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35 year-old mom of 3 is thrilled with Mommy Makeover resutls

I have been wanting to get breast implants for years now. I recently lost over 40 lbs, and this has brought my attention to my abdomen as well. It's really frustrating to work so hard on yourself and your body and be proud of what you've accomplished but not happy with what you see in the... READ MORE

Complete Mommy Makeover. Mexico, MX

Dr Fuentes responded promptly to all questions & responded faster then anyone one I had contacted for a quote. I appreciate that because it helped me see what the procedure cost & what came included in the quotes. Also he makes sure you get his emails otherwise he can resend them to you... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Looking for Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Breast Lift (No Implants)

Pictures coming soon. As soon as I decide on my PS. At this moment, half the Dominican Republic has been subjected to my naked body via email. They are now holding their head in their hands and trying to decide if they can fix me. I need to take a break from looking at deflated boobs, droopy... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Full Tummy Tuck

I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and young.. I am 19 years old. I know, everyone's always questioning why would you do a tummy tuck at such a young age? Well I honestly feel it's better to do it at a young age, especially when you're not planning on having any more children.. there's less... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 155lbs - Orlando, FL

I am on a emotional rollacoster with fear and excitement!! I've had five different consultations and did process of elimination to narrow my search. On Monday, I am scheduled for a second consultation with one of the PS. I am hoping to set a date in December for my mommy makeover. It's nerve... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, Fit Mom of 2 Getting Tummy Tuck, Umbilical Hernia Repair, and Breast Lift - Atlanta, GA

I had 3 consultations with 3 board certified plastic surgeons in Atlanta. Desperate for an answer as to why my belly was bulging out after the birth of my 2 kids after rigorous 4x/week exercise and cleanish eating habits, I decided to try and get answers from the plastic surgeon. I noticed... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 2 C Sections 2004, 2015: TT, Breast Lift and Implants - Austin, TX

Very excited but experiencing an emotional roller coaster. Nervous, scared to death, excited, expecting the unexpected, questioning myself. Researched several doctors in Austin, TX and decided to schedule with Dr. Gordon. First board-certified female plastic surgeon. It's a difficult decision... READ MORE

So I Finally Start my Journey Breast Lift No Implants and Bbl with Dr Kelvin Eusebio - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello ive been on this site for about a year now. I have been in contact with board certified plastic surgeron both here and in domican republic. And both have given me much information on the procedures that im interested in. Ive decided to stick with Dr Kelvin Eusebio. He responded to me right... READ MORE

I'm So Ready, just 11 More Days!! Full TT, Lipo, and Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

I'm turned 30 this year and I have one beautiful son. He's 13 and such a cutie! If I decide to have another child in the PS said all I would probably need is a mini-tummy tuck, if needed.....but he said more than likely with a good diet & exercise during a 2nd pregnancy I... READ MORE

One Baby , Ready for Medina to Give Me my Confidence Back - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello dolls, I'm having a tummy tuck lipo and bbl in September with Dra Tania Medina. I had one baby in June 2016 and got the "mommy pouch". She is my number one choice . Broad certified , amazing before and afters and very few bad reviews . I feel completely safe with her and I'm excited to... READ MORE

39 Year Old 5'5" 168 Lbs

I am scheduled for a TT and BL on 2/20/17. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am 39 and mom of 2 teenagers. I am down 50lbs and just working on me! I anxious to see my PS work. He is a board credited PS and he had assured me when he does surgery he always does his very best work.... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover (29 Yr Old, 5ft 2, 110 Lbs ) Mini Tummy Tuck with Breast Aug. Virginia, VA

I am the mother of two children. I breast fed both for about a year, which left my breast deflated. To make matter worse, I had toxemia, what is now known as preeclampsia, during my first pregnancy. It caused me to gain a lot of water weight. I went from 95lbs to 215lbs! Luckily for me I was... READ MORE

Grandma's a Hottie Now! - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Daiza was fantastic. She was kind, compassionate and gentle. Back in the early 1990's I had a botched breast surgery that had been painful and some what life altering. I was afraid to go back into surgery, but Dr. Daiza was patient and understanding. Her before and after pictures of previous... READ MORE

Considering Plastic Surgery with Dr. Shinn, Read This! Pueblo, CO

If you are considering to have plastic surgery with Dr. Shinn, please read my review. It will be a little long, but I wish someone else would have posted about their experience with having plastic surgery before I ever did. First off, let me say that Dr. Shinn is not a Board Certified Plastic... READ MORE

Ready to Do This! Tummy Tuck 5'6" 128lbs Mom of 3 - UTAH

I'm ready to do this but now I just need to find a doctor. I have been watching each of your journeys and SO appreciate the information! All the docs are board certified and the prices are similar - now I'm looking for the artist in the bunch. Check out each doctors tummy tuck incision lines -... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Mexicali, MX

Before and after pictures coming soon. Excellent and respectful doctor. I had a mommy makeover a year ago and he did wonder on my new body. Am very happy with his work. I went back for rhinoplasty am almost two months. It is my opinion only, me too at first I wanted to see before and after... READ MORE

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