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34 y/o mom of 3: mommy makeover

Recovery is going well thus far. 1 week or from mommy makeover. 1 surgical drain removed at 1st post op. 1 to go....still draining more than md expects at time of follow up. On tylenol and ibuprofen for pain control. Was up and about doing fairly normal daily activities today though i tire... READ MORE

33yr Old 2 Kids Both Caesarian - Melbourne, AU

Excited! 2 weeks to go now! I've booked my operation after my daughter 4.5yr old Told me to stop wearing black and trying to cover my tummy! Ventral hernia repair with tummy tuck and breast augmentation I'm not even an A cup going for 12c (425cc). Sporty type but cannot loose any weight atm may... READ MORE


I'm a mother of 4 children (14, 11, 8, and 2). I had all my children via cesarean. I currently weigh 160lbs and am 5'5. I've been wanting my mommy makeover since forever, but could never get it because something always interfered with my plans (either I was pregnant again lol, I didn't have the... READ MORE

1.5 years Post OP and THRILLED with the new me!- Knoxville, TN

I am 35, a wife, and mom to 4 awesome kids. I had three cesareans and was lucky to get to be a step mommy to our oldest. My babies were 9lbs 11oz, 9lbs 9oz, and 9 lbs 6 oz. I am 5'1 and did not have a lot of room for these giant babies. I feel so blessed to have my kids and now that my youngest... READ MORE

Ready for my Body to Match my Mind - HAPPY N HEALTHY - San Antonio, TX

Well all my Real Self pals, I'm FINALLY gonna post my profile! Been kinda chicken, but here goes. I am 51 years YOUNG, 5'5", 223 lbs. I have 3 grown children (32, 29 and 27) and one beautiful, energetic grand daughter Delilah (18months). My hubby is a WONDERFUL, supportive and amazing man. ... READ MORE

23 Year Old Large Weight Loss and Pregnancy - Santa Rosa, CA

Lost over a 100 pounds aswell as pregnancy with Ceserean. I was very disappointed with my body no matter how in shape I got my skin sagged and my stomach bulged. I am absolutely thrilled to have gone forward with the surgery my results so far are amazing. My pain levels were very low and ... READ MORE

time for a change :-)

After my 1st c section at 18 my body was unrecognisable to me. It was in my eyes a disfigurement on my body. Losing weight I looked a good deal better with clothes on but never cud come to terms with the belly or boobs under the clothes. After sec child in 2012 I swore id get the money up to get... READ MORE

Looking to Get a Mommy Makeover - Phoenix, AZ (Surgery done on 11/25/13)

I am a 30 year old mother of two children under the age of 3. We had back to back kids and both were delivered via c-section. We discovered I carry monster sized kids (9.5 lbs) in my 5'4" body, and after trying for over two days of labor I had to do a c-section. So when kid #2 came around the... READ MORE

Dominiquin republic. Mommy Makeover Tt, Ba, Lipo on Pubic Area. After 3kids and 3 C Sections. -Dominiquin republic baby

Im 27. Im getting my mommy make over next month. Tummy tuck with breast augmentation and lipo on pubic area. After having 3kids im finally getting my mommy makeover. With all my pregnitcys I started at150 and went over 200 lbs. All c sections. Im now at 165 left with saggy belly. As much as... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old 5 Kids and Past Due for a Whole Front Lift and Tuck! - Shreveport, LA

Went in yesterday for a consultation left fairly skipping with happiness ! I have a kochner scar it's 23 yrs old I thought would interfere with a full TT but the doc doesn't have a problem doing it . I've had 5 children and use to weigh over 220 lbs so my body has taken a beating . Gravity and 2... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover by Dr. Hochstein 3/13/14 - Miami, FL

I am 36 years old with two children age 6 yrs and 9 months old both delivered via c-section. I've been wanting this make over since having my first child 6 years ago. I had a hernia, stretch marks, and an ugly c-section scar that was crooked and caused a "table look fold" on my stomach. I had my... READ MORE

27, 5 Kids, in Need of a Body Transformation - Dominican Republic, DO

After searching Realself for months now, I have decided to create an account. Hello, I am 27. I have given birth to six kids. My second pregnancy I went into premature labor and was forced to have my baby 4 months early. That started my journey of c-sections. The baby did not live. However, I... READ MORE

I'm Having a Mommy Make over Next Friday .. - Colombia, CO

I'm having a full mommy make over next friday , i have 2 kids and I'm done having kids . i am so unhappy with my belly , before my kids i was a size small weighted 120 pounds and now I'm an extra large and i weight 175 pounds, i want to be ready for the summer and finally wear a bikini again i... READ MORE

mommy makeover at 45 - US

Set my date, getting nervous, ready to finally get rid of this saggy skin and lift the breasts. I discussed with my PS and decided that MR is not needed. I am doing TT, lipo flanks, BL & BA (silicone, round textured). I have been reading other posts, so I rented a recliner and bought a couple... READ MORE

Researching Dominiquin Republic Mommy Makeover + BBL + Lipo Back+ Arms & Inner Thighs - Dominican Republic, DO

I have one child I had a c section my belly never went how it was before I hate it IM 5'0 I want to lose 40 lbs before I go into surgery so im doing the HCG diet lose 1 -2 lbs a day so I have about 2months to find a Dr. I want a hourglass figure with a tiny waist & bubble butt small arms and... READ MORE

23 Year Old Mom of 2 Kids by C Sections - Houston, TX

I'm a 23 year old mom 5'1 weigh 124, and am looking to get a mommy makeover with tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation. I wanna get my body back to what it looked like before my c sections. So far I haven't done any kind of consultation, before I do I want to get some ideas of the... READ MORE

Waiting for the Body I Never Had!!!! - Columbus, GA

Hi everyone!!! I'm officially addicted to this site. I'm scheduled for my mommy makeover on 10/31. I will be getting a full tummy tuck, BA, BL with Lipo. I'm 5'8 and 165 lbs and always been told I'm big boned not fat...ha ha it's fat. I've struggled all my life with my weight and never wore a... READ MORE

Thrilled About Getting my Body Back! - Orlando, FL

So excited and nervous for the mommy makeover! I am a 27 year old mom of a 4 year old. My baby was large and gave birth via C-section. The weight gain with the pregnancy was significant and caused stretch marks. I breastfed for one year and when that was over, I lost all the volume in my breasts... READ MORE

My 40th birthday - Mommy Makeover - El Paso, TX

At first I just wanted to have my breasts lifted for my 40th birthday so I began shopping doctors. When one showed me the before and after from the MM, I was sold on that idea. I am 5"8 and had 2 c-sections. My abs were never going to be the same from just exercise or diet. I am a work out... READ MORE

Awesome Results from Mommy Makeover - Las Vegas, NV

I am 39 years old and I had a mommy makeover after having 5 kids. I lost all the weight after each but was left with loose skin and a stomach that I could never get flat (had 5 c-sections) I had a lift, implants, and tummy tuck with lipo on my flanks. The results are so natural looking and... READ MORE

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