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3 weeks out from my Lower Body Lift and Breast Lift with Augmentation.

I'm 36 years old have 2 kids and done having kinds, about two years ago I started my journey been Mexican and loving our food I must say it wasn't easy, but I did it I lost over 80lb and now I love the gym lifestyle and healthy clean eating but there's damage in my body that simply I can't fix... READ MORE

Revising my Body After a 90 Pound Weight Loss

Since October 2014 I have lost a total of 90 pounds and stayed at a stable weight for over a year now. I decided it was time that I do something for myself to make myself feel better about my body and my loose skin. Decided to do breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction.... READ MORE

37 YO going to Colombia for surgery

I am planning to go to Colombia for surgery and right now i've been looking at doctors in different cities there. I've spent my whole life unhappy with the way that my body was designed but interestingly enough I've gotten compliments on my body in the past. I'm not sure if I just hide my body... READ MORE

Tummy tuck , lift and implant, lipo - Southlake, TX

I've always wanted to do a tummy tuck , but never got down to my weight goal ... finally did ! So I decided to get it all fixed at once ... I'm loving my new body !!! Wished I could of done it years ago !! Dr Obaid is-awesome , they did the three D imaging with me , now that was an eye opener ... READ MORE

Ready to Lose This Butt-gut and Pick-up and Plump These Deflated Feedbags

I had an appendectomy and all four of my children through cesarean. My fourth and final left me with a vertical scar that turned my saggy pouch into a lopsided butt-gut. My first and last were over 9lbs each and the two in the middle were just at 8. I can fit all four of my fingers into the... READ MORE

Mom of 5 kids, time to lift and tuck!

I am a mom to 5 children. All of whom I breastfed for a year or more. My body is not the same since having kids and at 32 years old we are done having children. I wanted to look as good as feel on the inside. I researched many doctors here on real self but when I saw Dr. Harris' work I know he... READ MORE

20 Year Old Mommy of One in Need of a New Body!

Hi ladies, So I'm looking to get a mommy makeover. Can you share doctor preferences, experience, prices, and any other information you can think of, with me please! I would love to have a more proportioned body. I need this surgery, lol *i want smaller boobs(DDD RIGHT NOW) & bigger... READ MORE

35 Years Old Pregnancy Ruined my Body

I have had 2 children 11 months apart at the age of 21. I had a beautiful hourglass shaped figure and pregnancy shredded my body. Due to the fact I have been waiting for almost 13 years to start this journey of getting my body back, I of course am terrified of choosing the wrong surgeons and not... READ MORE

Beautiful Face, Now I Just Need the Body to Match. - Dominican Republic

Hello real selfers! I've been on this site for about a month now and I think its about time I made a profile to share my journey with you lovely people. I'm interested in getting a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation and it took me a while but I've finally decided to go with Dra Duran. I've been... READ MORE

Needanewme- Loving My New Body! - Dominican Republic, DO

I want to feel good and look good i've tried everything to lose weight but nothing comes off i'm desperate! I've been considering this for a long time and found that Dra. Yily de los Santos is the best and not so expensive... I already got in contact with her through email... Calling tomorrow to... READ MORE

30yo Mom-Tummy Tuck, BBL, BL, BA.

Hey everyone! I have been a member for about 6 months. I just had a baby not long ago so now I'm working on losing weight so that I can get a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am currently looking at Dr. Duran in the DR, so any tips or advice are very welcome! I have about 40 pounds to lose but I am... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old Mother of 3 Beautiful Babies Ready for my Body Back Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation ❤️

First off let me thank all the brave women who shared their stories. I commend you all???????? So I have been contemplating having a TT and a BA since the birth of my second child 8 yrs ago. I have been DX with diastasis recti which basically means my abdo muscles are shot to sh**. Since... READ MORE

41 Years Old 2 Kids 2grandkids

I'm going for a fullbody lipo tt and dbl. with Dr.Mallol. I'm so nervous but excited. I've been studying this doctor work for 6 months. And I'm very pleased with the reviews and pictures I see. I checked out about 10 doctors in D.R and I feel most confident with Mallol. I've had a tummy tuck... READ MORE

My Time at 51, Mommy Make Over for Me!

For most its only a dream, but I feel blessed to be able to actually be able to have my Mommy Make over. I've had 3 kids who are all grown. Life choices that lead me to being unhappy with how I looked when I saw myself in the mirror. I started by going through my online medical records (same... READ MORE

40 Year Old Mother of 4

So I have wanted to get this done for years now and I have finally decided to take the plunge. I am getting a Bbl, mini tummy tuck, BA with lift and full body liposuction back, flanks, arms, thighs and abdomen. After having my twins needless to say my body to a dive. I have never been... READ MORE

Much Needed Breast Lift/Tummy Tuck

Hello! After 7 years of completely hating my body and looking at so many great stories on here, I have FINALLY taken a step in the direction toward fixing my breasts and stomach. Having two kids, going from 150 lbs to 265 lbs, and then losing all the way down to 200 lbs has taken a massive toll... READ MORE

Amazing Results

I am so happy to finally get my body back. I highly recommend Orland Park Plastic Surgery. After consulting three other plastic surgeons, I am so happy I chose Dr. Manolis and staff. The results were better than I expected. It is priceless to have my body back after 4 children. I actually look... READ MORE

34 Mommy Makeover Revision - Charlotte, NC

From the moment I walked into Dr. Smiths office I knew my experience there would be different. I have had several cosmetic procedures over the past 13 years and I have never felt more comfortable and at ease in a physicians office. My previous doctor was located in Raleigh and he retired last... READ MORE

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