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Post Gastric Bypass Patient - Indianapolis, IN

Getting ready to have paniculectomy, abdominoplasty and breast reduction and lift. I had gastric bypass almost two years ago. Extra hanging skin after bypass was getting infected and I was having terrible back pain from my laege breast. Insurance is paying for everything except the conturung... READ MORE

I Am 45 (A Young 45 I Don' feel my Age - Indiana, IN

Hello Loves. Well after much searching researching and reading and interviewing I have found a fabulous PS that was amazing in listening describing and going over with me to what I need and would like. I am getting lipo tummy tuck repair muscle implants breast lift back lipo contouring to... READ MORE

9 Weeks Out, Mommy Makeover Results Are Fantastic

I was turning 50 and decided to lose 50 pounds by the time my birthday rolled around. I lost 51, by eating a high protein diet (no breads, no corn, no sugar), drinking a gallon of water a day, and exercising 6 days a week with weights (Bodypump), cardio (zumba and u-jam) and core (pop pilates).... READ MORE

36 , Mom of 3, 550cc Tuberous Correction, Full TT and Lipo ... A cup to full D cup, Carmel, IN

I am interviewing Doctors in the Carmel, IN area to perform a Breast Augmentation (tuberous/constricted breast) correction, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction/Contouring. I am excited to write about my experience! I have enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and reviews. I will try to be good about... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mommy of 2 LO's - Hernia Repair, TT, BA, Flank Lipo, Nipple Reduction

Hi all! Well, I have been stalking this site for sometime now. I am 2 weeks post op and man, it's been a ride! I have no regrets, though :-) My pre-baby status is lean, athletic, runner body. I have endured 2 C-sections over the past 4 years that left me with a baseball sized hernia, major saggy... READ MORE

TT, Lipo -DR

I'm going to the Dominican Republic June 14th to have a mm with Dr. Goico. Im 5'4 and weigh 145lbs. I'm interested in getting rid of my stretch marks, extra skin and having a more contoured shape. I'm also in need of having these boobies lifted. One pleasant surprise that I'm excited about is... READ MORE

37yrs and 4 Kids....... - Dominican Republic, DO

It's final...the decision is made. I'm going forward with plans to have some much needed work done on my body. I'm a 37yr old mother of 4. I had my first baby at the age of 16! And I've been miserable with the appearance of my abdomen every since. No matter how much weight I've managed to keep... READ MORE

38 Mommy of 2 in Need of a New Body - Miami, FL

It's a very long story but since I'm 18 I have wanted a breast reduction. I have been a 38DDD most of my adult life, after kids and gaining weight from 9 and 10 lb babies I have been a saggy 40G for the last few years with a destroyed stomach from 2c-sec and and I'm done feeling and looking the... READ MORE

35 Yo in Desperate Need of a Mommy Makeover - Frisco, TX

I recently had an extensive "mommy makeover" performed by Dr. Robert Najera. My makeover included a bilateral breast augmentation with a lift. At which time, I also had my areolas reduced. My mommy makeover also consisted of liposuction of my abdomen, flanks and back and a full abdominoplasty.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Salamafied - Aventura, FL

I'm a 31 yr old mother of two with a petite shape. However I had stretch marks on my stomach and no navel. I started having kids at 19 and my avg weight has always been 125. My first pregnancy I weighed 198lbs before I delivered my first child. My stomach had extra skin and I had no belly... READ MORE

33 yo Mother 2 C-sections treated with breast lift/fat graft, tummy tuck, lipo inner thighs

I've been wanting a mommy makeover since the first C-section; hubby had a vasectomy after second child, and I've known for a while I would get this done--it was just a matter of losing the weight. Well, I can't seem to stay motivated to stay on a diet or exercise plan for very long. I get... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother of Two Ready to Get Snatched. Team Yily - Dominican Republic

I chose Dra. Yily to preform my surgery. I have been researching for years in the United States. While I feel some doctors here do good work they make you look boxy. I like how they contour in the Dominican Republic so I will be traveling there in April for my procedure. I am super excited and... READ MORE

August 25 2015 Ready to Be Transformed 3 Children - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been looking forward to this for 3 years or more and ready to put my life in Dr Robles hands ..???? I would like to have a tummy tuck , body contouring and breast implants . I've sent my pics and filled out health forms. I have been approved to come to her office for consultation then... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 4 Kids, Ready to Reclaim MY Body!!! Mommy Makeover with TT, BL, BA & Lipo Plus Hernia Repair - New Haven, CT

Ok, so I've been a lurker here for a loooooong time. Too long, lol! I was always afraid to jump in because having this surgery has always seemed so far out of my reach. I've fought HARD to make this happen and finally just got my surgery date this morning! I've had so many bumps in the road that... READ MORE

28 and Missing my Shape

Hello again real self , I'm a mommy of 4 (and done). Prior to my last two kids a lady was bodied but having them back to back took a toll on me . I've decided after years of research to finally get put back together. I have 4 options with doctors (keep in mind these doctors got back with me very... READ MORE

Lipo, Body Contour, Breast Implants Fat Removal from Chin - Tijuana, MX

I could not begin to tell you, just want a wonderful experience this has been for me. The staff, the hospitalization everything was wonderful. I had surgery yesterday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon got out of surgery around 9. I feel fine some bit nuases but for the most part ok. If you going... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Success - Atlanta, GA

This was an amazing journey of searching for the perfect doctor to receiving amazing results. Dr Wright Jones was absolutely amazing and gave me more than I expected. After having 5 children and nursing all five, my body was not exactly where I wanted it to be. After meeting Dr Jones, I knew I... READ MORE

46 Year Old Mom in Need of a Lift - Livermore, CA

I have always been physically active and led a pretty healthy life but there is only so much you can do with diet and exercise when you've had cesarean sections. Even non-invasive body contouring although helpful, did nothing to solve the inevitable drooping and loose skin that comes with... READ MORE

Waited Forever and Wish I Hadn't!

I'm 36 and knew my whole life that I wanted to have a breast augmentation. I decided that I was going to wait until I was done having kids. I am glad I did because having kids added different kinds of "quirks" to my body. I have always been a curvier person but had worked very hard the last... READ MORE

BL W/Augment, TT, Medial Thigh Lift - Nashville, TN

After a significant weight loss of 100+ lbs, I decided to research removal of the loose skin via plastic surgery. Like many patients, I made consulted with several plastic surgeons in Nashville before selecting Dr. Griffin and the amazing staff at Nashville Cosmetic Surgery. This practice made... READ MORE

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