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41 Yrs Old, Fit Mom of 2 Getting Tummy Tuck, Umbilical Hernia Repair, and Breast Lift - Atlanta, GA

I had 3 consultations with 3 board certified plastic surgeons in Atlanta. Desperate for an answer as to why my belly was bulging out after the birth of my 2 kids after rigorous 4x/week exercise and cleanish eating habits, I decided to try and get answers from the plastic surgeon. I noticed... READ MORE

3 Kids and Grandma of Twins Needed Better Body Contour. Miami, FL

Had a belly that was round and bulging, a tire waist with flanks in back. Just wanted to look like i use to before last child. So i went for tt and Lipo ask about lift was convince i would get beautiful result and i decide day before surgery to go for it. Everything went really smooth on surgery... READ MORE

12 Days Till my my MM!! So Excited! -Golden, CO

I am a mother of three beautiful children 11,6 and 2. I didn't gain a horrible amount of weight with each as the were all between 6.2 and 6.7 lbs. but, all three were born via csection. I have never been happy with the scar and bulging fat/muscle that I was left with. My breasts have always... READ MORE

Almost 60 Feeling Like 40 !

After having four children that were all grown and feeling out of shape I decided something needed to be done. I 'm very active and exercise and eat healthy but still had a bulging stomach that I couldn't get in shape. Plus my cloths just weren't fitting right and I was very unhappy with my... READ MORE

Beyond my expectations

It's hard to put into words how very grateful I am to have met Dr. Shortt!!! I am sooo happy with my results and my entire experience. He is very kind, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I have 2 kids that I breastfed and a tummy that hasn't been the same since. I workout and eat pretty... READ MORE

40 Year Old in Shape Couldn't Loose the Belly - Savannah, GA

Dr. Curtsinger is a Dr. that i liked from the moment he walked in the room. He was very non-judgemental and honest. I didnt know exactly what procedures i wanted done but after a series of questions from him and KAREN (angel on earth) - they helped me figure out what i really did want and i... READ MORE

Mummy Makeover Experience (Tummy, Breasts, Lipo) - VERY HAPPY - Melbourne, AU

I recently underwent a Mummy Makeover with Mr Allan Kalus (Plastic Surgeon) at Avenue Private Hospital in Windsor, Melbourne. Procedure involved: 1) tummy tuck with muscle repair, 2) breast augmentation, 3) liposuction. Initial consult: I found Allan to be very warm, knowledgeable, and... READ MORE

41 Years Old, 3 Kids, New Tummy - Melbourne, AU

I was completely sick of my bulging tummy and had a muscle defect "like the grand canyon" according to my physio. I was getting back pain, and despite careful exercises (no crunches, everyone!) and getting down to my ideal body weight, the belly remained. I saw 2 different surgeons and clicked... READ MORE

28 Year Old Mom of 2 Love Love Love my Mommy Makeover. Loveland, CO

I have always had small boobs but after having 2 kids my stomach was stretched and bulging. I always had a fatty skin flap hanging over my jeans and I hated it! I finally decided to get a consult with Dr. Schutte and am so glad I did. I told him my problems with myself and he listened and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Breast Revision, Knee Reduction

In 2010 I was the unfortunate victim of a surgery gone bad! I was a fitness model and always was in a bikini. Ever since that day in 2010, my life changed. I had a bulging lower abdominal and never wore a bikini again. I had no sex drive and was depressed! I made the decision to go forward with... READ MORE

Wanted: Flat Tummy and Boobs That Don't Look Like Deflated Balloons - Scottsdale, AZ

I have 4 children that ages range from 15 to 2. I breastfed each one of them and had 3 C-sections. Having my children have really taken a toll on my breasts and tummy. While I am thankful and blessed to have my children, I cannot stop dreaming of of having my figure back. I am tired of always... READ MORE

Perfect Doctor, Perfect Results! - Seattle, WA

I wanted to feel confident in a bikini after having two children. Now I can wear anything and no longer have to worry about covering up or hiding any bulges or excess skin. My stomach and breasts look amazing and I am so glad I had the procedures! READ MORE

Comfortable, So Happy with Results! - New York, NY

So I could fit Into my clothes and not have that "Tummy Bulge" CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!! READ MORE

Comfortable and Pleased - Paramus, NJ

I was a mom of 3 and had a bulging mid-section as well as no elasticity in my breasts. I wanted to try to get my old body back since I am only in my early 30s. Dr. B helped me achieve my wishes. READ MORE

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