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Petite 35yo, 4 Kids, 100 Lbs Weight Loss - Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Arm Lift (No Lipo, No Implants)

I am a 35 year old mother of 4 and I lost 100 lbs with diet and exercise. I am 5’3” and weigh 112 lbs. On July 9, 2015 I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift, and arm lift with Dr. Basu.  (I did not have liposuction or breast implants.) My procedures were combined into one 8 hou... READ MORE

Never Go to Joshua Hyman - New York

I went to Joshua Hyman because I was referred to him by care credit. I was told he was the go to guy for great implants. Well I went and wanted him to do a whole makeover for me. He performed a breast implants and tummy tuck and charged me 30'000 for these services. I agreed to have a great... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 170lbs, 2 Kids Via C-section and 2 Botched Lipo Procedures

I can't believe I am writing this but reading reviews from others has really helped me, so I thought I'd share. I made a poor decision in my 20's to have lipo done on my stomach instead of working hard to lose weight. Then maybe 6 years later I had it done again and that time it left me with... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Breast Implants, Not Sure How to Feel Yet

I am a mother of 3 that had some body issues after the pregnancies took a toll on my body. I'm not really sure how I found Dr Collins office, I believe just a Google search. I do want to start out by saying they got me in right away for my consult once I called. The office was in a nice location... READ MORE

Total Botch Job - Framingham, MA

She seemed nice and knowladgeable however this Dr. Frakenstein did a tummy tuck with breast implants and lift. She botched the implants and they got infected had to be removed. The tummy tuck left me with a massive mons pubis so in tight pants it looks like I have a penis. I urge you to go... READ MORE

Rating 10 out of 10. - San Ramon, CA

Dr P. Is AMAZING, skilled, talented, patient, kind, and makes you feel comfortable at all times. I had breasts redone and tummy tuck. I have a perfect stomach and belly button. He had twice the work with my breasts as they were botched before I met him. He is the best surgeon I've met and... READ MORE

Botched Scar Revision Night Mare and Breast Lift - East Syracuse, NY

I can't say enough about how CNY or in particular Dr. Deboni and Beth Deboni treated me with such understanding respect when I came to them after another dr. Defiled my tummy and breast.... I had seen another physician from another establishment looking to have a breast lift and some lower... READ MORE

not happy with results. needed two corrective surgeries to fix the botched up proceduures. Encino, CA

After having 4 kids I got a tummy tuck, the results were horrendous. My umbilicus is NOT in the mid-line and is grossly misshaped. The umbilicus is 2" to the right of the midline. My pubic hair and pubic area has been pulled into the lower abdomen so that when I wear a bikini the scar and... READ MORE

Dying of Pain. Desperately Needed Help! - Prague, CZ

Spent the last 4 months post-op lying in my bed and looking for help. My body just doesn´t tolerate stitches. I had autoimmune issues pre-op already and my surgeon denied the idea that my body could fight off the foreign object put in me. I am allergic to pretty much everything (due to the ... READ MORE

Botched Reverse Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

I am happy to share my success story with you about Dr. Schwartz. My case was well extreme to say the least. I was beginning to feel like "Humpty Dumpy" and wondering if I would make the right choice... If anyone could put the pieces back together. I am 66 years of age. If you looked at... READ MORE

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