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28 Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants. - Phoenix, AZ

I didn't want to do this but I need support. I'm freaking out like crazy, reading all the horror stories. What if something goes terribly wrong. I know I'm ready, I've been wanting this since after my son. I've researched and gone to multiple consultations. I'm ready but fearful of there being... READ MORE

33 Mom of 2, Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Tarrytown, NY

After having 2 kids, breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss I was left with excess squish and saggy boobs. It was time to get the look that I desired. On 8/20/15 I had a mommy makeover (TT, Breastlift, BA, Inner thigh lipo). Although I did have a complication, it was still worth it! I ended... READ MORE

48 Have Two Kids Hubby of 33 Yrs and 2 Grandchildren

The pros to my surgery I got a tuck and a boob reduction I'm very happy with it I had a couple complications but Dr Hankins and his staff took very very good care of me I needed it because my self-esteem is down my self-esteem come up and some health issues with that hurting back,rash is just... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After Massive Weightloss!

I have been researching and wanting a mommy makeover for more years than I care to remember! I have been reading reviews on here for years and they have been helpful beyond words! I haven't seen many reviews of British patients or of those that have had their surgery in Turkey, so I thought I... READ MORE

29 with 3 Kids

I joined this group in November 2016. I began researching different doctors in Dominican Republic to perform a mommy makeover. I was so scared I knew this decision was one I would have to do alone. I ran across Dr. Miguel Mota, I viewed his pictures and fell in love with the scar for his tummy... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Full Tummy Tuck

I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and young.. I am 19 years old. I know, everyone's always questioning why would you do a tummy tuck at such a young age? Well I honestly feel it's better to do it at a young age, especially when you're not planning on having any more children.. there's less... READ MORE

Australian Mummy of 4 Makeover Post-op Blues - Australia, AU

I have been reading a lot of posts on this site and found them helpful with answering some of my own questions. I am now sharing my story. I am 12 days post-op. I had a tummy tuck that was skin work only. No muscle work. Also breast augmentation to give back the lost volume and also to halve the... READ MORE

34 Year Old Fit Mom Went to Mexico for Mommy Makeover. Mexico, MX

I have worked out for over a year and dos the best I could getting my own weight down as far as I could possibly do after having two children 10years apart. I wasn't happy with how my boobs turned into just nipples and saggy Nipples. A friend of friend had told me about Dr Pantoja so I reached... READ MORE

49 Year Old, 2 Kids - Southfield, MI

I was tired of not getting anywhere with diet and exercise, so I decided to go see a surgeon. I'm getting re-married in June and I wanted to look my best. I went to see a few surgeons, Dr Awada spent a lot of time with me, answered all my questions. The only thing I'm not happy with us, they... READ MORE

38 Years, 5'6" 144 Lbs with 4 Kids, Ready to Do Something Just for Me. - Salt Lake City, UT

Hi! I'm 38 years old, and a stay-at home mom with 4 kids. I was scheduled for my MMO on Aug 7. I had complications from lipo 5 years ago that put me in the hospital, so I've been super nervous to have this done, but have also wanted it for ages. I had an unrelated health scare recently that... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mom, BA, BL and Tummy Tuck - Flowood, MS

Hi to my fellow RS peeps! Well, I'm getting ready to take the plunge next month and love this site so much I wanted to share my journey. I'm 45 and ready to make the outside look more like I feel on the inside. I still feel like a teenager! I have a 16 year old son that is my heart! Best kid... READ MORE

36,five Kids Later and Feeling Like It's Time to Enjoy my Body Again! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi there I've been following this site for a while I'm considering using Dr. Tina Medina from the Dominican republic however I must say I'm terrified .i've been reading so many horror stories and the publicity of the deaths that have been occurring in the Dominican and I guess I just need to... READ MORE

38-ready to Look Great Again - Riverside, CA

Nervous above all on the recovery part. Afraid of pain and complications after! Even though I am healthy and exercise I can't convince myself otherwise. I thought that if I paid for it in advance it would help me move forward but I'm still scared. I might back out still..... I am getting a... READ MORE

12 Days Till my my MM!! So Excited! -Golden, CO

I am a mother of three beautiful children 11,6 and 2. I didn't gain a horrible amount of weight with each as the were all between 6.2 and 6.7 lbs. but, all three were born via csection. I have never been happy with the scar and bulging fat/muscle that I was left with. My breasts have always... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female with 2 Kids in Need of Mommy Makeover

I was nervous and excited to have this mommy makeover done, but this was the best decision that I made for myself. I couldn't be happier with the results. I look better than I did before I had kids. I had some minor complications with wound healing and I felt like I was well taken care of by the... READ MORE

36, Mommy Makeover Including Breast Lift with Augmentation

Not everyone comes out of surgery with the exact same outcomes. I had some personal complications but am overall very satisfied with my surgery. My surgeon did a wonderful job especially with my scars. He was able to fix my terrible csection scars i had before. My breast are also healing great.... READ MORE


Horrible experience. I had lipo about 4 years ago. As I have aged I thought I would go back for a mommy makeover. I did and the staff was amazing. I decided to go through with it. I have had nothing but complications and the staff is extremely unhelpful. I am about a year out of surgery now and... READ MORE

43 Yo, Mommy Makeover, Overweight, Excellent Experience - Miami, FL

Dr. Hochstein is an amazing doctor. I don't typically write reviews but I know this may help others. First of all, Dr. Hochstein is always smiling, courteous, and spends as much as needed to answer any questions you may have. He is efficient though, which makes things run smoothly. He is more... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants and Tummy Tuck

I had surgery with Dr.Hugo Aguilar Villa in December. My advice is DO NOT GO TO HIM. Sure, his results look great, but if you have any sort of complication you are on your own! I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. It's been 5 months now and I am still dealing with complications, and Hugo... READ MORE

Nothing short of AMAZING....!

I am a 28 year old mother of three and after having twins my petite body needed some attention. I'm 5'7'' and 130 pounds. Before choosing Kaufman, I went to other consultations in the Folsom area. I was not impressed until meeting Kaufman. He was very professional and also welcoming at the same... READ MORE

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