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31 year old, Petite, 3 C-sections, Ready for Mommy Makeover!

Hello ladies! I've been on this site off and on again since at least 2012. I have three children, all born via c-section, and by the time I had my second I was already talking with nurses about how to fix my stretches out tummy. I've always been small - I'm 5'1" and 108 lbs, and after every... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift/Reduction, 30 years old, no kids

I'm so excited! I have scheduled my tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction for 03/30. I have heard this is the hardest time. It's the waiting! I keep looking in the mirror thinking, "soon this will all be gone." I have chosen to get this extra skin off and put these babies back up where they... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Mother of Two Boys (6& 3), Full Mommy Makeover

After years of research and consultations, I have decided to move forward on my mommy makeover. I'm 5'4", 150lbs. I have worked so hard to loose weight and most importantly maintain my weight. My tummy is a pudgy, griseled pouch from weight loss after babies. I am hoping to get my breast back to... READ MORE

37 Year Old (Married), 2 Children 8 and 18 Yrs Old. Ready to Look Better in my Skin! - Miami, FL

I been stalking this website day in and day for about a month. I am so torn between doctors and procedures. Breast Reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction after affects ... IDK. Good reviews, bad reviews, customer services, cost, time, pain, meds and scared as hell. Oh my, Anxiety! Anyone else have... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 115 pounds, 5'6" , Mother of 2, Breastfed for Total of 4 Years, Stretched Skin - Modesto, CA

I have been wanting to fix my tummy ever since about 6 months after the birth of my last child. He stretched me out to the max and I didn't make it back to the body I was expecting after 6 months. I was able to lose all the weight and get lean again, but my tummy retains the padding. And there... READ MORE

43 Year Old Much Needed Tummy Tuck and Breast - Tijuana, Mexico

My stomach had horrible stretch marks and I had no boobs and a flat butt overall so i got and extended tummy tuck size D breast and fat transfer to my butt I'm very happy with my results so far I stayed in their recovery spa they give you the five star treatment which includes 3 meals a day... READ MORE

32 Year Old with 4 Kids!!!! - Miami, FL

TT,BL with implants, lipso of upper and lower back, abdominal muscle repair, lipso of upper abdomen and arms! I'm doing this for me. I'm tired of wearing big cloying and wearing black! I'm so ready to wear white and other vibrant colors!! I'm a Registered Nurse in Louisiana an ADON I'm ready for... READ MORE

Journey part one!

I've been browsing through this website for sometime and learning so much from all the girls here. I'm so grateful to them for sharing their experiences. I'm 41, mother of two awesome girls 21 and 15. My height is 5.0 and weight is 125lbs. All my weight gain is always in my... READ MORE

Wearing a bikini now!

I am 5'4 and weight 160. I have gained 40 pounds in 5 years. I have recently lost 24 pounds and I am 10 pounds away from my goal. I have 3 children all from C-section. I have had 5 tumors remved from my scar tissue and I had a full hysterectomy last September. I am 40 years old and I... READ MORE

tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift - Ohio

I'm a mother of two that can never find cloths to fit my flabby belly. after losing the pregnancy weight with ww and exercise, i realize the skin was never going to go away. my husband has been very supportive and surgrey is scheduled for june 10.. yay!!! I have been looking at this... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover in Indiana

I am a 36 year old mom of of a 14 year old daughter. I have gained an lost weight over the past few years and nothing helped the flappy skin on my belly or my saggy boobies!! On December 1st 2010 I had a extended tummy tuck, breast lift & augmentation. I prepared myself for the worst pain... READ MORE

50 Yo, 4 Children, 80 Lb Weight Loss. It's my Time!

Divorced after 24 years, mom who always puts everyone else 1st... you get it right? I've wanted a tummy tuck and boobs that are in the right place for years. I want to wear the cute shirts without the strapless bra falling down. Finally going to do it! Consultation done with Dr. Laura... READ MORE

Back to my Old Self!

Dr. Aldea helped to correct stomach issues that I had had since I had my son almost 10 years ago. I feel better than ever and I can fit back into my favorite dress again. I'm feel so much more confident now that I'm back to my old self! Thank you to the awesome Team at Cosmetic Surgery... READ MORE

50 Year Old Mom of 5 Decides to Get Her Body Back - Chicago, IL

I have struggled with having large breasts 40 DDD forever. I couldn't find clothes that fit me right and unless I was wearing a v neck tank, I looked like I had one big boob. Pain in my neck and shoulders. I did a reduction and tummy tuck. Right now I am a 38D, but still swollen so I know... READ MORE

Emotional-yet Worth It! - Atlanta, GA

As each day got closer to the date I was nervous and excited. My friends and family were so supportive. I am a single mom of 7 yo twins and my ex kept kids for the first week. Prob need longer, but I missed them and they have been a big help. I had friends help me around the clock for the first... READ MORE

My Mommy Makeover Was Long Overdue and the Results Amaze Me Every Day - Dallas, TX

I decided to have a breast reduction, liposuction, and a tummy tuck because even with diet, cardio and weight lifting for years, my body would not change. My back and my neck ached all the time from heavy breasts, my belly button was herniated, I had 2 different C-Section scars, and I had to buy... READ MORE

no longer updating this review please check the other they are the same

4'4" 128 lbs 42 yes old mom of 4. 1st at 17. 2nd 15 months later he weighed 10 lbs and I gained 90lbs. Lost all of the weight. 3rd c-section. 4th weighed 7.5 but I weighted 220 AGAIN!I have lost it all and kept it off for over 13 years now. but my body and boobs paid the price. My... READ MORE

Because I Deserve It! - Paramus, NJ

I'm a mother of 3. After my 1st son it took me almost 2 years to get back in shape. I waited 8 years before having my second. That time around I was older and actually cared about what I ate so it was a little easier to get back into shape BUT my stomach was way more wrinkly!!! The 3rd baby... READ MORE

Recommended Without Reservation - Seattle, WA

I did it because I spent 27 years hating my body and not feeling good in my clothes and I just wanted to feel normal again and feel good about buying and wearing clothes. I had known for 27 years what I wanted. After a bad car accident and then having a child, I had very loose and ugly skin.... READ MORE

Happy with Multiple Procedures - Seattle, WA

After having three children, my stomach and breasts were less than ideal despite good exercise and eating habits. Now my pants fit so much better and I am comfortable showing off my body in a two-piece. I have not regretted my decisions at all because of the boost to my self-image and I'm... READ MORE

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