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31 Year Old with Postpartum Deflation

I had always said that once I was finished having children, I wanted a "mommy makeover." When we decided that we were finished after having my 3.5 year old, I scheduled my consultation. My biggest complaint was my postpartum deflation. I wanted to restore volume back to my breasts, and I knew... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover with Dr Cochran

Hey RS! I have wanted to have a flat stomach all my life. I have been over weight since birth. I recently lost 100 pounds from my highest weight of 309 when I was pregnant with my daughter. My highest nonpregnancy weight was 297. It has been a long road, and a lot of ups and downs, but for the... READ MORE

Finally Made It!

Hello RS Divas! I finally made it to the flatside! My procedure was done on 4/11/17. Everything went extremely well. DR cochran and his staff was all that I read about them (AMAZING) I'M 6 days post op..a little sore but manageable... the only one thing is , I'm hating this drain. ... READ MORE

Athletic 39 yo mother of 5 full tummy tuck, Implant removal, breast lift, fat graph to breasts

Dr. Leber did my breast augmentation surgery July 2008. Through no fault of Dr Leber's I was dissatisfied from the beginning. I went from having no breasts (AT ALL) to 450cc over the muscle. I have always had big breasts, large breasts even, but then I got serious about my eating and exercise. I... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I've waited so long. Happy 50th birthday to me. I'm one week in. So far so good. My old implants where 17 years old. Breast were saggy. My tummy was saggy too. Lipo in flanks and bra area. Breast augmentation and lift. My pain level isn't that bad. Breast easy. Tummy more of a burning. Tip don't... READ MORE

My Over 50 MM Journey...the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful!

4 weeks post TT (high lateral tension abdomiboplasty), Thermi Tight to flanks/knees & Breast Lift (no implants). Love the new look, but not loving the aches & pains. Certainly was not fully prepared for all that goes along with this journey. I've been so dependent on my hubby &... READ MORE

44, 3 C-sections & Mommy Makeover - Uniontown, OH

Due to age & weight loss, breasts have lost elasticity and tend to be saggy. I have had 3 c-sections and gastric bypass over a year ago. The nerve muscle stinging burning sensation that lasted for over a month is what I remember as far pain. I hear the tummy tuck pain can be the same. ... READ MORE

I waited way to long to have this done & get my self esteem back! - Knoxville, TN

I had a full tummy tuck wit muscle repair, muffin top removal & breast aug. under muscle 400 CC silicone 1/31. i am gonna be 45 in a few weeks and have wanted/needed a TT since i was 20, never had boobs. im only 4 weeks post op. I wanted to pay cash so no monthly payments and... READ MORE

TT with no muscle repair and breast lift

I am 5'3 and weigh 135 pounds currently. I use to weigh 242 pounds but through diet and exercise, i lost the weight. I had my tummy tuck with no muscle repair (my ps said I didnt need it since I dont have children) on September 11th. The worst part so far has been the burning sensations at the... READ MORE

Burning right now week 4

Week 1 bad but just as I expected. Medicine helped and slept alot. Week 2 better Week 3 not bad Week 4 HORRIBLE- I have highly sensitive skin/pain all over the base of the body. The only relief I get is if I am naked but I am only "allowed" 30 minutes 2 x per day out of my binder. I can't... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover for a 42y/o 5'10 220lbs Woman W/70lb Weight Loss 2 Years Ago and No Kids - Miami, FL

Ready for a long read? If not, keep scrolling. I'm going to start from the beginning. The very beginning. When I was 13 and began developing breasts they did not develop at the same rate or even in the same shapes. This caused me much mental anguish as my favorite sport growing up was swimming... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover for Weight Loss - Albuquerque, NM

I have not had children, but after significant weight loss (120 pds), I had sever lower tummy sag that was not going away and was getting in the way of exercise, starting to smell and hurt when exercising. In addition my breast were sagging, not bad, but needed improvement, so I opt for the... READ MORE

Almost 6 weeks Post Op and Miserable - Chicago, IL

I am 16 days post op from a mommy makeover and the recovery is way different than I expected! I am having severe regrets about getting this done. I am having a lot of weird sensations from the breast augmentation and the tummy and it's making me anxious. I have had burning sensations over my... READ MORE

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