth between DR with Dr Duran and Dr Mel Ortega in Miami Florida, I finally made the choice of choosing Dr Ortega. In my opinion he offered the same deals as Duran but in the United States, he also has a great rep in the plastic... READ MORE

Excited to Soon Get BL/TT/BBL in Tijuana, MX

I went for an initial consultation this past Saturday with Dr. Carlos Castaneda in Tijuana, MX, the clinic is located in the nicer part of TJ and is a very nice and clean building. I have had a few other consults and this office offers the nicest amenities overall. The first thing I was pleased... READ MORE

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