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Mommy Makeover- Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - Atlanta, GA

Today was my consultation with Dr. Song. I don't know where to start. Beautiful facility, friendly staff and Dr. Song was very informative. He explained my options what procedures could be done and the amount of time it would take. I may be doing 2 surgeries, but will talk about the second one... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mom, Full TT w/ Muscle and Hernia Repair, Lipo and BA

Like so many of the reviewers, I learned so much from reading others' experiences and wanted to "give back" by sharing my own. I've got my supplies set up and am trying to strike items off my "to do before surgery" list before tomorrow morning. I have been quite anxious as the big day... READ MORE

37 Year Old, 2 Kids 100+lb Weight Loss - Huntsville, AL

I'm having Breast lift with implants, body lift and liposuction to get my body back and removal of breast ducts. I have been having milk still during my monthly and now some blood along with it. Since I will be losing breast tissue it was a good time to get my makeover. I'm very... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old 1 Son 21 Yrs Old in 4th Year College - Chevy Chase, MD

I've always been on yo yo diets for over 10 years. For 5 years I started changing my eating habits working out and being more cautious on overall health and fitness. I had severe stretch marks from my pregnancy in 1994 so it was hard for me to wear bikinis and excess skin didn't help and breast... READ MORE

50 Something W/3 Kids - Mommy Makeover with Breast Lift/Reduction (No Implants) & Full Tummy Tuck - Troy, MI

I've had three PS consultations. After a consultation with Dr. Anthony Youn this morning, I've made my decision to go with him. The first PS didn't want to do a BL and said he would refer me to somewhere else for that. The second PS wanted to do implants with a lift/reduction. That just didn't... READ MORE

BA w/saline implants and TT - Miami, FL

Hi ladies, I've lurked around this website reading everyone else's review so I'm now writing my own. I'm scheduled to have my TT and breast aug in April by Dr. Alawepu at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami (I hope I spelled that right) I didn't see many reviews on him but was pleased with his bf and... READ MORE

42 Yrs Old, Tummy tuck with muscle repair, secondary breast aug and lift, lipo, Excision of Armpits, Cherry Hill, NJ

10 years ago, when I was recently divorced with no kids, I decided to finally do something about my tubular breast deformity. I got 300 cc silicone implants and reconstruction by Dr. Guiffrida in Doylestown PA and loved my results!!! Fast forward to today, 10 years and 2 kids later, and I have... READ MORE

Feeling great after Tummy Tuck, Lift and Implants - Columbus, OH no regrets!

I had been thinking about doing this for about 8 months. I read a lot of reviews but since I didn't know very many people in the area I decided to get 5 consultations. I'm glad I did, the first doctor I saw was Dr. Donaldson in Columbus. I felt comfortable with him but the cost was over $17000... READ MORE

Determined to Be 40 & Fabulous! Mommy make over! New Haven, CT

I have two handsome boys and breast feed them both, I loved my breast before my kids. I am 5'9 150 . My boobs have been a problem for me since breast feeding. I have all ways wanted them done and decided to fix a few other things as well. I found this site about five months ago. It felt so good... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 4 Kids, and Time for a Mommy Makeover! - Newport Beach, CA

I have been wanting this procedure for many years and finally had it 4 weeks ago! I am already very happy with my results! I had a lot of extra skin on my abdomen and very large breasts that gave me back pain. I already have a lot of relief and feel so much better about myself and how I look. I... READ MORE

Feeling Great 66 - Charlotte, NC

I wanted to feel good in a bikini again! I am a mom of 2 teenagers and was ready to do something for myself. I decided on a breast lift and a tummy tuck. Dr. Harper helped me decide on a breast lift only since I gad enough breast tissue and volume. He also agreed that I didn't need implants. He... READ MORE

Breast Aug and Mini Tuck - Fairfax, VA

I had a breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck performed by Dr. Lickstein. I had two consultations with two different plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Lickstein because of his reputation and his bedside manner. As a mom of three, and having had 3 c-sections, my breasts had little tissue left,... READ MORE

37 Year Old 2 Boys Both C-Sections - Chicago, IL

4dpo Mommy Makeover Miserable trying to stay optimistic At this moment I'm feeling like the emotional and physical trauma was not worth it. Yes, my tummy tuck looks great but having complications with my lift. I developed a hematoma as a result of taking Xarel prescribe by my doctor. I didn't... READ MORE

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