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40 y/o - Entering New Career. Getting Mommy Makeover, Inspira 320cc SRLP+, to Freshen Up Appearance! - Boston, MA

After much consideration and research, I decided to take the plunge and get a mommy makeover. I'm also getting chin liposuction, which I will review under a separate post. Both are scheduled for August 14th. I'm very excited! :-) I decided to do this for a few reasons. Mainly, because I wanted... READ MORE

28, Soon to Be 29, 1 Child and Lots of Loose Skin

My husband and I are on the same page with me wanting a mommy makeover. We don't really won't any more kids, if we do we will adopt. I am going to a "lunch and learn" session this next week and will be working on picking a surgeon in Lubbock. My first main questions are 1 - death? 2 - time off?... READ MORE

Very Unhappy with my Results...

I had a tummy tuck with hernia repair and breast lift with implants 6 months ago and I am disappointed with my results. My tummy is very flat except for when I'm swollen (yes, still getting very swollen after 6 months), but the flat tummy is the only thing I'm happy about with this surgery. Dr.... READ MORE

42 Y/o Mother of Two

I had my tummy tuck with Dr.Batra in dec of 2016 and was very happy with the outcome. So when I decided to finally address my encapsulated breast implant I decided to go to him to have it fixed. I could have just had my left breast fixed but my husband said I should have my reduction and a lift... READ MORE

44 y/o needed more cleavage and projection with a smaller waist.

I am very pleased with the results!! The staff was all so friendly and warm and made me feel very comfortable. I was never nervous. I woke up after surgery very xomfortable and alert. Only had to take pain meds the first night. I love Southern Surgical Arts and Dr. Deal's expert work! I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Revisions - Clear Lake, TX

I have a great experience to share! I will try to keep it short...In Feb 2014 I had a mommy makeover at the Medical Center in Houston and it was awful(Dr. Basu). My breast implants  (320/360 UHP implants) were way too much rippling(very unattractive) and the tummy tuck was not tight enough an... READ MORE

44 y/o - Mommy Makeover - time to do something for me! :) Denver, CO

Hello Real Selfers! I have been reviewing this site for the past 6 weeks - before and after my surgery. It has been one month since my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Andrew Wolfe. Ladies, I was motivated but nervous! I have had one set of twins (sadly, both deceased) and 2 more babies, the most... READ MORE

Better Late Than Never!! It is So About Time!!! 44 Year Old Looking Not to Hide This Body Anymore!!! - Sarasota, FL

Ok so Ive been playing with this flap on my stomach for 23 years...LOL... My husband and son are quite disgusted by me shaking at them on a regular basis. I guess I try to make it funny when deep inside it bothers me so much. Ive been working out for 19 years on a consistent basis. Im 5'9''... READ MORE

45 Yrs Old, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Without Implants - Albuquerque, NM

Hi. I'm on day 4 of recovery and thought since I've gotten a lot of inspiration and education from reading all the posts here, I'd finally add my own story. Also, it seems there aren't a lot of tummy tuck with breast lifts that don't include implants. So hopefully my results can give someone... READ MORE

39 Years Old, 5'3 and Curvy, Finally Ready for MM - Beverly Hills, CA

I've been reading RS for the past 6 months, so grateful for the experiences, tips, and stories shared! I'm scheduled for a Mommy Makeover on 5/21 - full TT, liposuction of my flanks, areola lift and silicone BA in 500-550cc range. I've always been so self conscious of my stomach - too much... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 6'0" and 165 Lbs. 2 Kids Via C-section, So Excited to Get my Flat Tummy Back and Cleavage! - Houston, TX

I have been flat chested my whole life. I breast fed both of my babies and even full of milk, was only a B cup. Even though I lost all of the baby weight, my 2nd C-section left me with deflated mosquito bites and diastasis recti (3 fingertip wide) and a pot belly that looks like I'm 3 months... READ MORE

Perfectly Proportioned ... Renewed My Confidence - Fort Lauderdale, FL

After two C-sections and 48 years old ... I really was ready to have my body back! I am petite and work out but somehow that little belly was still there. I originally just wanted to replace my 18 year old saline implants and ended up considering the mommy makeover. I really wanted my flat... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction/implants/tummy Tuck/liposuction - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Look no further - Dr. Perez is without a doubt the very best in his field. I had a more unusual case than most, as I had to have a developmental defect corrected (tuberous breasts). Dr. Perez took my abnormally shaped, droopy, saggy, tiny, far apart little knobby boobs, one of which was... READ MORE


I want to start off by saying that any well trained, experienced, certified plastic surgeon is a professionally trained artist that works with the median he is given, they are not “Magicians” and cannot transform you into a gorgeous model with just a butt life. Also, keep in mind that it can... READ MORE

I Feel Sexier Than Ever!! - Miami, FL

I had a mini tummy tuck and breast lift. My boobs look amazing and most importantly, natural. I was always against implants but I badly needed a lift and didn't want to lose my size. I had seen other doctors and they all said, ok, no problem (surgeons say everything you want to hear) When I had... READ MORE

Breat Augmentation & Tummy Tuck Sooooo Happy!!!! - Miami, FL

I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck at CG Cosmetics. Dr.Freiman was my Dr. I have read good things about him I can only say he is excellent a straight shooter he dose not lie to you or give you false expectations. I really appreciated his honesty. I had to wait like you do in all Dr's... READ MORE

Don't Knock Low Profile Implants! - Rockville, MD

I just underwent a breast augmentation and a modified mini tummy tuck (full muscle repair up to sternum, but with little skin removal - there wasn't much to remove). I'm 5'9", 118 lbs, and while I liked the shape of my breasts, after breast feeding 2 kids, they didn't fill my normal 32B bras... READ MORE

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